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Sunday, January 05

Hot Buy of the Week!

4679 Dundee Ave Columbus, Ohio 43227

Property #s

Rental income ..............9,000


Property Mgt.....540

Insurance est. ..........500

Yearly Net ROI ....11%

Purchase Price $66,745

ARV - 75,000


Contact Us To Reserve Property 614-653-6324 ext. 2

Columbus Ohio Real Estate News

Columbus' economy outperforming rest of Ohio, Federal Reserve says


Make no bones about it, Columbus is the driver in Ohio's economic recovery, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

The Central Ohio region is outperforming the rest of the state, along with much of the Midwest and U.S. metropolitan areas, based on measures of employment, housing and other economic indicators, says a fourth-quarter report from the Cleveland Fed, which carries the forthright title, Columbus - leading the state to recovery.

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7 Ways to Make Your Rentals $hine

Friday, November 29

Two of the largest factors for effective property management include how to cope with tenant vacancies and how to fill these vacancies quickly. Having a professional website is simply not enough. The rental properties must be displayed in a way that attracts future renters to these newly available listings like a magnet, helping the renters to imagine these properties as their pristine, new home. It is equally important that the actual property truly reflects the advertisement as well, in both quality and value once the potential prospect comes to review the unit. Here are 7 suggestions that will help make your rental properties infinitely more attractive to prospective tenants.

For owners of multiple properties, consider using the same colors of interior paints for the rooms. This allows you to save time and money by always having the right color on-hand for renovations and touch ups. This is what the professionals do. It is a cost effective method for rehabbing your individual units more wisely.

One such property owner in Austin, Texas, Pablo Soloman, honed his sense of interior design very early. His family owns many rental properties in the area, some in more upscale communities and other in more modest neighborhoods. Their early assessments determined that different property classifications require different materials and varying levels of renovations. Careful options were chosen for each type of property, always paying attention to safety, functionality, cost, and local codes.

By consulting with area experts in kitchen and bath design, Soloman was able to locate very affordable design elements that have the look and feel of a more luxurious selection. Other simple and inexpensive finishing touches are also included, such as rocker switches and grab bars to further enhance the interiors while also offering a more internally friendly environment for a wider range of potential renters.

Grace Keister is a real estate marketing specialist in Southern California who always tells new property owners that simple renovations will always be more cost effective than a complete remodel. Simple improvements such as providing a fresh coat of paint will make the unit appear completely refurbished in many cases. She likes neutrals and tans with perhaps a splash of blue for traditional interiors while she sometimes leans towards greys and black for more urban dwellings.

  1. 1. Focus on Curb Appeal


If the outside of the property does not make a good first impression, then your potential tenants might simply drive right past. Always pay careful attention to the exterior of your rental properties, including paint and siding color and condition. Choose colors that enhance the original design elements of the structure, repair flaking paint, straighten crooked shutters, and replace bad siding. Make sure that cracks in the sidewalks and driveway are repaired as well in order to welcome new renters to the property.

Don’t forget landscaping. Make sure that it is attractive yet is also cost effective to maintain. Determine in advance whether its maintenance will be the responsibility of you or the tenant. A well-manicured lawn will not only attract new tenants but will also enhance the overall value of your property. Consider consulting with a professional landscape architect who might offer suggestions that are very inexpensive. As long as you purchase a few of their alternatives, the consultation fees are usually provided free of charge.

Landscaping includes more than just lawn and foliage. You should also consider the outdoor lighting, pathways, rock features, fences, and all other aspects of the exterior. Don’t forget about the backyard, decks, and patios.

  1. 2. Layout Improvement

On the inside, consider the layout of the overall home. Small, confined spaces are not attractive to the average tenant. Consider opening them up by knocking down walls to improve the internal flow. Open floor plans of combined kitchen, dining, and living spaces create the illusion of increased square footage, especially with the addition of increased natural light. However, if tearing down walls is not an option, consider widening doorways by 6 to 12 inches to make a noticeable improvement.

house blueprints

Room additions will also increase your rental revenues, especially in cases of older properties with much smaller room areas. Adding a master suite or a second bathroom might attract more prospective renters while also increasing the value of your property. Consider creating half bathrooms out of small closets or under staircases. Always adhere to the original period design of the architecture, making sure that the new additions match the existing aesthetics of the current home.

