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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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$60 per month to hang my real estate license..??
Started by James Mudd
26 No_avatar_tiny Phil Glantz
32 minutes ago
The deal that WON'T DIE!!!
Started by Christina R.
17 Tiny_1400613990-avatar-turnkeyproperty Dean Letfus
about 1 hour ago
Delaware Home Inspector Recommendation?
Started by John Cimino
4 Tiny_1407007949-avatar-realestatea12 Sean Brooks
about 2 hours ago
Section 8 rent increase in California
Started by ANuraag Mohan
5 Tiny_1399729622-avatar-majorhutson David Hutson
about 2 hours ago
Mold and asbestos
Started by Paul Tanso
1 Tiny_1399603282-avatar-volstrike3 Joe B.
about 2 hours ago
New Jersey Investment Properties
Started by Steven Yang
18 Tiny_1399696879-avatar-liorsolomon Lior Solomon
about 3 hours ago
question of sale price
Started by Shannon King
1 Tiny_1409024760-avatar-hfhomes Doug McLeod
about 4 hours ago
Lot Purchase, Owner Carry
Started by Dustin Morgan
0 No_avatar_tiny Dustin Morgan
about 4 hours ago
MH or renting to buying option,which is best and why
Started by Fernando Nova
1 Tiny_1399781369-avatar-marksd Mark Gruetzmacher
about 4 hours ago
Should I spend money marketing for wholesale deals or save up for my first rental property?
Started by Kay Hamilton
3 Tiny_1400626258-avatar-tsquaaared21017 Tanner Trokey
about 5 hours ago
lot size
Started by Dalvin Gayle
1 Tiny_1405042909-avatar-tweir5 Thomas Weir
about 6 hours ago
Building New Properties Versus Buying Old Properties for Buy and Hold
Started by Dave Visaya
2 Tiny_1399720204-avatar-davevisaya Dave Visaya
about 6 hours ago
What happens when buyer files for bankruptcy???
Started by Jonathan Kono
7 No_avatar_tiny Jonathan Kono
about 8 hours ago
Real estate agent vs Investor
Started by Lee Faulcon
1 Tiny_1399448433-avatar-bunkerhill Paul Timmins
about 8 hours ago
HUBZU countered my bid
Started by Dan D.
9 Tiny_1399717480-avatar-cashnotebuyer Joe Gore
about 8 hours ago
Where in Northern VA (NOVA) region would you find this?
Started by Nilesh Makhija
0 Tiny_1405898681-avatar-neal_mak Nilesh Makhija
about 9 hours ago
How much do you need to "retire" to real estate?
Started by Joe A.
2 Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk Jon Klaus
about 9 hours ago
Buying Property from a Prison Inmate
Started by Rodney Smith
2 Tiny_1399654891-avatar-dennislanni Dennis Lanni
about 9 hours ago
Loan Assumptions
Started by Joel Cummings
0 Tiny_1399336444-avatar-cumminjb Joel Cummings
about 9 hours ago
Effective Start Date of Insurance Policies
Started by Ally H.
2 Tiny_1409067051-avatar-coverednow Derek Kartchner
about 10 hours ago

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