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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Hubzu bidding strategies
Started by Matt Pieper
12 Tiny_1412179042-avatar-sthkjones Heather Jones
2 minutes ago
Paying for investments?
Started by Andrew Baker
2 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
20 minutes ago
Starting the journey again.
Started by Tyrone Watler
5 No_avatar_tiny Tyrone Watler
27 minutes ago
Flipping new construction
Started by Kevin Boyd
7 Tiny_1406122198-avatar-ltbp Larry T.
35 minutes ago
multi family in College Towns
Started by Joseph Bierniak
1 Tiny_1399484851-avatar-seb1080 Sebastian Gast
about 2 hours ago
Making offers on 5 properties tomorrow.
Started by Ryan Dossey
1 Tiny_1409784090-avatar-patbritton Patrick Britton
about 2 hours ago
Detroit Properties
Started by Nancy Neville
0 No_avatar_tiny Nancy Neville
about 3 hours ago
Tips for checking out a derelict property?
Started by Ryan Dossey
0 Tiny_1399789105-avatar-rdossey1 Ryan Dossey
about 3 hours ago
philadelphia - mayfair, tacony & holmesburg
Started by Nathan J.
1 Tiny_1412609515-avatar-ryanfagan Ryan Fagan
about 3 hours ago
In look for fixer uppers in Phoenix, AZ
Started by Frank Hernandez
0 Tiny_1407468425-avatar-frankst Frank Hernandez
about 4 hours ago
Selling a property but garage is on the neighbors property
Started by Jon Adams
19 No_avatar_tiny Mike H.
about 4 hours ago
$3 Million Dollar Bid for 6,000 properties in Detroit
Started by Cierra Seay
11 Tiny_1408816344-avatar-daveinpgh David R.
about 4 hours ago
What key information do I need from the homeowner, lien holder, and/or county records?
Started by Daren H.
0 Tiny_1399665124-avatar-deehollywood Daren H.
about 4 hours ago
Looking for Realtor/Agents in the Los Angeles area
Started by Lamonte Evans
1 Tiny_1399750775-avatar-joshuamcginnis Joshua McGinnis
about 5 hours ago
Buying from Fannie Mae
Started by Craig Bowen
7 Tiny_1413917163-avatar-wzcunningham William Cunningham
about 5 hours ago
When comparing comps, how far back should your "recently sold" time phrame be?
Started by Jordan Redar
6 Tiny_1399699388-avatar-ecolegrove Elizabeth C.
about 6 hours ago
Roof needs replacing, what should we do?
Started by Brian Robinson
5 Tiny_1399664006-avatar-blackfxd John Andruszka
about 6 hours ago
My auction experience
Started by Don Crandell
1 Tiny_1403065703-avatar-jmviens Jim Viens
about 7 hours ago
Philadelphia Strategy
Started by Trevor Ewen
23 Tiny_1399781342-avatar-trevorewen Trevor Ewen
about 7 hours ago

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