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Discussion Replies Last Post
203k Lenders in central NY (East of Syracuse)
Posted in Private Lending & Conventional Mortgage Advice
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Matt V.
3 minutes ago
First wholesale deal in Newark, NJ
Posted in Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
15 Tiny_1422741534-avatar-barikan Last post by Burak Arikan
3 minutes ago
New to RE Investing in Seattle
Posted in New Member Introductions
11 Tiny_1422501713-avatar-brighterbeacon Last post by Michael B.
3 minutes ago
Hi! Newbie excited to begin investing in Philadelphia, PA
Posted in New Member Introductions
1 Tiny_1399699196-avatar-benrei1 Last post by Mary B.
6 minutes ago
Hello, I am new.
Posted in Goals, Business Plans & Entities
2 Tiny_1422771147-avatar-danny8281 Last post by Danny Hubbard
7 minutes ago
Realistic ROI paying all cash on an out-of-state turnkey
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
0 Tiny_1422481603-avatar-jasong12 Last post by Jason Gutierrez
10 minutes ago
Need Help financing NW DC Ledroit Park SFH
Posted in Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Mark Cruse
11 minutes ago
New to ALL of it! From Austin, TX
Posted in New Member Introductions
3 Tiny_1399592360-avatar-seniorsurfer Last post by Guy Gimenez
12 minutes ago
Husband and Wife Team in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Posted in New Member Introductions
8 Tiny_1411680070-avatar-sbus Last post by Lyle Borody
16 minutes ago
Newbie But In Need Of Direction
Posted in New Member Introductions
16 Tiny_1399532483-avatar-aaron_m Last post by Aaron Mazzrillo
17 minutes ago
help figured out the ARV on a property
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
3 Tiny_1399439494-avatar-shabaka_nj Last post by Ibrahim Hughes
17 minutes ago
We Need Rental Properties!!
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
5 Tiny_1414418619-avatar-kjjesq Last post by Kalimah Jenkins
17 minutes ago
Website development
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
1 Tiny_1415301966-avatar-teklaw Last post by Bruce M.
19 minutes ago
Flipping Advantage?
Posted in Real Estate Guru, Book & Course Reviews and Discussions
8 Tiny_1422680378-avatar-jonathank1 Last post by Jonathan Kobz
20 minutes ago
What kind of car do you drive?
Posted in Investor Psychology
89 Tiny_1399759587-avatar-marcm1 Last post by Marc M.
29 minutes ago
Suggestions on how to refinance a non-preforming 5 unit apartment
Posted in Multi-Family and Apartment Investing Forums
1 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
34 minutes ago
What Do you consider a good Cap rate?
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
38 Tiny_1420424155-avatar-davidh17 Last post by David Hoang
34 minutes ago
Trustee Sale - IRS lien on previous owner
Posted in Tax Liens, Notes, Paper, & Cash Flows Discussion
28 Tiny_1399441195-avatar-topguncrdtadvsr Last post by Kathy Utiss
40 minutes ago
crashing oil price and real estate
Posted in Off-Topic
0 Tiny_1420764757-avatar-biggerjoe Last post by Joe Kim
41 minutes ago

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