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Legal Wealth


By: Bryan Long, last updated over 5 years ago.

Legal Wealth helps Real Estate Brokers create residual income from their existing database and offers Credit Restoration/Financial Related Services.

Smart Re Investments


By: Steve Roesch, last updated over 4 years ago.

Locating the right deal in the right Location

Looking For Private Funds For Rehab


By: Jon Nelson, last updated almost 4 years ago.

Looking to work longterm with private investor for 6-12 mth rehabing shrt sale props to flip.

Exceptional Property


By: Travis Daggett, last updated about 1 year ago.

Don't miss out on this gem! For more information on the property, you may call 541-632-4351 or visit

Now Is The Time


By: Lee Topham, last updated over 4 years ago.

Investing correctly in commercial real estate.

Las Vegas! My Rental Search....


By: Ted Harris, last updated over 4 years ago.

Las Vegas market is crazy ..... homes sub $50k are getting scooped up within days and being bid sometimes 50% above list.

Larry Wenger


By: Lawrence Wenger, last updated over 4 years ago.

starting in RE investing focusing on pre-foreclosures and wholesale

Spicer Matthews


By: Spicer Matthews, last updated about 4 years ago.

Real Estate ideas from an active investor.

Portland Condos, Sales And Market Trends


By: Brian Porter, last updated over 3 years ago.

This blog will track the sales and market trends of condos in Portland Oregon.

Fraud Alert


By: Nelita Fairchild, last updated over 1 year ago.

Mortgage Broker Brad Thornton-Eugene brokered a hard money for me. Due to his self dealing lies I lost $200K.

Cash Flowing Homes 4 U!


By: John Taylor, last updated almost 4 years ago.

Providing information on Turnkey Investment homes with In- Place instant cash flow as well as info on investing with self directed IRA or Solo 401K

The Real World Investor


By: Rob Russell, last updated over 3 years ago.

Kristi and I passionate about sharing our Real World Experience on how we are actually getting deals done and making money in this market!

Portland Homes For Sale


By: Carylle A., last updated about 3 years ago.

Here are some of the information you might need and consider about buying a house before moving in to Portland.

Portland Homes For Sale


By: Alex Mayers, last updated about 3 years ago.

Guide on how to find affordable homes in Portland

Northeast Portland Homes


By: Cassandra Scott Scott, last updated about 3 years ago.

A blog aimed to share tips on how to find affordable homes