Downpayment Lending for Multi-Family Apartment Complex

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Edward Beard

SFR Investor from Manassas, Virginia

Feb 26 '12, 06:39 PM

I'm looking for an experienced private lender to provide me with down payment assistance on commercial deals nation. Please feel free to contact me. Apartments, shopping centers, office complexes etc.

I currently do have one apartment complex in mind right now located in Jackson, MS (4 units are 2/1 and 8 units are 3/1 & 1/2, fully rented, totally electric). When I spoke to the seller approx 2-3 weeks ago he was looking for for 50K down, and he would carry the balance (sales price 185K).

I dont currently have a rent roll and do have not done a ton of due diligence into the property because I have not lined up a lender. I am also looking for advice on how to structure this deal (i.e. Partnership, JV, ect.)

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