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  1. How Good Recordkeeping can get you an Unexpected Refund

    almost 4 years ago by Ebere Okoye

    Good RecordKeeping is essential for every real estate investor to keep your finances in order and the IRS off your back! Knowing the Tax Law as it Relates to You as a Real Estate Investor Can Save...

  2. Your Biggest Expense? Taxes!

    over 5 years ago by Bill Cook

    Investors who own rental property are given HUGE tax breaks by the government. These tax breaks are one of the things that makes owning rental property such a great, long-term investment.

  3. Tax Season: Rental Income and Expenses

    almost 7 years ago by Joshua Dorkin

    Learn about some of the important IRS rules regarding rental properties.

  4. What You Need to know about the Compliance side of Entity Structure

    over 3 years ago by Ebere Okoye

    Investors typically have lots of questions regarding the compliance side of entity structuring. There are many things to consider such as: states to register, tax filings and what a properly set up...

  5. Rental Property Tax Deductions that will Slash Your Landlord Tax

    over 6 years ago by Teo Zhenjie

    If you are a landlord, knowing your rental property tax deductions is vital for cutting your taxes to the minimum. Find out how to enjoy lower landlord taxes and boost your profit margins now.

  6. The Truth about Depreciation

    almost 7 years ago by Niman S.

    As a rental property owner, there are no tax benefits to making principal payments for your property. However, you can claim a tax loss even when you are making a profit. This is possible through d...

  7. How to Determine the Best Legal Entity to Hold Your Real Estate

    almost 5 years ago by Amanda Han

    Most investors spend time and resources on research, due diligence, rehab, leasing, and property management to ensure the profitability of their investments. Make sure you take that extra step to ...

  8. Choosing and Maintaining the Right Entity Structure

    almost 4 years ago by Ebere Okoye

    It's important to choose the right entity structure for your real estate investments. It can make the difference between keeping more of your money or losing your shirt.

  9. The Limited Liability Company LLC – The Best Entity to Hold Rental Property

    over 4 years ago by Todd Brittingham

    When it comes to holding real estate the Limited Liability Company or LLC is the entity of choice for most real estate investors. This really makes sense for a couple reasons: liability protection...

  10. Income Tax Versus Property Taxes

    about 6 years ago by Ryan Richmond

    With America in a housing market never before seen it is important that we make sure our homes are valued properly.

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