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Potential Dc/Md/Va Bp Meet Up


By: Mike O'Neill, last updated 8 months ago.

This blog is to gauge interest among BP members in the DC/MD/VA region for an in-person meet up.

Virginia Real Estate


By: Melissa Rose, last updated about 5 years ago.

Communication and share information about the current Virginia Market as it relates to Real Estate Agents, Sellers, Purchasers, Investors and Lenders!

Veteran Property Solutions Llc


By: Bill Lassiter, last updated about 5 years ago.

Veteran Property Solutions LLC is a Full-service, National wholesale real estate company

So Many Homes So Little Time


By: Justin Pierce, last updated 11 months ago.

Too many homes on the market today are in poor condition and will not qualify for VA and FHA loans. Here is your opportunity.

Agents Working With Investors


By: Frazier Oleary, last updated about 5 years ago.

Sharing Breakthrough Business Strategies to help Agents build six and seven figure businesses by focusing on Investors.

Investing Now


By: Jim Ingersoll, last updated about 1 year ago.

This is a market relevant blog that will highlight effective investing methods without needing cash, credit or a bank to write you a mortgage.

Live Real Estate Investor.Com


By: Alex Joungblood, last updated over 4 years ago.

This blog is a real time model of my business. I give deal analysis as well as some great marketing tips.

Investor In Limbo


By: Melody Scott, last updated almost 5 years ago.

Postings by Melody Scott, a real estate investor stuck in an "in between" stage of her investing career.

Help Needed With Possible Foreclosure


By: Eli Loftus, last updated over 4 years ago.

Purchased land for $185K on golf course. Recently have trouble making payments due to extra child which we did not factor in at the time of purchase.

Business Growth


By: Chris Johnson, last updated over 4 years ago.

Employ proven marketing strategies that can be applied to any business.

Bulk Reo


By: Michelle Koren, last updated over 4 years ago.

I'm looking for investors who want to purchase Bulk REO. I will put you directly in touch with the proper people at Fannie Mae and FDIC.

Making Money On A Sanwich Lease Option


By: Shawn Breeze, last updated about 4 years ago.

Making the spread of money on the back end of a sanwich lease option deal. How can it be done?

Katharine Binkley's Blog


By: Katharine Binkley, last updated about 4 years ago.

Northern Virginia Real Estate through Katharine Binkley

Hardmoney Lender Available!


By: Dedra Allen, last updated almost 3 years ago.

Need a hardmoney lender for commercial properties

Buying & Selling Northern Virginia Homes


By: Monika Lucas, last updated over 3 years ago.

Great information for those looking to sell their Northern Virginia home or hoping to find the Northern Virginia home fo their dreams.