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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Question(s) regarding Cap rate
Started by Kevin Patterson
2 Tiny_1399651299-avatar-plusequitycg Hai Loc
4 minutes ago
Prices Peaking / Market softening in SF Bay Area? What have you seen?
Started by J Martin
16 Tiny_1399541633-avatar-manch Manch Hon
8 minutes ago
Cash Gift From Parents Can't Be Used for Investment Purchase?
Started by Brandon Hall
11 Tiny_1408729160-avatar-josephbograd Joseph Bograd
12 minutes ago
Any Minneapolis Realtors on BP
Started by Tim Bishop
0 Tiny_1409319286-avatar-thbishop3 Tim Bishop
about 1 hour ago
Investor friendly partners in Indianapolis
Started by Kortez Walker
0 Tiny_1411486025-avatar-ktez313 Kortez Walker
about 1 hour ago
Are Realtors days numbered?
Started by Jay C.
117 Tiny_1399778387-avatar-j_c Jay C.
about 2 hours ago
How to Avoid an Overzelous Inspector
Started by Tim Czarkowski
4 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
about 2 hours ago
Title Company - Dallas, TX
Started by John Hixon
4 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
about 2 hours ago
Using Experian for prospects list?
Started by Eric B.
5 Tiny_1411351623-avatar-gsoto Giovanni Soto
about 3 hours ago
How to sell properties without posting to MLS?
Started by Josh M.
12 Tiny_1406608171-avatar-219investor Dan G.
about 3 hours ago
Ewing TWP NJ
Started by Hasan Hamdan
1 Tiny_1402967214-avatar-mfaircloth Matt Faircloth
about 4 hours ago
What do you budget for turnover and matienance costs?
Started by Joe A.
1 Tiny_1399586972-avatar-donuts Rick Baggenstoss
about 5 hours ago
Best time to sell?
Started by Felipe Diaz
2 No_avatar_tiny Larry Olson
about 6 hours ago
Subject To
Started by Stacey Olson
7 Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk Jon Klaus
about 7 hours ago
Good idea or bad idea?
Started by Loretta Loretta
5 Tiny_1399726730-avatar-joefairless Joe Fairless
about 11 hours ago
When is the 'right' time to begin investing in Real Estate?
Started by Robert Gucker
10 Tiny_1408980149-avatar-menasce Victor Menasce
about 14 hours ago
Closing Costs?
Started by Isaac Schulman
8 Tiny_1408469912-avatar-isaaczev0910 Isaac Schulman
about 14 hours ago
Anyone Dealing Brazilian Properties?
Started by Emerson Miranda
1 Tiny_1399782543-avatar-daniel_in_la Daniel Sanchez
about 15 hours ago
Progress through NACA!
Started by Elisha Keller
10 No_avatar_tiny Les Jean-Pierre
about 16 hours ago
"Professional" photographer recommendation - SFV/Los Angeles?
Started by Chris G.
0 Tiny_1403772779-avatar-fantasm Chris G.
about 17 hours ago

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