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Thank You to Memphis Invest, Gold Sponsor of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit

From the moment that we announced the BiggerPockets Summit, Chris Clothier of Memphis Invest has been a great supporter for our event. As one of our BiggerPockets Blog writers, we thought he’d make a fantastic speaker, and invited him to lead a session, which should be fantastic. When he told us weeks later that he’d like his company to be our Gold Sponsor, we were very pleased.

Memphis Invest is a turnkey property business, and has been an advertising parter of ours for some time now. As our second largest Summit sponsor, they have demonstrated a commitment to our event and core beliefs. We are very much looking forward to having them at the event, and I hope you’ll make the time to talk to their team.

Some of the gals from the Memphis Invest team put this great little video together for us. Check it out!

Thank You To, Diamond Sponsor of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit

For our inaugural conference, we wanted to make sure that we could find supporters large and small to sponsor the event. We are very excited to have as our top Diamond Sponsor for the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit 2012,

Their support of our event and of BiggerPockets as a whole speaks volumes about their commitment to serving the investor community. We look forward to having them at the conference, and definitely encourage you to visit their table and of course, the Deal Room, where deals will be made at the event.

Here’s a video about one of their company services for you to check out:

What is a Better Life Worth to You?

If you could do something today that would buy you a life with less stress, more security and an overall higher quality of life for you and your family, would you do it?

What if it cost a few hundred dollars and required a few days of your time, would you still do it?

What if it required you to be around like minded individuals, provided thought provoking presentations from experts that have already done it and the only issue was picking which expert to go listen to?

If you have signed up for the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit, congratulations you are taking the required step to improving your life.

If not, what are you thinking?

Here is the deal. I work full time and travel way too much for one person. But I am paying my own money to get my wife and I on a plane, spend 3 nights in a hotel and I have to buy my wife a ticket to the event to top it off. So I am spending over $1,000 to go to this event because I believe it will make my life better!!!

Let me be clear I don’t sell anything, I am not in the real estate business and thus don’t profit from referrals, I don’t have a company that tracks or creates leads. I am just an investor with a full time job who has been investing for 10 years and built a nice portfolio.

I would pay several hundred dollars to hear just one of these no non sense speakers share their story!!!

The following are just my personal quick takes on some of the presenters and why I am so excited to hear them speak.

Bruce Norris: I heard him speak for the first time several years ago and all I can say is his initial presentation made me over 500K. In my opinion Bruce has a better pulse of the real estate market than any single person on the planet!!!

Jeff Brown: Like you I have followed Jeff’s work on BiggerPockets for some time now. His ability to tackle complex problems while focusing the reader on self inspection is truly outstanding. His work and advice has been critical to helping me evolve my portfolio and plans for the future. You need to hear what is saying and really internalize it.

Chris Clothier: I simply love the model Chris has adopted in Memphis. What he does for investors and how he tackles the market as a team effort is something to see. After one of his articles I spent several hours researching him and his company all over the web and I must admit I am impressed!!! I look forward to learning more about his business and how he finds, funds and closes deals.

Peter Giardini: No one person on Biggerpockets has reached out to me more and offered more meaningful advice that Peter. He is a wealth of knowledge every time we communicate and I look forward to shaking his hand and saying “Thank You”!!!

Jon Holdman: I look forward to meeting Jon because his posts and feedback is always to the point and valuable. I spent several nights going through some of Jon’s older posts and I can say he is always on point and I look forward to learning more from this straight shooter.

J Scott: You have to admire a guy who puts his whole business out there for everyone to see. His yearly summaries and straight forward nature are truly impressive. If I could go to only one breakout session it would have to be J Scott’s. Remember he Flips and I am a Buy and Hold guy but the way he runs his business and tackles the market is second to non and I want to learn from him.

Rich Weese: What can you say but Wow!!! His story is something I hope to emulate one day. He retired on Real Estate. He has owned over 1,000 SFR. I have to learn how he did it. Rich doesn’t know it but he is my Hero!!!

I didn’t purposefully skip the other presenters or even ignore my own presentation (which will be assume by the way) as I know most of them and they will do an outstanding job. I simply wanted to take a few minutes and highlight why I am spending over $1,000 to go to this event.

I promise you this! I am only going to this event because I believe it will allow my family and I to have a better life.

The cost and time will prove meaningless compared to value I expect to receive going forward.

If you don’t go to this event you are making a mistake.

We are in the best buyers market for real estate in our life time and you have the opportunity to hear from dozens of no non sense speakers who will share their stories.

Trust me when I say the presenters are NOT getting paid to do this, we are only doing it because we want to give back to the investing community.

Good Investing and I look forward to seeing all of you at the event!!!

Author: Michael Zuber
How to Build an Investment Property Portfolio While Working a Full-Time Job