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Forum for bankers, lenders, and mortgage brokers to network & learn from one another. Also a good place for agents and investors to meet and network with industry types.

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Seeking help to do FHA Streamline with ***No Income Verification*** !
Started by Darrin Wesenberg
2 Tiny_1400738511-avatar-jerrypadilla Last post by Jerry Padilla
3 days ago
Looking for a non recourse lender
Started by Mike D'Arrigo
7 Tiny_1399598633-avatar-sensefinancial Last post by Dmitriy Fomichenko
3 days ago
Hard Money Lender in Orange County
Started by Zachary Myers
1 Tiny_1399503035-avatar-rust Last post by Brad Rust
4 days ago
Started by Guillaume Derouet
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
4 days ago
Loan Qualifying Software Compatible with Mac?
Started by Hector Haro
1 Tiny_1400738511-avatar-jerrypadilla Last post by Jerry Padilla
5 days ago
What terms and I likely to get on a $2.1 Million loan?
Started by Toben B.
3 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
7 days ago
refi cash out
Started by Brooks Everline
4 Tiny_1415486147-avatar-melanage Last post by Melanie Smith
9 days ago
Revenue from VRBOs (Vacation Rentals By Owner)
Started by Stacey Johnson
1 Tiny_1403844294-avatar-amvesa Last post by Anthony V.
14 days ago
Bank acct and features
Started by Kesgn Kesgn
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kesgn Kesgn
14 days ago
Wealth Building Home Loan! Credit Score Doesn't Matter?!?!?!?
Started by Belinda R.
8 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
15 days ago
Auto loans to mortgages
Started by Cody Steck
8 Tiny_1399334370-avatar-scredit Last post by STEVE DRISCOLL
16 days ago
Truth behind this tale
Started by Roman Pak
4 Tiny_1399739134-avatar-briebrian Last post by Brie Schmidt
18 days ago
Conventional loan questions
Started by Matt Good
8 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Last post by Jon Holdman
19 days ago
Hard Money Lender
Started by Anthony Kondor
1 Tiny_1399287245-avatar-curt Last post by Curt Davis
20 days ago
Started by Jerry Padilla
2 Tiny_1400738511-avatar-jerrypadilla Last post by Jerry Padilla
21 days ago
How Illegal Additions Can Affect Buyer's Ability to Purchase
Started by Nghi Le
10 Tiny_1404022139-avatar-nghile Last post by Nghi Le
22 days ago
Looking for Fresno investor friendly escrow company
Started by Allen Maris
12 Tiny_1418804201-avatar-erique Last post by Erique Gibbs
23 days ago
peterson financial services
Started by Guillaume Derouet
0 Tiny_1399753278-avatar-frenchman Last post by Guillaume Derouet
23 days ago
Bank or Credit Union Referral
Started by Dustin Caldwelll
3 Tiny_1421011916-avatar-akhan Last post by Azeez K.
25 days ago
Non-comercial or Commercial Loan
Started by Dwight Sands
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Dwight Sands
about 1 month ago

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