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SoCal REI Club recommendations?
Posted in Local Real Estate Networking & Recommendations
4 Tiny_1429849382-avatar-michellewl Last post by Michelle Watt
1 minute ago
Buying defaulted mortgage notes directly from banks
Posted in Tax Liens, Notes, Paper, & Cash Flows Discussion
29 Tiny_1431919297-avatar-dirtman56 Last post by Steve Haight
2 minutes ago
DETROIT and MICHIGAN (#1 Defender answers questions)
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate Discussion
3 Tiny_1432591723-avatar-slowdown Last post by Richard Dunlop
2 minutes ago
Using an LLC with Purchase Agreements
Posted in Real Estate Wholesaling Questions & Answers
3 Tiny_1399544991-avatar-rbeland Last post by Rob Beland
3 minutes ago
Tenant's Messiness is getting in the way of Renting out Unit
Posted in Renters Discussion
10 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Daniel F.
3 minutes ago
Newbie from Northern CA - 11 years in the making
Posted in New Member Introductions
3 Tiny_1399765357-avatar-mike_sattem Last post by Mike Sattem
3 minutes ago
Denver Turnkey Duplex FOR SALE (Not on MLS)
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
0 Tiny_1399734721-avatar-matt_mckay Last post by Matt M.
4 minutes ago
Luke Swab Live --- Will my first ever flip be sucessful? Lansing, Michigan
Posted in Investor Deal Diaries
2 Tiny_1406773139-avatar-neason Last post by Katie Neason
5 minutes ago
House hacking question
Posted in Starting Out
0 Tiny_1428630464-avatar-carlosc7 Last post by Carlos C.
6 minutes ago
How to accurately make adjustments to comparables to determine ARV
Posted in Rehabbing and House Flipping
2 Tiny_1408629433-avatar-joehoms Last post by Joe Homs
6 minutes ago
What is a Balloon payment?
Posted in Tax Liens, Notes, Paper, & Cash Flows Discussion
0 Tiny_1425860900-avatar-zacharyspangler Last post by Zachary S.
7 minutes ago
Starting out with little capital.
Posted in Starting Out
21 Tiny_1427747010-avatar-marks39 Last post by Mark Shaffar
7 minutes ago
BIG fear of mentors
Posted in Starting Out
13 Tiny_1432123678-avatar-inglmrodriguez Last post by Leandro Rodriguez
9 minutes ago
Looking for a duplex/small multi-family in Nashville, TN to live in!
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
1 Tiny_1400288458-avatar-lakeshat Last post by LaKesha Toney
11 minutes ago
New Investor from Covina, CA
Posted in New Member Introductions
8 Tiny_1429849382-avatar-michellewl Last post by Michelle Watt
11 minutes ago
Crosby House For Sale $142.5k ARV 235
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
0 Tiny_1432134992-avatar-coryb4 Last post by Cory Boren
13 minutes ago
Direct Marketing postcards for realtors?
Posted in Real Estate Investor Marketing Help & Advice
4 Tiny_1415772545-avatar-antoniocoleman Last post by Antonio Coleman
18 minutes ago
Title company that does assignments or double closes in Western Washington
Posted in Ask About A Real Estate Company
1 Tiny_1399467447-avatar-kimball Last post by Elizabeth Blazina
about 1 hour ago

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