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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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The 2% rule kills values
Started by Jay Hinrichs
56 Tiny_1399319639-avatar-memphisinvest Chris Clothier
1 minute ago
Pittsburgh Real Estate Agents
Started by Scott McCloy
0 Tiny_1406588484-avatar-scottmc13 Scott McCloy
3 minutes ago
First primary residence/investment property purchase question
Started by Igor Z.
4 Tiny_1405898681-avatar-neal_mak Nilesh Makhija
27 minutes ago
What would you do?
Started by Philip Mahonie
3 No_avatar_tiny Edward Adekanbi
38 minutes ago
Invest Equity?
Started by Louis Aller
2 Tiny_1405708003-avatar-markseverino Mark Severino
about 1 hour ago
Can closing costs be gifted?
Started by Andrea Flores
11 Tiny_1403620813-avatar-markd4864 Mark D.
about 1 hour ago
New Hampshire Rentals
Started by Sean Connolly
1 Tiny_1399672498-avatar-joshbirrell Josh Birrell
about 1 hour ago
Buying in Memphis or Birmingham
Started by Jean Paul Rousseau
28 No_avatar_tiny Jean Paul Rousseau
about 1 hour ago
Seller wants a piece of the earnest money......
Started by Stanley Hataria
11 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
about 1 hour ago
My path as an investor
Started by Nana K.
6 Tiny_1399417226-avatar-dg417 Daniel Guillermo
about 2 hours ago
Re: looking for a word of wisdom and leads for investing in Nashville and Duram
9 Tiny_1406058209-avatar-jnashreal Jared DeValk
about 2 hours ago
Need Investor Friendly Title & Closing Atty in Chicago
Started by Kevin Hicks
2 Tiny_1406257059-avatar-buktwana Derek Martin
about 2 hours ago
2nd FL Rental Property - LESSONS LEARNED
Started by Anil Samuel
19 Tiny_1399733384-avatar-malukings Anil Samuel
about 4 hours ago
When to sell?
Started by Zachary Mowery
11 Tiny_1399545403-avatar-mi George P.
about 7 hours ago
Is it a good time to buy in Kansas City Mo?
Started by Richard Young
25 Tiny_1406302059-avatar-greeneggmedia Lance Johnson
about 10 hours ago
how many entrance strategies
Started by Derek LeBlanc
1 Tiny_1399733384-avatar-malukings Anil Samuel
about 11 hours ago
Help me evaluate this market (Elgin, IL)
Started by Matthew S.
2 No_avatar_tiny Matthew S.
about 12 hours ago
Charlotte, NC JV Partnerships
Started by Jason Javer
3 Tiny_1399548676-avatar-jackk09 Jack Knochel
about 12 hours ago
Just bought first home . . . what's the next game plan?
Started by Kristin Horowitz
4 Tiny_1399775084-avatar-maculated Kristin Horowitz
about 13 hours ago
buying deeds
Started by Willaim Cody
2 Tiny_1402287018-avatar-diplomaticx15 Willaim Cody
about 13 hours ago

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