  1. 3. Kitchen Refurbishments

Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom is going to be a more expensive and difficult challenge than modernizing a bedroom or living room, for example. Kitchens need to be safe and functional, and the materials and equipment involved in these types of remodels can easily add up. Consider hiring an architectural designer who specializes in kitchen spaces.

Review the countertops for damage, replacing them with more durable choices such as Corian or quartz. Professional designers of rental properties rarely recommend the use of granite countertops due to its higher maintenance. Granite requires a special type of sealant and usually attracts more frequent stains. Postform laminate tops are considered good choices for lower budgeted rental properties and can be found in your traditional home remodeling stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Some of the more professional property management companies often use a quartz countertop in the standardized kitchen improvements of all their properties because this outlasts laminate and looks infinitely more luxurious. Laminate countertops, on the other hand, often need to be replaced even before the end of the lease term.

As long as the kitchen appliances are in good working order and without visible damage, replacement is usually not needed. Simple dings and dents can be hidden with a simple coat of appliance paint. Older appliances might need to be replaced, especially if you take into consideration the extra amount of money that is needed to operate them. New design advancements in everything from low energy consumption refrigerators to garbage disposals and dishwashers might be well worth the investment.

For those whose budget is rather limited, consider repainting old cabinetry rather than replacing it altogether. Or perhaps consider simply replacing the cabinet fronts. Pay attention to cabinetry color, sticking to deeper, richer tones of perhaps espresso or coffee rather than whites and beiges. Darker colors look more luxurious and simply hides stains better.

The most important aspect regarding kitchens is to always keep them spotless and pristine, especially when potential tenants are touring the property. A dirty kitchen is a deal-breaker for most renters.

  1. 4. Bathroom Refurbishments

Dirty and unattractive bathrooms speak volumes to prospective tenants. Pay attention to your cabinetry and fixtures. Shower and bathtub tiles, glass doors, and shower curtains should be pristine and immaculate. If the toilet or commode is dirty, cracked, or outdated, consider replacing them.

Bathroom cabinetry tends to see a lot of abuse throughout the years. Consider alternative options of refacing the drawer and cabinet doors. This will provide your vanity with a fresh, modern look at a very cost affordable cost.

You can easily create the look of a whole new bathroom remodel by simply installing new flooring. Some of the most cost affordable options include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or natural stone. Never use linoleum, hardwood, or carpet in your bathrooms because these choices can be easily damaged by water. And make sure that your flooring choice is water resistant. Another way to keep renovation costs lower is to provide simpler designs in tiling. Stay away from inlays and mosaics.

New tenants will be attracted to simple upgrades, such as rain shower heads which are very inexpensive yet provide a more luxurious spa appeal. If you are replacing the toilet or sink, consider a more stylish option, something fun, innovative, and more luxurious. Very often these choices are only a fraction of the cost of the standard fixture. Simple touches such as a brand-new shiny chrome water faucet will not go unnoticed by the prospective tenants.

Especially in cases of master suites, bathroom renovations or additions will not only attract new tenants in huge numbers but will significantly increase the property value of the home. Better bathrooms make the property easier to rent. For high end rentals, consider a master suite with dual sinks, plenty of storage space, and spacious showers.

  1. 5. Don’t Skimp on Flooring

Nothing will show the age of the property more than smelly and outdated carpeting. Many potential tenants are well aware that professional property management companies traditionally replace carpeting on a regular basis. Therefore, this is the common expectation. However, when it comes to other types of flooring, the choices for possible refurbishment can be more difficult to select.

