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A humorous way to deal with junk mail

Friday, August 13

Here is an effective and humorous way to deal with junk mail: send it back! Yes, when you get a bill from your insurance or electric company and it contains ads for irrelevant things you don’t care about from companies that are not your insurance or electric provider, just pack those nice colored advertisements back into the return envelope with your bill payment and let them throw away their own junk mail.

When you have junk mail from random companies save a bit of it and when you receive a “pre-approved for” this or that credit card with an application and a return envelope, just pile your junk mail in the return envelope and send it to them along with their empty application for a credit card. You pre-approved me for a second mortgage? That sounds great. You know what else sounds great? Coupons for this new pizza place down the road. They have pre-approved YOU for some great cheap pizza!