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Open Courseware - A List of Free Real Estate & Business Courses

Monday, April 16

I have been promising to start a list of free real estate/business related courses via open courseware, but my laziness got the best of me. I finally got around to starting a list, which I hope others will add to, so we end up with a comprehensive list of classes that will help real estate investors (new and experienced alike) add to their educational base. A couple disclaimers/comments:

• I am not associated with any of the organizations (beyond taking a few of the courses)

• I have not taken all of the courses listed so I cannot guarantee their quality

• Please consider the timeframe of the courses, some are several years old and may contain antiquated information

• Please feel free to rate the courses so we can provide a list of outstanding resources

• There are many more courses out there…this is but a small sampling

Real Estate Specific:

Real Estate Economics – MIT

Real Estate Finance and Investment – MIT

Advanced Topics in Real Estate – MIT


Principles of Microeconomics – MIT

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory – MIT

Intro to Statistical Methods in Economics – MIT

Advanced Microeconomic Theory (various levels) – MIT

Advanced Macroeconomic Theory (various levels) – MIT

Financial Markets - Yale


Intro to Financial and Managerial Acct – MIT

Creating Financial Projections – Kutztown

Managing Your Cash Flow – Kutztown

Analyzing Your Financial Rations - Kutztown


Law for the Entrepreneur and the Manager – MIT

Power in Negotiating – MIT

Intro to Project Management – UCal Irvine

Choosing a Legal Structure – Kutztown

Links:  - MIT (look under social sciences and management) - Yale – UCal Irvine - Kutztown SBDC


Other resources: - Links to Open Courses



  1. Colleague_thumb_avatar-ghenkis

    Cheng Vang Reply
    about 2 years ago

    James, we all get lazy from time to time so don’t sweat it. Moreover, thank you for producing this amazing list. I’ll be sure to give my feedback on any open courseware I take.

  2. Colleague_thumb_1392929826-avatar-ahchu

    Andy Chu Reply
    about 2 years ago

    Thanks for putting everything together.

  3. Colleague_thumb_avatar-rstoltz

    Ryan Stoltz Reply
    almost 2 years ago

    thanks's some free resources

  4. Reply
    almost 2 years ago

    The MIT ones only have accompanying lecture notes, and without the lectures, it's hard to make use of them at all. (After browsing for about 20 mins - maybe if you went deeper or already know the subjects well, you could find good info). There are courses at MIT that have the lectures also but not the real estate ones. Real Estate investor and Eulogy Writer

  5. Colleague_thumb_avatar-davemeyer

    Dave M. Reply
    almost 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing James! Great resources here.

  6. Colleague_thumb_1393643666-avatar-spbcinvestments

    Sabrina C. Reply
    10 months ago

    This is amazing information!!!! I'm so have to have found this page!

  7. Colleague_thumb_avatar-apadilla

    Anthony P. Reply
    10 months ago

    Great info, thanks for sharing! Looking for courses that will help me analyze ARV correctly.

  8. No_avatar_colleague_thumb

    Jacob B. Reply
    5 months ago

    Another good one: applied real estate -Florida International University It doesn't cover anything on investing but the professor is a former real estate agent. Great for beginners

  9. No_avatar_colleague_thumb

    Logan Jones Reply
    5 months ago

    This is awesome. I've already started listening to lectures.

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