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Justin's Journey


By: Justin Bird, last updated over 4 years ago.

My Journey through the first year of REIing

Cover Your Assets


By: Jason T., last updated almost 3 years ago.

All things related to properly insuring your income properties. Protecting your assets and future.

The Lighter Side


By: Gregory Harris, last updated over 4 years ago.

This is a less serious more fun blog well for me and maybe some of you.

Kansas City Investor's Leader


By: Adam Papish, last updated about 4 years ago.

News, Tips, Trends, Topics & Hot Properties in the Greater Kansas City Area.

Consumer Reviews


By: Lukas Nicholson, last updated 5 months ago.

Focused on Home Security for those in Real Estate or those handling estates.

Real Estate Analysis


By: John K., last updated about 3 years ago.

Real estate analysis and property analysis guides and tips.

Overland Park Homes For Sale


By: Benz Casio, last updated over 2 years ago.

Guides and tips in finding great homes in Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park Homes For Sale


By: Ynah Ventura, last updated almost 3 years ago.

Some tested tips to aid you in your home-buying experience in Overland Park Real Estate or Overland Park Homes for Sale.

Leawood Homes For Sale


By: Joshua Merck, last updated almost 3 years ago.

All About Leawood Real Estate ONline

Journeys Of A Buy And Hold Investor


By: Brady Hanna, last updated 9 months ago.

The story of a real estate investor starting a rental business from scratch. Learn from our failures, successes, and everything in between!

Luke's Endeavor To Get Rich Slow.


By: Luke Armstrong, last updated 4 months ago.

I'm Luke, I want to be a real estate investor. These are my random thoughts; things I've read, I've learned and would like to put into practice.

Need Some Direction


By: Carlos Pringle, never updated.

I've been doing alot of reading and studying, and now I'm ready for some direction!

Not Applied For Mortgage Since 2008?


By: Blake Alexander, last updated 26 days ago.

For those that haven't applied for a mortgage since the 2008 financial crisis are in for a BIG surprise.Helpful for first timers as well.