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Before investing in real estate, it is good to have a plan of attack, and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs, Corporation

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Friend wants to start partnership, no experience but has capital and credit. How should I structure?
Started by Mike Cowper
6 Tiny_1412463292-avatar-qbguy02 Last post by Alexander Merritt
about 3 hours ago
Hampton Roads - Entire street for Sale!!! Should I be worried?
Started by Aaron Britt
5 Tiny_1414004536-avatar-semate Last post by Aaron Britt
about 3 hours ago
how to structure new RE biz-to use funds from solo 401k-LLC or S corp?
Started by Suzanne HAINER
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Suzanne HAINER
about 5 hours ago
Need help figuring out what type of business this is
Started by Ajay Virdi
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ajay Virdi
about 17 hours ago
"Wealthy People Dont Own Anything. They Control Everything"
Started by Semaj Worrell
11 Tiny_1422581921-avatar-semajw Last post by Semaj Worrell
about 20 hours ago
Taking real estate business to the "next level"
Started by Kyle B.
7 Tiny_1399661453-avatar-kjb Last post by Kyle B.
1 day ago
Started by Aaron Britt
4 Tiny_1414004536-avatar-semate Last post by Aaron Britt
2 days ago
Joint Venture Agreement for Buy & Hold Rental
Started by Todd Campbell
0 Tiny_1420761874-avatar-tlcampbell Last post by Todd Campbell
2 days ago
I need help determining the right business structure
Started by Harvard Hill
1 Tiny_1419221471-avatar-traderpro Last post by Derek Dombeck
2 days ago
Entry level real estate job
Started by Chris Puglisi
4 Tiny_1420062684-avatar-chrispugs Last post by Chris Puglisi
2 days ago
5 Member, One Time Development Deal: Partnership or LLC?
Started by ALLAN SMITH
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by ALLAN SMITH
2 days ago
Business name help
Started by Todd S.
2 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
3 days ago
Land Trusts
Started by Lena Sieu
11 Tiny_1415643820-avatar-scottroyalsmith Last post by Scott Smith
4 days ago
Starting to take on investors
Started by Troy Green
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Troy Green
5 days ago
Using aerial photography/video as a marketing and selling tool?
Started by Blake McBee
8 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Bob Cowen
5 days ago
Am I ready to quit my job???
Started by Jake Kozul
46 Tiny_1404968901-avatar-jakegrandrapids Last post by Jake Kozul
6 days ago
Handyman division?
Started by Mark Bradford
6 Tiny_1421586666-avatar-mark_ppg Last post by Mark Bradford
6 days ago
Appreciation Formula
Started by Thomas Burns
3 Tiny_1398871067-avatar-ncarey Last post by Ned Carey
7 days ago

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