BiggerPockets Article Author Guidelines

Before submitting an article to our real estate articles directory, please note that we require you to have a complete user profile where other members can find out more about who you are and what your qualifications are. We also require submitters update their profile avatar to a personal one; if you submit an article without either a complete profile or a profile image, your articles will most likely be rejected.

Articles must meet the following standards in order to qualify for publication on our Article Directory:

1. Must be related to real estate. The article must have informative content that would interest a reader of BiggerPockets.

2. Should not be an advertisement, advertorial or press release for your company, product, services. If it smells of being a sales promotion, we'll reject it immediately.

3. May not contain more than 3-4 sentences of material quoted from other sourcesm which MUST be cited.

4. May not contain any links or images within the body of the article.

5. Links may be included in your byline/signature, however, no affiliate links will be allowed. You are limited to 2 links in this section, and they must be unique. These links may not be to any website that promotes pornography, sexual content, or illegal content.

6. Must be written in English, with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

7. May not be posted repeatedly to multiple categories. Additionally, please submit the article to the appropriate category. If your article is submitted to the incorrect category, we will reject it. Take 7 seconds to select the most appropriate category for your work.

8. Must not contain ANY content that may be considered to be defamatory, or libelous. Additionally, we will flatly reject any articles that is a violation of any law, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

9. Must be an appropriate length. It should be between 300 to 1000 words.

10. Must not be a variation of some article you submitted previously. Engaging in manipulative practices such as these will be a fast track to a permanent ban on submissions.

11. Must cover the same content as is indicated by your article title. Teaser titles will lead to fast rejections.

12. If included, copyright statements must be included at the footer of the article.

13. Must include a 2-3 sentence article summary. This summary will help our users to determine their interest in your article, so be sure to be descriptive, yet concise. Your summary may not contain any links or formatting (bold, italics, etc.).

NOTE: Publication is not guaranteed; we may reject any article for any reason whatsoever if we feel it does not meet our quality and content standards. Articles are typically reviewed within 1 to 2 weeks.

Last Updated: 9/4/10