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1031 Exchanges are a great way to defer capital gains taxes on real property. Go ahead . . . discuss 1031, 1031 Exchange, you get the idea!

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Does 1031 Impact Ordinary Income From Sale of Rehab Property?
Started by Brandon Sturgill
4 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
37 minutes ago
1031ing several single famlies into a multifamily, can you do that?
Started by Chris McDaniel
3 Tiny_1403467392-avatar-dannysims Danny Simard
2 days ago
Technical question about 1031 exchange
Started by Mirko Lopez
5 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
2 days ago
1031 exchange
Started by Account Closed
22 Tiny_1400218676-avatar-skybound333 Devin E.
6 days ago
Selling and tax liability
Started by Michael Parham
2 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
6 days ago
Started by Dave Simpson
35 Tiny_1399311643-avatar-davet Dave T
6 days ago
Buying REO from B of A.
Started by Mirko Lopez
6 No_avatar_tiny Account Closed
10 days ago
Who to use as a QI in a 1031 delayed exchange
Started by Marian Smith
16 Tiny_1399515950-avatar-marianlibrarian Marian Smith
14 days ago
Trading houses
Started by Jon Klaus
1 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
16 days ago
Fix up/Rehab an old Rental House and "Flip" to 1031 exchange?
Started by Will F.
4 Tiny_1399611722-avatar-kingx12 Will F.
16 days ago
1031 into multiple cheaper properties
Started by Branden R.
6 Tiny_1399664178-avatar-imade12million David Krulac
19 days ago
1031 exchange on a short term hold?
Started by Jeremy D.
3 Tiny_1399360864-avatar-jbudka Joey Budka
19 days ago
Can I Exchange Two Rental Homes for One?
Started by Casey Schultz
16 Tiny_1399758528-avatar-sixpack1 Casey Schultz
23 days ago
1031 Exchange on a flip
Started by Terry Royce
17 Tiny_1399688510-avatar-brandonscott79 Brandon Sturgill
23 days ago
1031 in MA
Started by Mike Fitzpatrick
3 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Bill Exeter
27 days ago
Started by Lisa Patton
12 No_avatar_tiny Lisa Patton
about 1 month ago
Raw land exchange for future developed unit
Started by Jesse Rolla
3 Tiny_1409259457-avatar-rolla Jesse Rolla
about 1 month ago
To 1031 In A Tight Housing Market Or Not
Started by Peter Eiermann
5 Tiny_1410470936-avatar-markcreason Mark Creason
about 1 month ago
Good Idea / Bad Idea???
Started by Mark Bookhagen
7 Tiny_1399605631-avatar-jlynntice Julie Greene
about 1 month ago
Seeking Advice on this 1031 situation
Started by Zachary Freeman
4 Tiny_1406014503-avatar-zachucsb Zachary Freeman
about 1 month ago

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