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By: Tyrone Brackens, last updated over 5 years ago.

Looking for Investors worldwide to birdogg for who need to add time to their busy schedule!

Lexington Homes For Sale


By: Sharie Sedillo, last updated over 2 years ago.

Lexington Homes for Sale buying tips

Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog


By: Sharon Vornholt, last updated over 1 year ago.

Blogging about all things real estate.

Your Health


By: Frank Mulder, never updated.

interview of Mrs Celina Wallace. This Lady is a cancer survivor!

K&V: Building Our Business


By: James Vermillion, last updated about 2 years ago.

This blog will focus on the trials and tribulations, victories and defeats, stories, experiences from K&V LLC as we grow our business.

Help Me Find Private Money?


By: George Prewitt, last updated over 2 years ago.

I found some private money but I continue to look for more. Does anyone know where I can find <8.5% private money?

Looking For Buyers In Kentucky


By: Brad Etherton, last updated over 1 year ago.

Looking for buyers in or around Louisville ky.

Reminiscences Of A Real Estate Investor


By: Brett K., last updated about 1 year ago.

A diary of a new full-time real estate investor.

Conservative Turned Self Motivated


By: Ray Miller, last updated 8 months ago.

Corporate displaced and landed new corporate job. Time to create my own wealth. Looking for mentors.

Part Time Rei Blog


By: Erik Hitzelberger, last updated about 22 hours ago.

Part-Time REI is a real estate investment education company, designed to teach you how to flip homes in your spare time.

Does South Carolina Hate Renters?


By: Thomas Morris, last updated 5 months ago.

South Carolina charges ~4X the property tax for rentals than it does for owner occupants. This puts landlords at a distinct disadvantage.

Ratliff On Real Estate


By: Nick Ratliff, last updated 2 months ago.

Real Estate and financial advice from Nick Ratliff.

Joint Venture Partnerships


By: Michael Weller, last updated 2 months ago.

I have access to hard money (up to $30mm) and is seeking Joint Venture Partners to do trades in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.