Conference Sessions

Intensive 2 1/2 Hour Wholesaling Bootcamp

Wholesaling real estate is fun, fast, and can be VERY lucrative. No wonder so many new investors dream of being a Wholesaler. From total newbie to seasoned pro, Wholesaling offers quick capital generation with minimal risk and investment. In this special boot camp session, you’ll learn how to fill your funnel with deals and have buyers beating down your door with cash to buy them, even in our current market. Learn the basic and advanced strategies of marketing for deals, finding cash buyers, and structuring the deal.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – The 3 Keys to Wholesaling Professionally
2 – Find EVERY serious buyer in your town in 30 minutes
3 – The Wholesale Formula

This Bootcamp will now be open to all who are in attendance of the conference. If you have a conference pass, you will be able to come to this. There is no longer a need to register separately for it.

Speakers: Ryan Webber, Aaron Mazzrillo

Intensive 2 1/2 Hour Fix and Flip / Rehabbing Bootcamp: FOUR FLIPPIN’ BOXES

Make no mistake – fixing and flipping is a business. In this special boot camp discover the four essential components required to start, develop and expand a successful fix and flip operation. From acquisition strategies to rehab, to sales, and most importantly, raising private capital – you’ll learn how successful fix and flippers manage and close 1-20 deals a month. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro the information provided will add value to your business.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Learn to efficiently manage 1 deal, or 20, a month.
2 – How not to over remodel, or under remodel your property.
3 – How to negotiate the lowest pricing with your trades.
4 – Discover where the deals are in your market.
5 – Why having a Realtor on your team is essential and why becoming one may be a good idea.
6 – Learn the art of market analysis.
7 – How to get your low-ball offer accepted by the seller.
8 – Find out the key to attracting money partners and lenders for your flip deals.
9 – How to get your flip sold for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

This Bootcamp will now be open to all who are in attendance of the conference. If you have a conference pass, you will be able to come to this. There is no longer a need to register separately for it.

Speakers: Marty Boardman, J. Scott

The State of Real Estate 2012

In 2006, people couldn’t get enough of real estate. In 2012, it’s a dirty word. People who lost their fortunes are running for the hills and the government is left scratching its head on how to revive the market. This is the perfect time for contrarian investors to act! We’ll show you overwhelming proof why now is the perfect time to invest in real estate and how the government should leverage investors to rebuild the market.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Top government intervention concerns for investors
2 – Key stats to watch moving forward
3 – Passive and active strategies for investors

Speakers: Bruce Norris, CEO: The Norris Group

Market Update: Stabilization Spells Opportunity

Foreclosure markets across the nation are changing dramatically in the wake of declining defaults, processing reforms and shifting demand. If market stabilization is the by-word in real estate for 2012, what does it mean for investors?

Opportunities await those who understand and anticipate the coming changes in local real estate markets. New analyses of inventory and price trends suggest that investors who identify opportunities early can ignite widespread demand that will lead to rapid price growth and appreciation, helping them realize profits in record time. The biggest profits go to those who know how to read the tea leaves and get into the market ahead of the crowd, when discounts are greatest and inventory isn’t picked over.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Learn how to identify and time your entry into recovering markets ahead of the pack.
2 – Understand the underlying dynamics in foreclosure-saturated markets as they struggle to recover.
3 – Find out what the multi-state foreclosure settlement means to investors and how to profit from the coming wave of auctions and REOs.

Speakers: Steve Cook: Managing Editor at Real Estate Economy Watch and

Pull the Trigger:Begin or Grow your Real Estate Investing Career in 2012

Real Estate Investing can come in many forms, most of which aren’t common knowledge to the beginning investor just starting out, so they sit on the sidelines waiting to play, not realizing the time is always NOW to get started in the real estate game. This session will cover the various types of real estate, the countless ways of investing, how to determine your role in the real estate community and how to choose an entry point that best suits your situation. This class will be taught by an experienced investor who has done it all and who knows how to get beyond what stops most people from taking action.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Learn to navigate today’s real estate landscape by understanding which type of investment property best matches your abilities, bank balance and specific goals.
2 – Acquire a working knowledge of the different methods of investing and understand their potential risks and rewards.
3 – Crush the Fear Factor by clearly identifying your chosen role, what YOU bring to the table and finally choosing your entry point into the real estate marketplace.

Speakers: Tony Alvarez

An Inspired Rise to Success

Driven by an unrelenting will to succeed and a sincere love for what she does, Tahani overcame adversity that would have discouraged many. In this session she will share her success story to inspire you to reach for “The power within you” and go for all your dreams.