Many property managers prefer carpeting to hardwood floors because carpeting offers a cozier ambience and costs about a third of the price. However, others go for other options, such as laminate flooring or vinyl wood alternatives which are very easy to install as well as inexpensive in the long term.

In cases of peeling or cracked vinyl flooring, consider replacing this with a type of standard porcelain tile with mechanically finished edges which allow for tighter joints. This helps to minimize the appearance of stains and mildew in the grout. Always take into consideration the price point of the rental property and the type of owner that you are trying to attract.

  1. 6. Consider Tenants with Disabilities

If you really want to widen the range of prospective tenants, consider the overall accessibility of your property from people with disabilities and older renters. A universal design of all interior spaces that is friendly to all types of people regardless of size, age, or physical disabilities, especially the kitchens and bathrooms, will enhance your renting options significantly.

This is another reason why many professional property management companies consider widening doors and creating more open floor plans by knocking down walls. In some cases, it can be very beneficial to increase the doors to a minimum of 36 inches. Other universal design alternatives include the installation of grab bars in the bathtub and near the toilet to help the tenants with balance. The installation of handrails on both sides of the stairway, for both interior and exterior stairs if at all possible, is also a great feature, helping these special tenants with balance and mobility issues.

Your choice of flooring is another important universal design factor. Choose options that are as smooth as possible. Renters with physical disabilities and older renters with arthritis and other joint disorders tend to find rocker switches, single lever faucets that are ADA compliant, toilets of a slightly increased height, stoves with control mechanisms located on the front panel rather than on the rear, and even overhead lighting in individual rooms that limits glare and shadow to be very appealing and hard-to-find rental unit features. Pay attention to outdoor lighting that provides improved safety. Consider motion sensor lighting to enhance the feeling of greater security. These simple modification to your design choices will never detract from younger renters, but they are increasingly attractive to older tenants who are perhaps considering downsizing after selling their primary residence.

  1. 7. Keep Maintenance a Priority

Instead of thinking as “maintenance” and “renovation” as two separate entities of property management, consider incorporating them into one, singular factor. Where many property managers fail is in thinking that maintenance is something that only occurs after the property has been rented. This is why we suggest considering the purchase of energy efficient kitchen appliances during your renovations. Older appliances are more difficult to repair, harder to locate parts for, and also increase utility bills.

When planning your renovation project, always keep in mind the potential future time management concerns of your maintenance staff, if you have one. Many landlords are forced to repair their properties themselves. Always take this into consideration. Labor costs of these types of repairs can significantly vary depending on the various markets where your properties are located. Also, travel time and distance may be another significant factor. Several types of renovations and repairs can only be provided by qualified professionals, resulting in an added expense of the required permit and following inspections. However, most rental property repairs can easily be completed by the landlords themselves as a way to save money. Stockpiling of standard supplies, such as paint, bathroom tile, and carpeting can save money long-term as well.

Examples of Renovations that Do Not Add Property Value

  • Swimming Pools: Believe it or not, many prospective tenants and buyers of commercial rental properties tend to view swimming pools as rather dangerous and expensive amenities. They are costly to install and to maintain. And for families with children, they can be viewed as unsafe. Renovations of swimming pools is money that is rarely recovered by the property owner.
  • Elaborate Landscaping: While a certain amount of focus should be placed on the exterior of the property in order to extract potential renters, excessive expenses in elaborate landscaping is not going to increase the per unit price of your apartments. Renters will not want to pay more for pretty plants. Also, most renters are not willing to maintain the lawn and outdoor greenery that you provide. Failure to do so, if you are unable or unwilling to do it yourself, may result in the landscaping becoming an ugly eyesore, which is simply a waste of money.
  • Invisible Improvements: Keeping the roof in good working order, maintaining heating and air-conditioning units, and keeping the plumbing system in excellent condition are considered basic essentials by renters. Spending extreme amounts of money on upgraded plumbing, heating, cooling, and roofing systems is not going to get you a higher per unit price.

