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Are you facing foreclosure? Have you fallen behind in your payments? Do you want to save your credit rating? This forum is for homeowners who need helpful advice in dealing with their lenders in saving their homes.

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BP link to foreclosure properties
Started by Sheryl Gurvey
0 Tiny_1422199533-avatar-sherylg Last post by Sheryl Gurvey
about 5 hours ago
When is it too late to get a house in pre-foreclosure?
Started by Elizabeth Cook
2 Tiny_1422336014-avatar-elizabethc3 Last post by Elizabeth Cook
1 day ago
Why would a bank pay off delinquent taxes on a deceased persons property?
Started by Stanley Okazaki
6 Tiny_1420776035-avatar-stanleyo Last post by Stanley Okazaki
2 days ago
Shortsale Condo
Started by Corey Jahn
2 Tiny_1422151139-avatar-ishortsalenow Last post by Brett Goldsmith
4 days ago
Unopened Succession Pre-Forclosure - Seeking Help!
Started by John C.
2 Tiny_1422151139-avatar-ishortsalenow Last post by Brett Goldsmith
4 days ago
Stopping a foreclosure and subject 2 deal
Started by Rick Baggenstoss
27 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Dion DePaoli
5 days ago
Can you stop foreclosure in a Non-Judicial State?
Started by Stanley Okazaki
7 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
5 days ago
Friend about to lose house. How can and should I help?
Started by Matt Gehrls
8 Tiny_1399654237-avatar-simoncampbell Last post by Simon Campbell
10 days ago
I need some advise, short sale during redemption period?
Started by Al Mcbee
5 Tiny_1421358802-avatar-jesset1 Last post by Jesse T.
13 days ago
Is An After Foreclosure Home A Good Purchase fro a Beginner?
Started by Tina Mendoza
7 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Michael Curran
15 days ago
Family & Friends in Various Stages of Foreclosure
Started by Danielle P.
19 Tiny_1399283524-avatar-investinrealtor Last post by Justin Pierce
16 days ago
My Situation - Any advice?
Started by Teri Elmendorf
23 Tiny_1421008534-avatar-johnq1 Last post by John Quebedeaux
17 days ago
Probate - foreclosure
Started by Mark Manig
5 Tiny_1421008534-avatar-johnq1 Last post by John Quebedeaux
17 days ago
What do I do for a foerclosure?
Started by JaNarria Johnson
5 Tiny_1399654237-avatar-simoncampbell Last post by Simon Campbell
22 days ago
Things are getting real ugly...
Started by Mike Verrona
27 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
about 1 month ago
FHA Anti Flipping Rule and Fannie Mae 3% Down Loan
Started by Gary Erdoglyan
3 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott Last post by J Scott
about 1 month ago
FHA waiving waiting period?
Started by Andrea Jones
5 Tiny_1414628795-avatar-jonsheffield Last post by Jon Sheffield
about 1 month ago
Bank of America loan modification victory
Started by Adam Harrison
25 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Les Jean-Pierre
about 1 month ago
What is the most EFFECTIVE way to delay auction sale date ?
Started by Didi Siani
15 Tiny_1399785022-avatar-tinythemule Last post by Chris Simmons
about 1 month ago

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