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The starting out forums are designed to help new real estate investors who are just learning about the biz.

For the new investors on the site, we've assembled a comprehensive guide to help you get started:

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing


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Beginner attending networking event
Started by Eddie Nicholls
0 No_avatar_tiny Eddie Nicholls
10 minutes ago
is this strategy legal?
Started by Scott Higs
6 Tiny_1399704329-avatar-recaps Joe Villeneuve
35 minutes ago
BP and other Real estate reading
Started by Pete T.
9 Tiny_1403386319-avatar-pt6776 Pete T.
about 6 hours ago
Getting ready to start investing in RE
Started by Ariel Gomes
6 Tiny_1416684879-avatar-arielg Ariel Gomes
about 7 hours ago
Would it be wise to hire family to manage a property?
Started by Bryan Glaser
3 Tiny_1414377100-avatar-sibbir Sibbir Noman
about 10 hours ago
Double Closing vs. Separate Closing
Started by Ross Rauschenbach
9 Tiny_1415288080-avatar-sonny_ngo Sonny Ngo
about 10 hours ago
Can anyone share how you make your first million in Real Estate?
Started by Sonny Ngo
14 Tiny_1415288080-avatar-sonny_ngo Sonny Ngo
about 11 hours ago
Found a possible deal.. Could use a little advice: Seattle,WA
Started by Kevin Carbon
11 Tiny_1414990397-avatar-kevincarb Kevin Carbon
about 12 hours ago
Doubts about my current market...
Started by Spencer Feliciano
13 Tiny_1415764628-avatar-spencerf Spencer Feliciano
about 12 hours ago
First SFR in Kansas City, MO
Started by Katy Conser
14 Tiny_1399790871-avatar-vicki_s Vicki Stewart
about 14 hours ago
Investment Planning
Started by Jason Jaime
2 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Albert Bui
about 14 hours ago
Mentor experiences
Started by Robert Portal
1 Tiny_1413689915-avatar-jesseblucero Jesse Lucero
about 16 hours ago
Books on the industry
Started by Steve Might
0 Tiny_1398870346-avatar-kuzushi Steve Might
about 16 hours ago
Investing outside of hometown
Started by Tom Suvansri
26 Tiny_1399388190-avatar-rpmullin Ryan Mullin
about 17 hours ago
Started by Kamran Ahmed
8 Tiny_1399587342-avatar-andydallas Andy Collins
about 17 hours ago
Started by Patrick Sanders
2 Tiny_1415830499-avatar-micahcopeland Micah Copeland
about 18 hours ago
First post on BiggerPockets
Started by Hunter Schiltz
0 Tiny_1416791547-avatar-hunterschiltz25 Hunter Schiltz
about 18 hours ago

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