Key Takeaways Include:

1 – The Power of Team Building
2 – The Power of Modeling Success
3 – Identify the behaviours holding you back from achieving your true potential
4 – Stop the blame game and take control of your financial future
5 – Create your own personal economy that thrives regardless of the global economy

Speakers: Tahani Aburaneh

How to Build an Investment Property Portfolio While Working a Full-Time Job

Real Estate Investing is hard work and takes commitment and sacrifice. Especially for the investors that hold a full time job. Come hear the keys to success from an investor that has built a portfolio over 10 years that began with a single rental home and now numbers over 100 rentals.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – How to start successful real estate investing while working
2 – Keys to long term successful real estate investing
3 – Mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate and working full time

Speakers: Michael Zuber

Real Estate Investment Analysis, Methods and Mindset — What to Know, What to Do

Analyzing a real estate investment is more than just crunching some numbers. What are the key building blocks of the analysis process? How do you avoid critical missteps? Can you identify your objectives, and use that knowledge to increase your chances of deal-making success? Learn about these topics and more.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Be Thorough: There is no substitute for due diligence or for careful scrutiny of any financial presentation, whether it is someone else’s or your own.
2 – Be Clear: You must identify your purpose in performing the analysis and identifying the audience for whom you are creating it; convey your analysis in terms that are unambiguous, accurate, and relevant to that audience.
3 – Be Professional: Make a commitment to mastering the fundamental concepts and vocabulary of real estate investing. The real estate analysis you create represents the quality of your thinking and your professional competence.

Speakers: Frank Gallinelli

Highest & Best Use of Time for Real Estate Investors

Don’t leave this conference with a notebook full of ideas and strategies you don’t have time to implement. Discover how to decipher the Highest and Best Use of your time. In this lively session, you’ll learn to easily and effortlessly increase your efficiency and make more time for investing activities.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Discover the single most important key to prioritizing your activities
2 – Find the secrets to effective delegation, uncover your motivation assassinators, & banish time-vampires (AKA meetings!)
3 – Learn three simple tools to end procrastination

Speakers: Geraldine Barry

The Truth About Wholesaling and Rehabbing

Have you ever heard about how to make millions wholesaling with no money, no credit, no experience, and no risk? While it is possible, 99% of those who paid money to get the “secrets” never make a dime. Learn how you can make money the right (& legal) way and discover why knowledge of rehabbing is so vital as a wholesaler.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – How to properly structure offers so that you may wholesale legally and efficiently and do so with even the most advanced acquisitions like REO’s.
2 – Avoid the most common mistakes most investors make while trying to wholesale.
3 – Learn all aspects of how to analyze a deal from acquisition costs, to rehab costs, to exit values.

Speakers: Will Barnard

How to Raise $500,000 in Private Money in 60 Days or Less

How many deals would you be doing if money was no object? Could your increase your family’s quality of life if you were doing more real estate deals? Come learn some specific steps to have access to more money than you will ever need. You will leave this presentation with some action steps to take Monday morning.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Discover some simple steps that will guarantee that you raise private money
2 – Learn exactly what to say when you are talking to potential private lenders
3 – Learn to use hard money to supplement your business while you continue you money raising efforts

Speakers: Kevin Amolsch

Practical Landlording

Land lording is often thought of as the most challenging aspect of owning income producing property… but it doesn’t have to be. This session will help aspiring and seasoned landlords to become great landlords by consistently training their tenants and through the use of repeatable management systems.

Key Takeaways: You will…
1 – Find out if you have what it takes to be a successful landlord.
2 – Understand the importance of training your tenants.
3 – Be exposed to the most powerful document in your land lording arsenal.

Speakers: Peter Giardini

Portfolio Building: Going (bigger) from Single-family to Multifamily

There are many steps to transitioning from investor-owned Single-family to multifamily (apartments). The simplified version of “just adding a zero to the purchase price” precludes the responsibility that comes with scale and complexity. Bigger properties requires a team with ready-skills to implement professional management. Post-acquisition is no time to start the learning curve!

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Defining Commercial Multifamily
2 – Economies of Scale matter
3 – Biggest Mistakes Buyers Make in Multifamily

Speakers: John Wilhoit

Mobile Home Madness: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

This session will cover more than a decade of real-world success stories and blunders made while investing in inexpensive mobile homes; many yielding cash-on-cash returns more than 1,000%. Everyone in attendance will leave confident, entertained, and ready to start crushing it with these little wonders in any local market.

