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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Investing in Luxury Condos in City vs. House outside of City? Denver, CO
Started by Dalton Skach
3 Tiny_1399391772-avatar-travissperr Last post by Travis Sperr
1 minute ago
Started by Kevin Raye
23 Tiny_1404362561-avatar-jeremyprunty Last post by Jeremy Prunty
4 minutes ago
In Your Market, Does Real Estate Beat the Stock Market Over the Long Term?
Started by Scott Trench
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Adam Hershman
10 minutes ago
Do you really stick to the 70% rule?
Started by Ryan Adams
7 Tiny_1414443958-avatar-adamsre Last post by Ryan Adams
11 minutes ago
Lease purchase option?
Started by Stephanie Barcia
6 Tiny_1416494588-avatar-stephaniebarcia Last post by Stephanie Barcia
12 minutes ago
Started by Mike Flora
55 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
18 minutes ago
Attn Bper: Bens $1000 a month rule - learn it, love it, leave it?
Started by Matt Rosas
20 Tiny_1405467347-avatar-mattrosas Last post by Matt Rosas
22 minutes ago
How do you scale this?
Started by Mike Basden
1 Tiny_1425419343-avatar-luckydawn Last post by Dawn Vacek
35 minutes ago
full price offer 2 days before house open to public
Started by John Tokarz
11 Tiny_1416769078-avatar-hyphulk Last post by John Tokarz
38 minutes ago
What do YOU think will be the next new Hot Brooklyn or New York neighborhood?
Started by Brooklyn R.
19 Tiny_1399723794-avatar-brooklynrocks Last post by Brooklyn R.
about 1 hour ago
Creative Financing
Started by Ronald Hunt
11 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
about 1 hour ago
Chicago RE Agent Recommendation
Started by Kyle B.
7 Tiny_1425475852-avatar-crankyauto Last post by Ed M.
about 2 hours ago
New to hagerstown MD area
Started by David Tolson
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by David Tolson
about 4 hours ago
Should you hire an inspector for a condo purchase?
Started by Mario Lowe
2 Tiny_1421358802-avatar-jesset1 Last post by Jesse T.
about 4 hours ago
My first move..Wholesale (Seattle, WA)
Started by Lian Chavda
6 Tiny_1422965971-avatar-aaront1 Last post by Aaron Thivierge
about 5 hours ago
Buying a note from Bank of America. Can it be done?
Started by Michael Hicks
3 Tiny_1425038352-avatar-mjhicks1781 Last post by Michael Hicks
about 6 hours ago
lease options
Started by Wen Ling Cheng
9 Tiny_1421772420-avatar-kfranci2 Last post by Kevin Francis
about 6 hours ago
Loan process with Private Lender
Started by Udaya P.
1 Tiny_1424875324-avatar-neilagg Last post by Neil Aggarwal
about 10 hours ago
Started by Rotonda Maunu
1 Tiny_1425063477-avatar-blueskyahead Last post by Sky Mikesell
about 10 hours ago

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