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How Do I Find a Mentor?

By Ned Carey, 6 months ago.

It is a Common Question on Bigger Pockets How Do I Find a Mentor? One theme that comes up regularly on Bigger Pockets is new investors wanting to know how to find a ment...
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How to Market Yourself and Your Business with BiggerPockets

By Joshua Dorkin, over 5 years ago.

BiggerPockets is not only a community for sharing knowledge, for networking, and making deals, but it is also a marketing platform for people in the real estate space.Here are several eas...
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How to Quickly Evaluate a Real Estate Deal

By Tom Sylvester, 8 months ago.

There is a common saying among real estate investors, “Review 100 deals, make offers on 10, purchase 1.” When I first began investing in real estate, I could not see how this ...
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50,000 Members and Counting for!

By Joshua Dorkin, almost 4 years ago.

Congratulations to all the members who have joined BiggerPockets and have made use of this incredible network over the past few years.  It has been a real adventure building this web...
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How to FAIL at Social Networking

By Joshua Dorkin, over 4 years ago.

I just got a request to close the account of a member here on BiggerPockets.  While this doesn't happen very often, when it does, there is always a common theme.  In EVERY case,...
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Ok, You've Signed Up for Now What?

By Joshua Dorkin, about 5 years ago.

You're a member of the premier real estate social network . . . now what?Here are some tips for getting started here on BiggerPockets: Fill in your profile - If you're here to networ...
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Hardmoney Upfront Fees

By Bryan A., about 3 years ago.

Man, have I ignored this blog for a while or what?!  It's possible nobody even noticed because they don't check in, but in case you did notice, I'm sorry!!  There was a thread a...
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From ZERO to SIX FIGURE gross annual income in 2.5 years!

By Dawn Anastasi, 4 months ago.

Back in March 2013, I wrote a blog post to publicly announce my goal of achieving 6-figure gross annual rental income in 2.5 years. Since that time, people have been asking me, "...
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Diary of a creative investment deal

By Nick J., almost 5 years ago.

I'm going to blog the details of a deal from start to finish and layout all the numbers throughout the deal. I will keep the actuall address and name of seller private. The seller has giv...
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Socializing BiggerPockets: Followers, Following, Feeds, and Apologies

By Joshua Dorkin, about 4 years ago.

First . . . my apologiesIt seems that when we pushed out the changes that I'll be covering below, we also flushed out our mail queue.  It appears that over the course of the past mon...
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My Latest Note Deal (June 2012)

By Loc R., almost 2 years ago.

I love creating win-win situations when buying notes, and that's exactly what happened on my last deal.Note seller sold for $200,000 and took $48,000 (24%) down, carrying back a $152,000 ...
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How to Use @Mentions on BiggerPockets

By Joshua Dorkin, 7 months ago.

Hey Everyone! We wanted to start the New Year with style, so we've brought you a new feature that we think will better help you to connect and communicate with others here on the f...
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Tenant Vs. Landlord

By Donald Stevens, almost 4 years ago.

  This is a very common question asked by tenants and landlords. Most people who are renting their home from someone else my have little or no experience with insurance or may have n...
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Want a call back? Be Professional!

By Joshua Dorkin, almost 5 years ago.

This post has been a long time coming . . .One of my pet peeves in life is when people leave you a voicemail that has no information.  I hate it when my friends do it, but I find it ...
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What Was Your First Real Estate Investment Deal? Share Your Video

By Joshua Dorkin, over 3 years ago.

As many of you know, we've been doing a bit of experimenting with video and we were hoping to get all of you involved as well.  With that in mind, we're hoping to put together a real...
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