Article Author Benefits

Have you written real estate related articles, or are you interested in doing so? Are you wondering how to get some publicity for those articles?

BiggerPockets now lets all of its members submit articles to our article directory in order to share their expertise with our vast audience and beyond!

A few perks that come with adding your article to our directory include:

  1. Increased Credibility — As all articles must be individually approved by our moderation staff, we promise to only allow those which meet our quality guidelines in to our directory. Getting published on BiggerPockets will mean that your article is of the highest quality, and that you are knowledgeable in your area of expertise. You can—t buy that kind of free advertising.
  2. Free Advertising — We allow our article authors to include in their signature/byline information about themselves, their company, and of course, links back to their websites. By writing about your areas of expertise, you become associated with that knowledge, and when the reader comes to your signature, they will want to know more about who it is that was so helpful to them.
  3. Free Syndication — All articles approved and posted to BiggerPockets will be fed to our article feeds, where members and non-members alike can subscribe. Additionally, other websites have the ability to post those feeds on their own websites, and your article has the opportunity to be found by an even larger audience than the BiggerPockets crowd alone.
  4. Free Web Marketing — Experts in online marketing have for years been touting the power of article marketing for many of the above reasons. Additionally, one of the top benefits is the increase in web traffic to your website. Imagine a good chunk of your article—s readers on BiggerPockets stopping by your site. Then imagine the number of readers you could have if others reprinted the article on their own sites? By designating that you will allow other sites to reprint your articles, you—re telling them to create another copy of your signature and link, which comes back to you in new traffic once again.