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Forum for bankers, lenders, and mortgage brokers to network & learn from one another. Also a good place for agents and investors to meet and network with industry types.

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I need to fire my dad!
Started by Reed Starkey
2 Tiny 1432256363 avatar fumblefind Last post by Reed Starkey
1 minute ago
Private Lenders
Started by Jamal White
0 Tiny 1435594555 avatar shabbadoo91708 Last post by Jamal White
about 2 hours ago
How to Spot Loan Scams and Bogus Lenders on Social Sites
Started by Corey Dutton
2 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 2 hours ago
Use an Out-of-State Lender for Out-of-State Properties?
Started by Luke Montoya
3 Tiny 1430675400 avatar careyes Last post by Carlos Reyes
1 day ago
free proof of funds letter
Started by Suzan Suzan
26 Tiny 1403386319 avatar pt6776 Last post by Pete T.
2 days ago
Foreclosure attorney in IL
Started by KC Zhang
3 Tiny 1399587617 avatar ocrazy Last post by KC Zhang
2 days ago
Which state matters?
Started by Joe Kling
0 Tiny 1434600776 avatar jooey Last post by Joe Kling
3 days ago
Looking For Community Banks For Quadruplex Financing In Georgia
Started by Milan Sanghvi
0 Tiny 1435511653 avatar msanghvi Last post by Milan Sanghvi
3 days ago
Pulling equity out if investment property
Started by Angela Henderson
3 Tiny 1399702990 avatar bradyhanna Last post by Brady Hanna
3 days ago
Lehman Law Partners, LLP
Started by Chris RG
3 Tiny 1428084404 avatar chrisr26 Last post by Chris RG
4 days ago
Question for lenders/brokers/commercial lenders: best portfolio presentation you saw
Started by Joe Baron
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Joe Baron
4 days ago
Hard Money Lending
Started by Purevkhand Tserendondov
1 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
4 days ago
Property rich cash poor
Started by John Lupo
3 Tiny 1399436910 avatar blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
4 days ago
Lerman Law Partners, LLP
Started by Chris RG
0 Tiny 1428084404 avatar chrisr26 Last post by Chris RG
4 days ago
Started by Bo Wooden
1 Tiny 1407659542 avatar doobie Last post by Doug Minton
5 days ago
Started by Dario Patino
2 Tiny 1422609782 avatar robart Last post by Robart Luis
6 days ago
How to choose the right lender
Started by Tram Ambers
0 Tiny 1432172997 avatar tamber Last post by Tram Ambers
6 days ago
Credit line of equity mortgage
Started by Trecia S.
2 Tiny 1418868727 avatar jeanettea Last post by Jeanette Adler
6 days ago
Alabama Cash buyers
Started by Benjamin Ayuk
2 Tiny 1399774349 avatar bigjwalk Last post by Lawrence Walker
7 days ago
Hard money leanding
Started by John S.
9 Tiny 1428499837 avatar johns104 Last post by John S.
7 days ago

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