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Forum for bankers, lenders, and mortgage brokers to network & learn from one another. Also a good place for agents and investors to meet and network with industry types.

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Looking for local lender
Started by Stephen Dickey
0 Tiny_1399792407-avatar-dickeys3 Stephen Dickey
about 7 hours ago
I need a wholesaler friendly lawyer in Brooklyn NYC
Started by Ricardo Sandro
2 Tiny_1404012160-avatar-sultanesq Leslie Sultan
1 day ago
Where to find Hard Money Lenders who Lend under 40k?
Started by Gerald Harris
27 Tiny_1399753479-avatar-realreturns Mike Alder
2 days ago
Finding Private investor from public records
Started by Kyle Banks
5 No_avatar_tiny Account Closed
6 days ago
Selling a home "Subject 2" the existing mortgage.
Started by Kevin Enos
3 Tiny_1399457750-avatar-enoske Kevin Enos
7 days ago
becoming a mortgage broker??
Started by King Curtis
6 Tiny_1399545403-avatar-mi George P.
8 days ago
boosting credit score for home purchase
Started by Brandon Crumpton
5 Tiny_1399608899-avatar-aartasanchez Alberto Artasanchez
8 days ago
International - Mexico (Vacation) Loan information
Started by Justin Case
3 Tiny_1399364845-avatar-jet_speed Justin Case
14 days ago
Realtor contract, but want other realtors feeding deals my way. Suggestions?
Started by Timothy Edwards
12 Tiny_1404267119-avatar-joshuamarriott Joshua Marriott
20 days ago
Does investment property effect my ability to get a FHA Loan
Started by Sean Mills
2 Tiny_1399439289-avatar-jeff1 Jeff S.
21 days ago
Seeking Mortgage Broker for Residential Rehabs in NJ
Started by Lakisha F.
4 No_avatar_tiny Lakisha F.
23 days ago
Looking for lender in Chicago
Started by Elijah Patterson
1 Tiny_1399744793-avatar-gcrealtymgmt Mark Ainley
25 days ago
?Should I ?refinance my FHA 4% interest loan with PMI to a conventional loan at 4.375% without PMI?
Started by Robert Mora
2 Tiny_1399785022-avatar-tinythemule Chris Simmons
25 days ago
Is this mortgage broker legit?
Started by Jennie Shin
3 Tiny_1399768004-avatar-rios9000 Andrew Syrios
26 days ago
Looking for a lender in CA
Started by Ewa Reza
7 Tiny_1399394636-avatar-ewa Ewa Reza
28 days ago
Limit on the number of loans I can have
Started by Tyler Shanks
7 Tiny_1399763586-avatar-ptventures Ryan Ball
30 days ago
Are taxes and insurance usually included in a mortgage payment?
Started by Tyler Shanks
13 Tiny_1399709316-avatar-tyler_04 Tyler Shanks
about 1 month ago
Rhab Financing for free and clear property
Started by Korey McMeekins
11 Tiny_1399367557-avatar-wakeproperties Chris Martin
about 1 month ago
Cashing out to buy another property
Started by Ryan Mackfee
4 Tiny_1402292236-avatar-sweeks Shaun Weeks
about 1 month ago
Looking for a Mortgage Broker in OH to obtain a Pre-Approval Letter
Started by Dana Nicholson
0 Tiny_1399739763-avatar-nicholandsons Dana Nicholson
about 1 month ago

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