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Before investing in real estate, it is good to have a plan of attack, and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs, Corporation

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The Entity: Now or Not?
Started by Robert Szalay
1 No_avatar_tiny Jeffrey Greenhow
about 11 hours ago
Setting Up LLC Under Different State
Started by Jason Kim
13 No_avatar_tiny Bracha Pushkin
about 15 hours ago
100+/yr Flipper thinking about switching to B2R. (Landlording) Thoughts?
Started by Leigh C
0 No_avatar_tiny Leigh C
about 18 hours ago
Sole Proprietorship in MO
Started by Carlos O.
12 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
1 day ago
Best Real Estate Investing books for buy and hold, flipping, and wholesaling
Started by Matt Heath
5 Tiny_1412229936-avatar-ctsteck Cody Steck
3 days ago
what is the best way to remotely create LLC in Texas
Started by Bobby Narinov
1 No_avatar_tiny Brian G.
3 days ago
Name that LLC!!!
Started by James Abuan
10 Tiny_1399740211-avatar-bhall005 Brandon Hall
4 days ago
Background Checking on Employees
Started by Monica Flaherty
1 Tiny_1399649330-avatar-wicknilly Nick Williamson
4 days ago
Am I crazy to want to leave CA?
Started by Andrew M.
69 Tiny_1399416413-avatar-anotherlevel Rolanda Eldridge
6 days ago
Rental investment business structure
Started by PM Godfrey
2 Tiny_1403024141-avatar-arlanj Arlan Potter
7 days ago
How to structure a partnership with a HELOC?
Started by Ryan D.
0 Tiny_1399789105-avatar-rdossey1 Ryan D.
9 days ago
Loan vs Capital Contribution for Down Payment
Started by Dow Lin
7 No_avatar_tiny Kevin Nichols
10 days ago
There are just two months left in 2014, what will you accomplish?
Started by Jon Klaus
73 Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk Jon Klaus
10 days ago
LLC taxes in Virginia
Started by Alyssa Baron
5 Tiny_1415672424-avatar-wcrandolph2 William Randolph
10 days ago
Valuation of a PM Firm
Started by Chris Cahill
0 Tiny_1408120573-avatar-prohomeschris Chris Cahill
11 days ago
Anyone familiar with the Professional Limited Liability Company?
Started by Sean Brennan
11 Tiny_1399665341-avatar-privaterei Simon W.
11 days ago
Business Reboot
Started by Chris Bounds
4 Tiny_1399648341-avatar-aggietx05 Chris Bounds
13 days ago
Business Bank Account
Started by David C.
4 Tiny_1409600545-avatar-davidbp David C.
13 days ago

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