BP Summit FAQ

When Should I Arrive for the Conference?
We will be doing some kind of happy hour networking the evening of March 22 – the day before the event. So, if you’re interested in participating and mingling at the happy hour, then please arrive sometime in the early afternoon on March 22. Our first event sessions will be taking place at 8am on March 23.

Who Should Come to the Conference?
If you’re a new real estate investor, an experienced pro, or a service professional that works in the real estate investing industry, this event is for you! In addition to all of our educational sessions, we will have plenty of networking; our goal is to help you not only learn, but facilitate the creation of personal relationships with others in the business who can work with you in the future.

If I Have Deals or Financing, Will I Have the Chance to Tell People About It?
Did we mention that we want to help you guys close deals? We will have something at the event that will allow attendees to promote their deals, financing, and other real estate opportunities.

What About Your Speakers? Will they be Pitching Anything?
NO. Our speakers will not be promoting anything in their sessions, and there will be no back of the room sales of any kind. Other conferences that claim to be “no upsell” allot 80% of their sessions to educational material and 20% to pitching/selling. Our sessions will be 100% educational with ZERO pitch.

What Will Your Schedule Look Like?
The schedule is packed with sessions and peppered with networking opportunities. Check out the official schedule.

Will I Be Able To Record The Sessions at the Summit?
Attendees will not be able to make any audio or video recordings of the sessions at the event, nor will they be permitted to do any form of streaming audio or video. We are planning on making available an official recording of the event for both attendees and non-attendees.

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