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Starting Out

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new investors

The starting out forums are designed to help new real estate investors who are just learning about the biz.

For the new investors on the site, we've assembled a comprehensive guide to help you get started:

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing


Discussion Replies Last Post
Newbie looking to get more educated
Started by Mark Kao
18 Tiny 1437087019 avatar kevinm31 Last post by Kevin McFarlan
5 minutes ago
Turnkey Property Price vs. Market Value
Started by Michael S.
11 Tiny 1430254434 avatar hipsterali Last post by Ali Boone
about 1 hour ago
Self Managing
Started by Mark Smith
69 Tiny 1439999831 avatar marks41 Last post by Mark Smith
about 1 hour ago
How do I analyze a house hack deal single family
Started by Jonathan Perez
2 Tiny 1418354243 avatar sbarton1 Last post by Stephen Barton
about 1 hour ago
Started by Cara Campos
3 Tiny 1440606128 avatar carac2 Last post by Cara Campos
about 1 hour ago
Best Wholesale Contract, Clauses, & Verbage To Use In MA
Started by Dan Dwyer
1 Tiny 1399748479 avatar bcouture73 Last post by Bob Couture
about 2 hours ago
Private Investors & Or Hard Money To Fund Deals/Flips For More $
Started by Dan Dwyer
0 Tiny 1440288340 avatar dandwyer Last post by Dan Dwyer
about 2 hours ago
Duplexes a good choice for 1st Investment
Started by Kyle Brown
6 Tiny 1436305998 avatar izquierdokevin1 Last post by Kevin Izquierdo
about 2 hours ago
Strategies for Learning
Started by Arielle Gutierrez
6 Tiny 1440683155 avatar arielleg Last post by Arielle Gutierrez
about 2 hours ago
203(K) or conventional loan
Started by Patty C.
22 Tiny 1399762795 avatar ctvail20 Last post by Chris Vail
about 2 hours ago
FHA cost the same everywhere?
Started by Brandon Barnic
2 Tiny 1434580621 avatar upenpatel Last post by Upen Patel
about 4 hours ago
Getting started. Looking for advice
Started by Xavier Hicks
0 Tiny 1440696709 avatar xavierh1 Last post by Xavier Hicks
about 4 hours ago
Direct mail marketing
Started by James Harris
6 Tiny 1440183770 avatar jamesh61 Last post by James Harris
about 4 hours ago
Closing Deal #1 !!
Started by Taylor Harrison
1 Tiny 1399768004 avatar rios9000 Last post by Andrew Syrios
about 4 hours ago
Starting out BROKE
Started by Daniel Dadzie
22 Tiny 1440527798 avatar karenm17 Last post by Karen Musselman
about 4 hours ago
Transaction Coordinator
Started by Tami Knisely
2 Tiny 1440691501 avatar tamik3 Last post by Tami Knisely
about 6 hours ago
An LLC for an investing educational Website
Started by Joey Noel
0 Tiny 1412485424 avatar yoseph1980 Last post by Joey Noel
about 6 hours ago

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