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Are you facing foreclosure? Have you fallen behind in your payments? Do you want to save your credit rating? This forum is for homeowners who need helpful advice in dealing with their lenders in saving their homes.

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Georgia Foreclosure - Bank hasn't recorded deed
Started by Hal Thompson
5 Tiny_1414418619-avatar-kjjesq Kalimah Jenkins
1 day ago
Family & Friends in Various Stages of Foreclosure
Started by Danielle P.
11 Tiny_1414344769-avatar-ishortsalenow Brett Goldsmith
3 days ago
My Situation - Any advice?
Started by Teri Elmendorf
17 Tiny_1399654237-avatar-simoncampbell Simon Campbell
7 days ago
Notice of Default -- help to stop sale date? Desperately Searching
Started by Richard Alvarez
7 No_avatar_tiny Kevin Bowlers
8 days ago
Any recommendations foreclosure attorney south Florida?
Started by Ramy Gali
4 No_avatar_tiny Kevin Bowlers
8 days ago
Preforeclosure in Florida - Can you approach homeowner at their home?
Started by Matt Wong
7 No_avatar_tiny Kevin Bowlers
8 days ago
Tax foreclosure and unresponsive owners
Started by Neal Collins
4 Tiny_1411948565-avatar-ncolli2 Neal Collins
16 days ago
Need to get rid of a Bad rental.
Started by J. Johnson
5 Tiny_1399674825-avatar-jj3030 J. Johnson
19 days ago
Train Wreck ahead - HELP
Started by Brook Copeland
5 Tiny_1412209793-avatar-brighterdays Karen Margrave
about 1 month ago
foreclosure extention to list home on mls instead of online auction?
Started by Zac C.
2 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
about 1 month ago
MERS on second lien - Title issues during Deed in lieu
Started by Ravi Santhanagopalan
0 No_avatar_tiny Ravi Santhanagopalan
about 1 month ago
Seller Financing and Foreclosures
Started by Pamela Soto
2 Tiny_1409599200-avatar-psoto Pamela Soto
about 1 month ago
SB1124 - Medi-Cal, Estate Recovery
Started by Daniel Larioza
0 Tiny_1404693931-avatar-top25now Daniel Larioza
about 1 month ago
Foreclosing on a mobile home.
Started by Sam Montgomery
3 Tiny_1412705574-avatar-rentaldiva La Nae Duchesneau
about 1 month ago
Chapter 13
Started by Shawn M.
5 No_avatar_tiny Sean M.
about 1 month ago
Good source for Foreclosure data
Started by Atchut Neelam
0 Tiny_1407015366-avatar-realsupermarket Atchut Neelam
about 1 month ago
Poll of areas with the best Rent to Purchase Price Ratio
Started by Elvis Duarte
1 Tiny_1413302961-avatar-chad_urbshott Chad Urbshott
about 1 month ago
Short Sale vs Deed in Lieu vs Forclosure if already re-purchased
Started by Natasha Sumner
10 Tiny_1399654237-avatar-simoncampbell Simon Campbell
about 1 month ago
Buying pre foreclosure houses in NY
Started by Tanvir Ullah
0 No_avatar_tiny Tanvir Ullah
about 1 month ago

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