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Washington state anti-flipping law (SHB 1843)
Posted in General Real Estate Investing
24 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Jay Hinrichs
less than a minute ago
What's up guys? Mom's Basement Loser from Palatine, Illinois (TLDR alert)
Posted in New Member Introductions
27 Tiny_1415379914-avatar-davidcawley David C.
2 minutes ago
Current home as a rental
Posted in Renters
5 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
2 minutes ago
Wholesaling Commercial Real Estate?
Posted in Wholesaling
4 No_avatar_tiny Jessica W.
4 minutes ago
New to BP Orlando investor/landlord
Posted in New Member Introductions
19 Tiny_1416748614-avatar-davidm1 David Ma
5 minutes ago
JF72: Why Wholesalers Wholesale Houses is Beyond Me…
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
7 Tiny_1403310977-avatar-royassaf Roy Assaf
10 minutes ago
Do I really need a chimney liner?
Posted in Landlord & Rental Property Questions
6 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
16 minutes ago
New From Springfield Missouri
Posted in New Member Introductions
9 Tiny_1416706900-avatar-phillipt Phillip Tillotson
18 minutes ago
Anyone own rentals in the ghetto?
Posted in Landlord & Rental Property Questions
10 No_avatar_tiny Mark Cruse
19 minutes ago
Is investing in multifamily in Memphis worth it?
Posted in Housing News & Real Estate Market
2 Tiny_1415206255-avatar-craigderrick Derrick Craig
21 minutes ago
Should I buy multi home that already has tenants?
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
3 No_avatar_tiny Aniket Thakur
23 minutes ago
Contractor offer financing - should I bother going for it?
Posted in Do it Yourself
13 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
28 minutes ago
Newbie from Champaign Illinois.
Posted in New Member Introductions
11 No_avatar_tiny Monte Reed
31 minutes ago
How investors are paid
Posted in Multi-Family and Apartment Investing
11 Tiny_1407172009-avatar-teambernsteinkw Dan Bernstein
31 minutes ago
I need advice from Affordable Housing Professionals
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate
9 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
34 minutes ago
Business bank account
Posted in Starting Out
4 Tiny_1399580127-avatar-nemmert Nathan Emmert
37 minutes ago
New Spec Coastal North Carolina
Posted in Investor Deal Diaries
7 Tiny_1415115226-avatar-kbloemendaal Keith Bloemendaal
42 minutes ago
Newbie from Michigan
Posted in New Member Introductions
10 Tiny_1400108325-avatar-woola33 Frankie Woods
44 minutes ago
12 unit apartment in Houston with 65% seller financing
Posted in Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
8 Tiny_1399580127-avatar-nemmert Nathan Emmert
about 1 hour ago

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