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Ghosts Applicants and What To Look For When Screening Prospective Tenants

Sunday, April 01

I don't believe in ghosts. I especially don't believe in ghosts who apply to live in one of my two-bedroom apartments (I hear they are more attracted to creepy mansions). This is why when poor Miss Abileen's name came forth on the background check I ran this week, despite her death in 1...

Myths Exposed - Why Young Investors Shouldn't Wait

Sunday, March 25

<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } H3 { margin-bottom: 0.08in } H3.ctl { font-family: "Arial Unicode MS" } A:link { so-language: zxx } -->      Most investors wait until their forties, fifties, or sixties to begin investing in real estate. While there i...