To reward our members for participating on BiggerPockets, supporting their fellow users and helping the community, we've created a set of awards. These awards are broken down into three levels of increasing difficulty to achieve.

Next to each award, you can read a description of what each award means and how many people have it.

Level 1 Awards
500 Post Club

500 Forum Posts. (Awarded 278 times)

Debate Starter

Forum topic voted up 10 times. (Awarded 150 times)


Forum reply voted up 10 times. (Awarded 240 times)


Voted over 200 times on forum posts. (Awarded 133 times)


Reported 5 posts that were edited or removed. (Awarded 120 times)

Newbie Blogger

First blog post. (Awarded 3989 times)

Popular Blogger

50 comments on your blog. (Awarded 62 times)

Popular Poster

Made topic with over 1500 views. (Awarded 11092 times)

Profile Complete

100% Complete Profile. (Awarded 19574 times)

The Welcome Committee

Posted in 100 different threads. (Awarded 68 times)

Level 2 Awards
1,000 Post Club

1,000 Forum Posts. (Awarded 130 times)

Blog Pundit

Posted 50 blog comments. (Awarded 47 times)


Reported 10 posts that were edited or removed. (Awarded 60 times)

Experienced Blogger

50 blog posts. (Awarded 122 times)


Refer 10 new members to the site. (Awarded 27 times)

Level 3 Awards
5,000 Post Club

5,000 Forum Posts. (Awarded 15 times)


Visited the site every day for a month. (Awarded 1850 times)

Blog Savant

Posted 100 blog comments. (Awarded 28 times)

Editor's Choice

Had a blog post featured by a BiggerPockets editor. (Awarded 91 times)


Awarded to members who have every other award..


Refer 25 new members to the site. (Awarded 15 times)

Star Blogger

150 blog posts. (Awarded 31 times)