NPN in CA (Fairfield) vacant/secure

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Brian Essex

Real Estate Investor from San Diego, California

Feb 11 '11, 08:14 AM

NPN note located in N California near Fairfield

200K-210K purchase price

Zillow: 261K
CyberHomes: 252K-291K


MFH filed, FC in 60-90 days

email for address, do you own DD

Joel Abueg

Residential Real Estate Agent from Fremont, California

Feb 14 '11, 09:34 AM

Hi Brian,

We're located in the area where you are selling the NPN. How can we get in touch to go over the details? I have investors that may be interested.

Brian Essex

Real Estate Investor from San Diego, California

Feb 14 '11, 09:50 AM

my email is on my signature, this is best. Not sure if I have more in your area but I can check.

George P.

Real Estate Investor from Baltimore, Maryland

Mar 10 '11, 10:36 PM
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Wow that's roughly 80 cents on the dollar (based on zillow price). If it doesn't need work, after foreclosing, holding, listing, waiting for thing to sell, paying closing costs, the buyer might even get lucky and get his money back.

Ellen Sanford

Real Estate Investor from Cda, Idaho

Mar 30 '11, 02:51 AM

Hi Brian! I had a banker send me the financials on 2 notes for vacant land in LA. If you know anyone interested let me know!
I think notes are the way to be investing these days! Unfortunately vacant land doesn't work in our portfolio.

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