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  1. Why Invest in an IRA if You Need Money NOW?

    over 6 years ago by Alan Brymer

    When I first began investing in real estate, I was 22 years old. I heard about the tax-saving benefits of Roth IRAs, but figured, "Why invest for retirement if I need cash to do deals today?"...

  2. Real Estate Investors Beware of These IRA Tax Traps!

    over 6 years ago by David Cole

    Want to use your IRA to invest in Foreclosures? Thats fine just WATCH OUT for these tax traps!

  3. Tax Season: Rental Income and Expenses

    over 6 years ago by Joshua Dorkin

    Learn about some of the important IRS rules regarding rental properties.

  4. The Self-Directed IRA and Tax-Free Real Estate Investing

    over 3 years ago by Ebere Okoye

    Many IRA holders stick to stocks and bonds, but an increasing number are switching to real estate, hoping for more lucrative returns.

  5. Rental Property Tax Deductions that will Slash Your Landlord Tax

    over 6 years ago by Teo Zhenjie

    If you are a landlord, knowing your rental property tax deductions is vital for cutting your taxes to the minimum. Find out how to enjoy lower landlord taxes and boost your profit margins now.

  6. A Do-It-Yourself Property Tax Cut Guide

    over 6 years ago by Don Levy

    With the drastic drop in real estate values many properties are assessed higher than they should be for property taxation purposes. Here is a do-it-yourself way to challenge the value and win witho...

  7. How to Invest In Real Estate with your IRA

    about 6 years ago by Wendy Lovelace

    Steps to using your IRA/401K to purchase real estate.

  8. How to Determine the Best Legal Entity to Hold Your Real Estate

    over 4 years ago by Amanda Han

    Most investors spend time and resources on research, due diligence, rehab, leasing, and property management to ensure the profitability of their investments. Make sure you take that extra step to ...

  9. The Real Estate Dealer Status

    about 4 years ago by Alex Everest

    The real estate dealer status is an IRS classification which determines how the income an investor receives from their real estate holdings will be taxed...

  10. Avoid these TEN potential real estate tax traps

    about 4 years ago by Ebere Okoye

    Avoid these TEN potential real estate tax traps - Passive Losses, Real Estate Professional Status, Accelerating Depreciation...

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