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Get $725 rent for $32,500 in Dayton, Ohio
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
1 Tiny_1399688510-avatar-brandonscott79 Brandon Sturgill
1 minute ago
Deal Analysis in Eckington NE DC
Posted in Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
0 Tiny_1399780541-avatar-kelsenj Kelsen J.
2 minutes ago
Calling Charlotte, NC Investors!!
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
4 Tiny_1399790404-avatar-youngandhungry Adam West
3 minutes ago
Deal gone bad, need advice please
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
23 No_avatar_tiny Roy Oliphant
8 minutes ago
risk associated with direct deposit to collect rent
Posted in Landlord & Rental Property Questions
9 No_avatar_tiny Wilson Churchill
10 minutes ago
This isn't easy...
Posted in Starting Out
37 Tiny_1406122198-avatar-ltbp Larry T.
15 minutes ago
Put me in Coach!!!
Posted in Starting Out
16 No_avatar_tiny Steve Howe
15 minutes ago
Negotiating seller concession versus lower purchase price
Posted in Starting Out
0 Tiny_1399569812-avatar-iefema Gary Clisele
17 minutes ago
Why do posts that I click on say that it had been removed?
Posted in Questions About BiggerPockets and Official Site Announcements
2 Tiny_1399789105-avatar-rdossey1 Ryan Dossey
17 minutes ago
advice on how to purchase duplex number 2
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
3 Tiny_1412965496-avatar-studmuffinaa Raj Gandhi
18 minutes ago
Details from my first off market purchase
Posted in Investor Deal Diaries
10 Tiny_1405268352-avatar-redlarl Matthew Trotter
20 minutes ago
Question for people who flip and are licensed
Posted in Real Estate Agents
5 Tiny_1413562750-avatar-karlk Karl Krentzel
20 minutes ago
How is the realtor fee, and other closing costs, adjusted on very cheap homes?
Posted in Starting Out
7 Tiny_1399569812-avatar-iefema Gary Clisele
21 minutes ago
Estimate reno cost
Posted in Rehabbing and House Flipping
18 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
27 minutes ago
Good rental possibility: SFH 3/2 Atlanta IL 1100 sq ft $22k
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
0 Tiny_1399684979-avatar-sartain Shera Gregory
32 minutes ago
Looking for Mentee - Twin Cities Minnesota
Posted in Starting Out
0 Tiny_1412965496-avatar-studmuffinaa Raj Gandhi
32 minutes ago
Jackson County Missouri - Land Values
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
0 Tiny_1399502711-avatar-bensavage Ben Savage
32 minutes ago
Newcomer from Southern Indiana
Posted in New Member Introductions
4 Tiny_1399448433-avatar-bunkerhill Paul Timmins
37 minutes ago
New rebuild in San Jose
Posted in Investor Deal Diaries
19 Tiny_1404838733-avatar-david99 David Cheung
38 minutes ago

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