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Differences in condo/townhome wholeselling as opposed to single family homes.
Posted in Wholesaling
1 Tiny_1408074059-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
less than a minute ago
NEW NEW NEW - Hello from Seattle, BP!
Posted in New Member Introductions
3 Tiny_1399699251-avatar-idahoflyfish Stephanie Dupuis
1 minute ago
Posted in Wholesaling
12 Tiny_1399044707-avatar-michaelquarles Michael Q.
2 minutes ago
Why do people's icons appears up side down and sideways?
Posted in BiggerPockets Q&A, Site Questions, & Announcements
1 Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
2 minutes ago
How Does Negotiation Work?
Posted in Starting Out
3 Tiny_1407104652-avatar-czr Christopher R.
3 minutes ago
Door Knock Service
Posted in Tax Liens, Notes, Paper, & Cash Flows Discussion
4 Tiny_1409624348-avatar-mdterp84 Jim Farrell
3 minutes ago
San Jose Meetup - Friday 9/12/14
Posted in Real Estate Events and Happenings
92 Tiny_1409537481-avatar-mypath2rewealth Troy Fisher
4 minutes ago
New investor - looking for first flip - South Florida
Posted in New Member Introductions
19 Tiny_1404746089-avatar-chad_urbshott Chad Urbshott
4 minutes ago
Lack of investor financing
Posted in BiggerPockets Q&A, Site Questions, & Announcements
0 Tiny_1402693734-avatar-angel1977 Angel Dejesus
4 minutes ago
would you partner with some one who is cheating on his wife?
Posted in Investor Psychology
110 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
4 minutes ago
Cost of repairs; how do you do it?
Posted in Rehabbing and House Flipping
4 Tiny_1401733126-avatar-bmv_1 Brant Vaught
5 minutes ago
child support
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
0 No_avatar_tiny Rick Fonseca
6 minutes ago
Taxation on Flip Properties When Using Private Lenders
Posted in Tax, Legal Issues, Contracts, Self-Directed IRA
1 Tiny_1403024141-avatar-arlanj Arlan Potter
7 minutes ago
When roommates want to rent from me is requiring each to make 3Xs the monthly rent asking too much?
Posted in Landlord & Rental Property Questions
7 Tiny_1407243394-avatar-davisllc Kenneth Davis
8 minutes ago
How do you make it so you always have the perfect contract on hand?
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
4 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
9 minutes ago
Reno Already Done On Possible Buy & Hold Purchase
Posted in Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
4 Tiny_1399716588-avatar-engelorumora Engelo Rumora
9 minutes ago
Rehab of fire damaged home
Posted in Do it Yourself
4 Tiny_1399577180-avatar-hpm1 Michael Herr
11 minutes ago
No Deed From Bay National Title After 50 days.
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
12 Tiny_1399707188-avatar-bankerdougsmith Doug Smith
11 minutes ago
$90,000 purchase, $220,000 ARV
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
7 Tiny_1402465468-avatar-1mgs Marvin S.
13 minutes ago
Wholesaler in Spokane, Washington
Posted in New Member Introductions
5 Tiny_1399693328-avatar-zschwarzmiller Zach Schwarzmiller
13 minutes ago

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