Speakers: John Fedro

Note Investing 101

Interested in real estate and like the idea of being truly hands off? Learn the concept of “Note Investing” one of the most powerful cash-flowing investments. Take control like institutional investors: Learn how to find good notes and increase your returns!

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – How to identify a good note
2 – How to Find Notes
3 – How to increase Note returns

Speakers: Kevin Kaczmarek

From Janitor to Multimillionaire

Go from the initial stages of an investor starting from scratch, to creating enough wealth to retire in less than a decade. We’ll also explore changes that have occurred in the real estate marketplace over the past 40 years and how to take advantage of them.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – How to remove the 4 giant obstacles to creating wealth.
2 – Using scotch tape, glue and paste to put a deal together.
3 – Beating the IRS and Living for free.

Speakers: Rich Weese

Keys to Understanding Cash Flow: The 50% Rule

Is cash flow what’s left from the rent after you pay the mortgage? We will consider what else is needed for a more realistic estimate. Whether you agree with the “50% rule” or not, you can be clear on your assumptions and understand how to do the math.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Understand how to apply your assumptions.
2 – Learn to quickly estimate cash flow from a rental.
2 – Find better rental properties by knowing what to look for.

Speakers: Jon Holdman

Doing That Thing You “Due” in 2012!

In today’s volatile real estate market, doing proper “Due Diligence” is more important than ever before. The days of finding what look like cheap properties, doing a “Google drive-by” and printing Zillow’s idea of a comparable report to get value are long over. Today, real estate investors are bombarded from well-oiled marketing machines looking to off-load properties on the “cheap” and while millionaires are made in these markets, fortunes can be lost just as quickly. In this session, investors will gain insight into:

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – How to look in the right direction – FORWARD – when determining the value of an investment area and property.
2 – A set of guidelines to follow when purchasing property out-of-area, and the RIGHT questions to ask before purchasing properties for passive investing.
3 – Why technology can never replace solid, fundamental detective work when choosing investment properties.

Speakers: Chris Clothier

The Many Paths to a Magnificently Abundant Retirement

The synergistic application of multiple investment strategies. Specifically, how flippers and wholesalers can improve their retirement plans via long term investments interacting with their short term businesses. It will include the introduction of both cost segregation and EIULs as examples of how short/long term real estate investing, and depreciation planning can be used to enhance retirement income.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – Why blending multiple strategies synergistically more likely than not will generate a larger retirement income.
2 – How real estate investors can use non-real estate vehicles to create separate income streams at retirement.
3 – Why depreciation shouldn’t be taken for granted — how to use it to do more than shelter cash flow and ordinary income.

Speakers: Jeff Brown

Asset Protection for the Savvy Real Estate Investor

Investing in real estate is complicated enough without trying to understand both the proper legal at tax implications of structuring your investments. The proper use of corporations, limited liability companies, land trusts and profit sharing plans can protect your investment from lawyers, snoops and uncle sam. Discover the appropriate tax and legal strategies for fix and flip, buy and hold, lease option and retirement plan investing.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – How to effectively use land trusts in your investing
2 – Selecting the appropriate LLC structure for the buy and hold investor
3 – How to invest with tax deferred money and its not a self-driected IRA

Speakers: Clint Coons

Discovering Demand for Your Next Project

This discussion will show you how to read between the lines of real estate markets to determine where the next opportunity in real estate will be and where your next customers will come from. Are you being proactive or reactive in your real estate investment approach? Knowing where the emerging trends are will increase your future income and allow you to be better prepared for tomorrow’s real estate market today.

Key Takeaways Include:
1 – How to analyze demographic reports and what they mean
2 – Understanding Psychographs
3 – Reviewing Economic Indicators and their importance

Speakers: D. Scott Smith

Financing Panel

According to MBA projections, loan originations on income-producing properties will rise 17% this year to nearly $230 billion in 2012. This panel session will explore the variety of financing options available to Real Estate investors today.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of various types of financing:

  • Fix and Flip & Fix and Hold financing,
  • Individual Trust Deed investing,
  • Fractionalized investing,
  • and Traditional investor financing options with the GSE’s & other institutional investors.

Our panel of lending experts will also discuss the current regulatory & economic environment of mortgage lending and explore what it means to Real Estate Investors looking for access to competitive funding resources. Don’t miss this informative session.

Speakers: Jason Berman, Amy Cavender, Brett Green, Kim Hubbard, Paul Pedri

Note: Conference sessions are subject to change without notice.

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