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The starting out forums are designed to help new real estate investors who are just learning about the biz.

For the new investors on the site, we've assembled a comprehensive guide to help you get started:

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing


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How many newbies plan to her their Realtor license?
Started by Tammy Wise
3 Tiny_1403455916-avatar-housefinder7 Shawn M.
less than a minute ago
Finding my first property
Started by Mark Albano
14 Tiny_1410752786-avatar-rent_kent Kent Verge
9 minutes ago
How do you calculate the potential rental price of a unit?
Started by Jeff Libby
4 Tiny_1399727335-avatar-bills_r Bill S.
41 minutes ago
Transitioning to Real Estate from Self-Employment (Non Real Estate)
Started by Drew Clements
1 Tiny_1409024760-avatar-hfhomes Doug McLeod
43 minutes ago
Challenges When Starting Out
Started by Joseph Konrad
4 Tiny_1408291173-avatar-shvonne_mpb Shvonne Craig
about 1 hour ago
looking in college town with no money
Started by Frank Yaccarino
7 Tiny_1399679561-avatar-montaa Aaron Montague
about 1 hour ago
owner financing
Started by Charlie Colasante
8 Tiny_1400185230-avatar-charcolasante38 Charlie Colasante
about 1 hour ago
Second Hand Book
Started by Paula Schafer
0 Tiny_1404932376-avatar-paulaschafer Paula Schafer
about 3 hours ago
Turnkey Rental Income Properties
Started by Otis Sutton
12 Tiny_1410456901-avatar-otissutton Otis Sutton
about 4 hours ago
Real Estate Mentors...don't come cheap!
Started by JoJo Diego
2 Tiny_1411090542-avatar-graphic_er Justin Owens
about 4 hours ago
20% downpayment typical for an investment property?
Started by Pedro Oliva
4 Tiny_1399419536-avatar-tdspropertiesvt Tom S.
about 4 hours ago
Started by Carrie W.
8 Tiny_1409622113-avatar-tabatha Tabatha Lomov
about 6 hours ago
First Direct Mail Campaign
Started by Mark Marinaccio
5 Tiny_1399044707-avatar-michaelquarles Michael Quarles
about 7 hours ago
Green Investor with a motivated wife, Lancaster, CA?
Started by Abraham Kim
5 No_avatar_tiny Andrew Werner
about 7 hours ago
touring our first four properties... and I have questions
Started by DJ Cummins
8 Tiny_1399287089-avatar-bobh Bob Hines
about 7 hours ago
Building Duplex on Vacant Land
Started by Lorinda Riley
6 Tiny_1401980976-avatar-33zenlane Micki McNie
about 8 hours ago
Last steps in wholesaling...
Started by Michael V.
4 Tiny_1399789105-avatar-rdossey1 Ryan Dossey
about 8 hours ago

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