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Forum for bankers, lenders, and mortgage brokers to network & learn from one another. Also a good place for agents and investors to meet and network with industry types.

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I'm 17, how do I get financing
Started by Shane Spaulding
15 Tiny_1406737159-avatar-jwcimino John Cimino
about 12 hours ago
getting started in HML
Started by Deadrian Troupe
1 No_avatar_tiny Sam Elder
1 day ago
Questions to ask/factors to consider relative to portfolio lenders?
Started by Chris Stromdahl
2 Tiny_1405834764-avatar-cs_sea98136 Chris Stromdahl
3 days ago
Paying Agents/Brokers
Started by Woody Jean
9 Tiny_1405045449-avatar-igigbusiness Glenna Quarles Bryant
6 days ago
How much does having loan on your rental help or hurt?
Started by Peter Grosso
1 Tiny_1399586187-avatar-tdawg Terry Hershberger
7 days ago
Cashing out to buy another property
Started by Ryan Mackfee
7 Tiny_1405898681-avatar-neal_mak Nilesh Makhija
8 days ago
want to refi land long do I need to season?
Started by Jon W.
1 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Albert Bui
8 days ago
Need help financing primary residence
Started by David Mitro
4 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Albert Bui
9 days ago
FHA - 2-4 Unit Owner Occupancy Lender Question
Started by Zach Schwarzmiller
9 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Albert Bui
9 days ago
Selling a home "Subject 2" the existing mortgage.
Started by Kevin Enos
5 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Albert Bui
9 days ago
Charleston Area Lenders
Started by Patrick Bross
1 Tiny_1399978636-avatar-t1mschm1tz Tim Schmitz
9 days ago
free proof of funds letter
Started by Suzan Suzan
11 Tiny_1399717480-avatar-cashnotebuyer Joe Gore
9 days ago
How do I borrow money from German Banks!
Started by Peter Grosso
1 Tiny_1405709812-avatar-wendyn Wendy Noble
10 days ago
Started by Daniel Roma
4 Tiny_1406602488-avatar-funkymonk81 Daniel Roma
15 days ago
Payment security
Started by Maurice Whittle
4 Tiny_1406820863-avatar-moe Maurice Whittle
15 days ago
Any good Texas real estate attorneys out there?
Started by Binh Nguyen
3 Tiny_1399673098-avatar-ericbenz Eric Benzenhoefer
16 days ago
Investor Friendly Escrow Officers IN Las Vegas ?
Started by Waqar Khan
4 Tiny_1399523237-avatar-waqar Waqar Khan
18 days ago
Where are your clients investing?
Started by Zack Streit
0 Tiny_1404701971-avatar-zstreit Zack Streit
20 days ago
Mortgage Bankers and Attorney's
Started by Ben G.
2 Tiny_1399477545-avatar-hhs Shawn Holsapple
21 days ago
JUST CLOSED!!! $41K Hard Money Loan
Started by Copelon Kirklin
0 Tiny_1406756413-avatar-ckirklin79 Copelon Kirklin
22 days ago

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