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The starting out forums are designed to help new real estate investors who are just learning about the biz.

For the new investors on the site, we've assembled a comprehensive guide to help you get started:

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing


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Turnkey Rental Property a good idea for a first-timer?
Started by Cassandra Boyett
57 Tiny_1400613990-avatar-turnkeyproperty Dean Letfus
5 minutes ago
Started by Rob Donovan
1 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Dawn Anastasi
43 minutes ago
What are some options for funding a rehab project?
Started by Karen M.
24 Tiny_1399763842-avatar-cal_c Cal C.
about 1 hour ago
buying a wholesale property
Started by Mary june Martillo
8 Tiny_1405741242-avatar-lady_june24 Mary june Martillo
about 1 hour ago
Office buildings
Started by Grant Williams
2 Tiny_1399705833-avatar-brandonhicks Brandon Hicks
about 1 hour ago
Soon to inherit some money. Want to invest in real estate. Looking for some help in forming a plan!
Started by Niles Treber
10 Tiny_1413839686-avatar-omahaniley Niles Treber
about 2 hours ago
starting as a wholesaler...
Started by Jeanette Solorio
1 Tiny_1412750654-avatar-jeansol Jeanette Solorio
about 2 hours ago
Real Estate Networking
Started by Mohit Rehan
1 Tiny_1399419189-avatar-baruchmax1 Sharad M.
about 2 hours ago
Currently Living Rent Free--My First RE Play
Started by Corbin E.
0 Tiny_1413348046-avatar-thececkel Corbin E.
about 2 hours ago
I was going to buy BP's new book on how to invest with no money, but then I remembered I have no money...
Started by Tim Macy
3 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
about 3 hours ago
Started by Rilicia Wilson
1 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
about 3 hours ago
Buying Vs Renting
Started by Precious Thompson
3 Tiny_1399699388-avatar-ecolegrove Elizabeth C.
about 3 hours ago
?Turnkey Survey: Would you rather…
Started by Tara Piantanida-Kelly
7 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Dawn Anastasi
about 3 hours ago
Out of State Investing
Started by Eric T.
14 Tiny_1399655189-avatar-hipsterali Ali Boone
about 3 hours ago
Where can I get creditable information about my house?
Started by Jerry Moore
12 Tiny_1411977781-avatar-iamjd Jerry Moore
about 4 hours ago
What are the best tools for market analysis?
Started by Gary Clisele
1 Tiny_1409007923-avatar-mehrank Mehran Kamari
about 6 hours ago
Questions from a new guy (regarding 2% rule, foreclosures, and taxes)
Started by Andre Mouledoux
1 Tiny_1399652797-avatar-blsmith77 Braden Smith
about 6 hours ago

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