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Forum for bankers, lenders, and mortgage brokers to network & learn from one another. Also a good place for agents and investors to meet and network with industry types.

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Financing On Fix-Flips/Cashflow Properties
Started by Gilbert Ross Jr
1 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott Last post by J Scott
about 7 hours ago
Private money lenders
Started by Kevin Samuels
3 Tiny_1405634309-avatar-marketinglist Last post by Jane Sheafe
3 days ago
Lender won't allow transfer of ownership to LLC
Started by Reid Simonton
23 Tiny_1399439289-avatar-jeff1 Last post by Jeff S.
8 days ago
Technical Question for HML's
Started by Jonathan Makovsky
3 Tiny_1399738764-avatar-jonathanscott Last post by Jonathan Makovsky
9 days ago
Good Lender and PM in the Central Valley, Ca
Started by Ariel Gomes
2 Tiny_1416684879-avatar-arielg Last post by Ariel Gomes
10 days ago
Columbia, SC
Started by DWAYNE Dwyer
2 Tiny_1417268222-avatar-dwayned Last post by DWAYNE Dwyer
11 days ago
How to be a closing agent
Started by Brandon Gamblin
0 Tiny_1399749060-avatar-bgstevens Last post by Brandon Gamblin
12 days ago
Attorney needed, Cook County, IL
Started by Kevin Vaught
0 Tiny_1406003128-avatar-landboundsailor Last post by Kevin Vaught
13 days ago
Looking for Portfolio Lenders in NC and SC. Please help.
Started by Jon Strishak
1 Tiny_1399431240-avatar-adeso Last post by Andrew Desorbo
13 days ago
How Illegal Additions Can Affect Buyer's Ability to Purchase
Started by Nghi Le
9 Tiny_1408998154-avatar-doublea Last post by Art A.
14 days ago
reserve account placed on hold without knowing
Started by Mike Parks
3 Tiny_1399497800-avatar-tryintomakeit Last post by Mike Parks
17 days ago
Title company won't record deed
Started by Leigh C
9 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Leigh C
18 days ago
Real Estate Attorney
Started by Micah Redden
2 Tiny_1406667820-avatar-micahredden Last post by Micah Redden
24 days ago
Iowa Hard Money Lenders
Started by Edward Jones
0 Tiny_1416603986-avatar-turnthekey Last post by Edward Jones
26 days ago
Started by Tammy Obregon
1 Tiny_1399566214-avatar-phildwyer Last post by Phillip Dwyer
29 days ago
Hard Money Lender in Orange County
Started by Zachary Myers
0 Tiny_1411764003-avatar-zfromatoz Last post by Zachary Myers
about 1 month ago
How do I go about this? 40%equity commercial loan 30 yrs @ 4%. and want to reduce monthly payments
Started by Naveen Desai
8 Tiny_1399673605-avatar-naveend Last post by Naveen Desai
about 1 month ago
Career choice ( Mortgage broker vs agent)
Started by Chris Lynch
5 Tiny_1399791748-avatar-veritasre Last post by Jeff Trevarthen
about 1 month ago
Wanting the Loan officer to put skin in the game. Is this possible?
Started by Leigh C
14 Tiny_1399791748-avatar-veritasre Last post by Jeff Trevarthen
about 1 month ago
Bill lange and Harbor funding group
Started by Rich Weese
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