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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Double closing with conventional lender
Started by Alex T.
1 Tiny_1399287245-avatar-curt Curt Davis
7 days ago
Researching a property's history
Started by Sam Leon
5 Tiny_1411238107-avatar-urbanplandan Dan Cotter
7 days ago
Tax Delinquent Property Lead!
Started by Ardie Mansouri
12 No_avatar_tiny Cedric Mcbride
7 days ago
Buying from someone with an IRS Lein ??? Can it be removed?
Started by Nichole Mollica
1 Tiny_1414525529-avatar-fheller Fred Heller
7 days ago
Steep driveway conundrum!? What's in a driveway?
Started by Samuel DeMass
4 Tiny_1415750243-avatar-acetastic Samuel DeMass
7 days ago
Indiana Brokerage Exam: What to Expect
Started by Evan Manship
2 Tiny_1399477545-avatar-hhs Shawn Holsapple
7 days ago
3rd Loan in my name - What are my Options?
Started by Bethany Anderson
2 Tiny_1399698474-avatar-hhornbe2 Anthony Hornbeck
7 days ago
Buddy, you can't do that!
Started by Heather Jones
3 Tiny_1416349890-avatar-daviddoesrealty David Doe
7 days ago
Purchase a Bank Owned Property using an Equity Line
Started by Sheilah O'Shea
2 Tiny_1399996353-avatar-sheoshea Sheilah O'Shea
7 days ago
OPRA Requests
Started by Hasan Hamdan
0 Tiny_1407513145-avatar-hhamdan Hasan Hamdan
7 days ago
Multi-Family Financing
Started by Skylar Dejesus
3 No_avatar_tiny Skylar Dejesus
7 days ago
Plumbing Scope or Nope?
Started by Melissa Culpepper
2 Tiny_1412643298-avatar-dresplacepdx Melissa Culpepper
7 days ago
Does anyone have any problem offering full price...?
Started by Andrey Yusupov
15 Tiny_1412188141-avatar-re3irth Andrey Yusupov
7 days ago
Miami - Friend from Afghanistan
Started by Zacharias Salva
1 Tiny_1412216846-avatar-gisele Gisele Blum
7 days ago
ADA Compliance
Started by Leigh Ann Alcantara
0 Tiny_1416335998-avatar-alcantara Leigh Ann Alcantara
7 days ago
Are you investing in a dying state?
Started by Matt Rosas
13 Tiny_1405467347-avatar-mattrosas Matt Rosas
7 days ago
Bringing value to the table...
Started by Cody Steck
4 Tiny_1412229936-avatar-ctsteck Cody Steck
7 days ago
Started by Barbara Long
2 Tiny_1416838943-avatar-i12buyre Tina Scarisbrick
7 days ago
mistake cost me $1,000; 2% concession
Started by Elizabeth O.
7 Tiny_1406902802-avatar-ranger0793 Paul Schuw
7 days ago
Out of state properties
Started by Bryan Chambers
5 Tiny_1415390408-avatar-pounder53 Bryan Chambers
7 days ago

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