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Before investing in real estate, it is good to have a plan of attack, and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs, Corporation

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Goals and Plans Articulated like no other
Started by Dustin Fisher
0 Tiny 1436308457 avatar dustinf7 Last post by Dustin Fisher
about 6 hours ago
Looking for a good CPA in Detroit area
4 Tiny 1409103925 avatar dangheesling Last post by Dan Gheesling
about 11 hours ago
$6 investment to get access to 6 figures! The lender packet - why did I wait so long?!
Started by Mike Webb
3 Tiny 1407946118 avatar mi Last post by George P.
about 12 hours ago
real estate partnership software
Started by Christian Sgrignoli
1 Tiny 1405612710 avatar gita faust Last post by Gita Faust
about 18 hours ago
What day of month does mortgage need to be paid by?
Started by Gonzalo Escobar
4 Tiny 1414525529 avatar fheller Last post by Fred Heller
1 day ago
Setting Up LLC Under Different State
Started by Jason Kim
21 Tiny 1419143624 avatar chill99 Last post by Daniel Chang
5 days ago
2-3 Year Business Plan For Newbie REI
Started by Matthew Swisshelm
22 Tiny 1421861690 avatar davidt10 Last post by David T.
5 days ago
Helpful home-owner platforms
Started by Account Closed
1 -
finding your nitch
Started by Solomon Bluzenstein
8 Tiny 1436144247 avatar sol stein Last post by Solomon Bluzenstein
5 days ago
Typical equity split between deal manager and investor
Started by Jeff Zimmerman
1 Tiny 1421350124 avatar fasilk Last post by Fasil Khan
6 days ago
Do I need a holding company?
Started by Tom Smith
6 Tiny 1433426544 avatar tomsmithweb Last post by Tom Smith
7 days ago
How to (or should I) form partnerships with family members?
Started by Marwin Balibrea
9 Tiny 1437429483 avatar kevinq4 Last post by Kevin Quang Nguyen
8 days ago
Mystery Shoppers
Started by Enrique Jevons
2 Tiny 1399703001 avatar ejevons Last post by Enrique Jevons
8 days ago
goal - completion of RE Agent's licensing coursework
Started by Max Tanenbaum
4 Tiny 1422013031 avatar maxt2 Last post by Max Tanenbaum
9 days ago
Need Some Advice in Getting On Track in the Real Estate Business
Started by Adrienne G.
17 Tiny 1434987786 avatar donny pilot Last post by Donald Placide
9 days ago
Create a property management company, put it on the lease
Started by Antonio Esquivel
5 Tiny 1399779986 avatar justinramani Last post by Justin Tahilramani
9 days ago
How do you insure your family / properties?
Started by Taylor Ballam
1 Tiny 1399544991 avatar rbeland Last post by Rob Beland
9 days ago
Structuing Business with Out of State Partner
Started by Joe Winkel
1 Tiny 1437335053 avatar arunc Last post by Arun Chhatpar
9 days ago

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