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1031 Exchanges are a great way to defer capital gains taxes on real property. Go ahead . . . discuss 1031, 1031 Exchange, you get the idea!

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To 1031 In A Tight Housing Market Or Not
Started by Peter Eiermann
5 No_avatar_tiny Mark Creason
4 days ago
Started by Dave Simpson
24 No_avatar_tiny Dave Simpson
6 days ago
Good Idea / Bad Idea???
Started by Mark Bookhagen
7 Tiny_1399605631-avatar-jlynntice Julie Greene
7 days ago
Can I Exchange Two Rental Homes for One?
Started by Casey Schultz
6 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
7 days ago
1031 into multiple cheaper properties
Started by Branden R.
4 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
11 days ago
Seeking Advice on this 1031 situation
Started by Zachary Freeman
4 Tiny_1406014503-avatar-zachucsb Zachary Freeman
18 days ago
1031 to primary residence conversion strategy
Started by Jimmy Wilson
3 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
25 days ago
Rental Property Rehabbed to Sell -- 1031 Exchange Implications
Started by Christopher Mendoza
3 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
30 days ago
Tax lien --> Foreclosure --> 1031 ?
Started by George P.
4 Tiny_1399664178-avatar-imade12million David Krulac
about 1 month ago
1031 Seller Financing?
Started by Pete T.
6 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
about 1 month ago
1031 Exchange from a multi-partner LLC into a single owner property?
Started by Jon Klaus
11 Tiny_1405188426-avatar-rooie2shoes Anne Wallace
about 1 month ago
Timing 1031 Exhanges with Market Cycles
Started by Jason Powell
1 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
about 1 month ago
Tax implications on a 1031 exchange
Started by Annie Le
7 Tiny_1399530512-avatar-olderwiser Annie Le
about 1 month ago
Reinvesting in St. Petersburg, single, multi or commercial?
Started by Nick Gravina
5 Tiny_1399658997-avatar-michaeljobe Michael Jobe
about 1 month ago
Tax rules for PARTIAL 1031
Started by Melissa Chinn
2 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
about 1 month ago
1031 exchange into a fund?
Started by Jeremy D.
4 Tiny_1401543109-avatar-gnice4life Greg Wake
about 1 month ago
1031 Exchange into new construction on property I already own?
Started by Jon Klaus
2 Tiny_1403386319-avatar-pt6776 Pete T.
about 1 month ago
Couple of 1031 questions
Started by Tim M.
2 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
2 months ago
1031 Exchange Scenario
Started by Stone Jin
2 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
2 months ago
1031 Ex - paying for closing and rehab
Started by Levi K.
9 Tiny_1399732763-avatar-investlongterm Levi K.
2 months ago

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