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  1. This Is A Test, This Is Only A Test

    over 6 years ago by Jason Hanson

    A look at the rites of passage that all real estate investors must experience before they become a success.

  2. Life in the 4 quadrants

    over 6 years ago by Michael Shadow

    After reading some of Robert Kiyosaki's books I realized that I was born to be a "B" (business owner) and an "I" (investor). However I was currently an "E" (employee). No problem! I'll just hop ...

  3. Private Money Lender: How to Get Them and How to Keep Them Long-Term

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    Finding a private money lender is an essential part of any real estate investor’s business. One of the keys to finding a good private money lender is determining if they have similar goals and o...

  4. 10 Secrets Every Investor Should Know

    over 6 years ago by Dennis Henson

    Most of the time success in business is the result of what you know. In every industry there are key elements—secrets—that if known will help to insure success but if not known will certainly ...

  5. A Good Mentor Can Hold the Keys to Your Real Estate Investing Success

    over 6 years ago by Peter Vekselman

    The value of working with a good real estate coach / mentor.

  6. 8 Big Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid

    over 6 years ago by Dennis Henson

    There are more new investors getting into the real estate market today than ever before. Most are unaware of the pitfalls that await them at every turn. But by learning to avoid the killer mistak...

  7. Selling Financing and Buying a Property Subject-To

    over 6 years ago by Omar Johnson

    This article discusses the concepts of owner financing and "subject to" real estate investing.

  8. Using Private Money to Fund Your Real Estate Deals

    over 6 years ago by Omar Johnson

    This article highlights how to use private money for your real estate transactions.

  9. Managing Your Real Estate Business Remotely

    over 6 years ago by Omar Johnson

    This article discusses how the gains in technology has enable real estate investors to create a virtual business.

  10. Working with Partners : Using Leverage To Explode Your Real Estate Business

    over 6 years ago by Omar Johnson

    Instead of going at it alone and doing it all by yourself this article discusses how to use leverage to accelerated your business.

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