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Before investing in real estate, it is good to have a plan of attack, and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs, Corporation

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Quiting my job Tomorrow!
Started by Patrick H.
85 Tiny_1405452425-avatar-chadb Last post by Chad B.
26 minutes ago
philosophical change
Started by Joshua Swanger
1 Tiny_1399502134-avatar-easal Last post by Tom Spaeth
about 7 hours ago
Would you do this deal? Yeah or Nay and Why?
Started by Martin Sterling
4 Tiny_1402168391-avatar-mhapple Last post by Marty Happle
about 17 hours ago
Quickbooks Online vs desktop version
Started by Matt Weaver
9 Tiny_1399446944-avatar-johnblackman Last post by John Blackman
1 day ago
Two properities with mortgages...what should my next move be?
Started by Lindsay Rudolph
3 Tiny_1399601877-avatar-im_vw Last post by Jason V.
2 days ago
How do I set a realistic goal to retire on rental income?
Started by Justin S.
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by John Carpo
2 days ago
Structuring A Flipping Partnership
Started by Marek Berry
12 Tiny_1428346937-avatar-marekb Last post by Marek Berry
2 days ago
An LLC, The SEC, and me
Started by Ronald Perich
3 Tiny_1427392378-avatar-bpoelman Last post by Blair Poelman
2 days ago
Two properities with mortgages...what should my next move be?
Started by Lindsay Rudolph
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Lindsay Rudolph
2 days ago
My Investment Entity Structure
Started by Cliff Zarbock
1 Tiny_1427067338-avatar-zachliu Last post by Zach Liu
3 days ago
Billy - How to Structure LLC Collateral
Started by Billy Raz
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Billy Raz
3 days ago
My Business Plan - Feedback Appreciated
Started by Rob Randle
13 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Smith
4 days ago
Lots of blogs on retaining tenants.. Have there been good posts on retaining employees?
Started by Daniel Ryu
4 Tiny_1399767661-avatar-dwryu72 Last post by Daniel Ryu
5 days ago
Bookkeeping on multiple propertys in quickbooks
Started by Dustin Barr
9 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Elsa H.
6 days ago
Podcast 108 w/ Grant Cardone: Awesome.
Started by Andrea Bailey
9 Tiny_1399750497-avatar-layover_guy Last post by Mohit Madaan
7 days ago
crowd funding
Started by Josip Galic
3 Tiny_1399446944-avatar-johnblackman Last post by John Blackman
8 days ago
Shift taxable personal income to business
Started by Raj Gandhi
8 Tiny_1399544991-avatar-rbeland Last post by Rob Beland
9 days ago
Setting Up LLC Under Different State
Started by Jason Kim
17 Tiny_1399502465-avatar-stevenhamilton Last post by Steven Hamilton II
9 days ago

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