How IRA Real Estate Investing Can Accelerate Investment Income

Friday, October 11

How IRA Real Estate Investing Can Accelerate Investment Income

Looking for the best investment opportunity that will pave your way to success and wealth? Well, there are lots of Columbus investment properties that you can benefit from. You probably want to know how you can invest your money in the most effective and beneficial way that can actually secure your retirement. Fortunately, there are many investment options for you to choose from that can actually improve your retirement portfolio.

Your IRA will enable you to buy assets. With this, you have all the right to make your own decisions when it comes to your investments. A self directed IRA investing in real estate can be the best option for you. It actually has lots to offer and it can offer you tons of advantages. Purchasing a property with your IRA funds can be the most convenient method of adding real estate in your IRA. Here are some reasons why IRA investing is the best option.


  • You can invest on something that you actually know. If you are knowledgeable about property investing, this is actually one of the best opportunities for you to have the best out of your expertise in investing and boost your own tax deferred retirement resources.
  • You can buy your own dream retirement house and make it an additional asset to your IRA. You can actually invest in turn key properties Columbus Ohio through your IRA funds; you can also lease your house in order to generate income.
  • You need to expand and improve your own retirement assets. You will certainly feel totally secure by improving and expanding your investment and retirement portfolio with excellent Columbus Investment properties, which will help you have the best from your retirement.
  • Favorable and beneficial tax treatment. Income and gains generated from IRA investing will actually go back as your tax free IRA. As an owner of IRA, you can suspend investment returns taxes with the use of self directed IRA in order to make investments. Thus, allowing you to generate profits from a tax free growth.
  • Potential increase and improvements in asset and cash flow. One among several solids assets which can generate income for your IRA is turn key property investment. Like any other investments, it will eventually appreciate in terms of worth.
  • Personal preference for excellent tangible assets. You actually have a wide array of selection when it comes to real estate investment. IRA investing in real estate is one of the most beneficial options.

Why Consider Columbus Investment Properties?

There are lots of potential property investments in Columbus. And one of these is Turn Key properties Columbus Ohio. The entire city is built for better business. And it is growing and improving in recognition to its excellent features, historic neighborhoods, and the affordability of quality life. This is the reason why a lot of people are opting to venture in an IRA investing in Columbus Ohio. Thus, if you would also like to benefit from successful property investing, you should consider the different advantages and benefits that you can get from this ever developing city.

IRA investing

Distressed and Turnkey Deals Columbus Ohio

Saturday, February 07

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Why Columbus, Ohio is a great place to live

Saturday, December 27

Why to invest in Columbus Ohio real estate market!

Thursday, December 25

Columbus Cheap Rehabs header image 2 ? 2363 Linden Ave Columbus Ohio Investment Opportunity “Handyman Gem”

Why Investing in Columbus, Ohio is your best bet yet!

December 23rd, 2008 · No Comments · Franklin County Investment Deals ·Edit

Columbus, Ohio — 263 points: This state capital is one of two cities new to the top 10 this year, rising from 14th place a year ago with a 26-point gain.
The home of Ohio State University, Limited Brands (LTD:
limited brands inc com BIG 15.62, +0.06, +0.4%) also benefited from a broader survey of small-business figures. The city moved up 10 slots in that category.
And the addition of two financial firms, Diamond Hill Investment Group (DHIL:
diamond hill investment grou com new PROS, , ) , to the Russell 2000 index helped Columbus surge 11 spots in that category.
The region has managed to avoid the Rust Belt troubles that hit other Ohio cities like Cleveland, said Steve Mangum, the interim dean of Ohio State’s business school. Columbus has built an entire economy around the university — the country’s biggest by enrollment — using its research and educational might to fuel various types of industry.
The university also is a cornerstone of Columbus residents’ down time, bringing art and culture to the region, as well, of course, as the beloved Buckeyes football team.
Locals like the intimate nature of the city.
“It has a small-town feel to it, but it’s the [30th] largest city in the country,” Mangum said. “There’s something about the spirit of this place.”