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Wholesalers/Rehabbers, Can You Estimate Rehab Costs (see photos)?
Posted in Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
3 Tiny_1399654928-avatar-bighenry911 Henry M.
less than a minute ago
What hobbies or activities did you give up when you discovered real estate investing?
Posted in Investor Psychology
6 Tiny_1398858044-avatar-aly0705 Aly L
3 minutes ago
The use of delinquent utility customers lists?
Posted in Innovative Strategies
6 Tiny_1405834764-avatar-cs_sea98136 Chris Stromdahl
4 minutes ago
Farmland Investors
Posted in Off-Topic
2 Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk Jon Klaus
6 minutes ago
Ever heard of a "Letter stating Vested Concurrency?" (Palm Beach County, FLORIDA)
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
3 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
6 minutes ago
Interested in Missing and Deceased Owner (Abandoned) Properties?
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
0 Tiny_1399600048-avatar-rtpg1 Rick Harmon
7 minutes ago
Calculating property tax when analyzing a deal
Posted in Starting Out
2 Tiny_1402847119-avatar-fischem Michele Fischer
9 minutes ago
Financing..where to start??!
Posted in Private & Conventional Lending Discussion
2 Tiny_1405902791-avatar-allyventures Nichole Wall
10 minutes ago
Caught up on podcasts, now what?
Posted in Off-Topic
5 Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk Jon Klaus
11 minutes ago
How to rehab an entire area
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
14 Tiny_1399648585-avatar-hallveron Ve'Ron Hall
11 minutes ago
Agent Poll: Are you seeing good "buy and hold" returns in your respective market?
Posted in Real Estate Agents
0 Tiny_1405382112-avatar-ryanhammel Ryan Hammel
12 minutes ago
A HUGE mistake avoided and a lesson in Due Diligence.
Posted in Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
0 Tiny_1400080875-avatar-avilaj85 Jonathan Avila
12 minutes ago
'FREE' Than Merril seminar,,,free??????
Posted in Real Estate Guru, Book & Course Reviews and Discussions
19 Tiny_1406165962-avatar-nia642 Brigitte Belton
13 minutes ago
Can I sell someone's home for them?
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
0 Tiny_1399765512-avatar-whitevipr KC Hunt
15 minutes ago
What is the difference b/w a Sheriff's Sale and a Trustee Sale?
Posted in General Foreclosure & Pre-Foreclosure Forums
7 Tiny_1405834764-avatar-cs_sea98136 Chris Stromdahl
16 minutes ago
How To Find Mailing Address For Vacant Property Owner
Posted in Wholesaling
0 Tiny_1399738227-avatar-shyneeveryday Larmon Cummings Jr
16 minutes ago
The 2% Rule is a Bad Rule: Discuss
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
26 Tiny_1399664178-avatar-imade12million David Krulac
17 minutes ago
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
0 Tiny_1399729142-avatar-wrightway David Wright
17 minutes ago
Kansas City - Lease
Posted in Landlord & Rental Property Questions
4 Tiny_1405043535-avatar-equitynmotion Daniel Bennison
19 minutes ago

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