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Two Rivers Reia Of Central Iowa


By: Andrew Lietzow, last updated over 5 years ago.

One of the many resources available to our members and guests.

18 Years Old And Starting


By: Gustavo Kehrt Kehrt, last updated 8 months ago.

There's a new kid on the block

Real Estate Agent Investors


By: Lois Rannick, last updated about 5 years ago.

Does anyone know a good real estate agent who is an investor in Des Moines Iowa?

Short Sale Des Moines


By: Jennifer Hartman, last updated over 4 years ago.

Des Moines Investor that is helping homeowners that are facing foreclosure by buying their property through a short sale.

Landlord Buildings Insurance


By: George Lyles, last updated almost 4 years ago.

Ensure you have everything in order, such as landlords buildings insurance when you invest in new renal properties.

Good Tradelines Improve Credit


By: Stacy Brroks, last updated almost 4 years ago.

Improving your credit score means you have more financing options available. Tradelines are an easy way to up your credit score.

Surreal Estate Stories


By: Matthew Smith, last updated almost 3 years ago.

Finding the Humor in Real Estate Investing

Iowa Real Estate


By: Nicole Martinez, last updated almost 2 years ago.

A blog about all things Iowa real estate and Iowa apartments.

Small Businesses Friendliness Survey


By: Earl John Davidson, last updated 10 months ago.

The latest "Small Businesses Friendliness Survey" done by and was already available.

Greener Pastures


By: James Otis, last updated 10 months ago.

relocation for a better economy