Neat High Tech Gadgets for Your Home

Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gadgets have become part of our everyday
lives. Like the mobile phone, we are becoming more dependent on them
for daily use. So, as technology advances, there are gadgets created to
solve the problems of older products. Young innovative designers create
gadgets that improve the function of the old ones, and many of these
gadgets include a nice sleek design. Here’s a few high tech gadgets that
will help your home be one of the most futuristic homes in the neighborhood.

- A transparent television is a marvelous piece of technology that was
created by Michael Friebe. This futuristic TV combines conventional LCD
with the latest TOLED display technology. It creates a non-transparent
solid moving picture with a rich color reproduction, and includes a full
contrast range from solid black to perfect white.

Transparent TV

?3D Wall Panels
– Many of us are not all familiar with 3D wall panels yet. A 3D wall
panel helps create a beautiful arrangement of light and shadows. It even
comes in various shapes. The panels can be used in anywhere because of
the unusual look they bring to offices, restaurants and shops. It gives
any room a futuristic appearance.

3D Wall Panel

?Self Sterilizing Door Handles
– This door knob is the best defense is prevention the spread of germs.
As we all know, knobs and handles are huge breeding grounds for germs.
Now, we have the self-sterilization system. It uses UV light to destroy
the germs and has a simple design that is effective. This little item
has even won a Red Dot concept award.

self sterilizing door handle

?ECO Cleaner
– The ECO Cleaner goes in the dishwasher and cleans your dishes without
using dish detergents. The ultrasonic waves ionize food particles on
the dishes, making the food particles a reusable compost for plants.

self sterilizing door handle

?iQ Alarm Clock
- This clock helps you get up better than any other alarm clock on the
market. It asks you questions that you have to answer. There’s no snooze
button so you’ll get up faster in the mornings.

IQ Alarm Clock

?Orbital Washing Machine
– What a great concept. The incorporated basket helps you to load and
unload your laundry with extreme easy. It features a spherical drum that
moves on two axes washing your clothes better than the old style that
have only one axe.

orbital washing machine

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