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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Investor Protection
Started by Calvin Lang
6 Tiny_1411689796-avatar-ivanoberon Ivan Oberon
9 days ago
Creative ways to buy Real Estate
Started by Steve Richardson
1 Tiny_1408203512-avatar-stevengrich Steve Richardson
9 days ago
What mortgage rate is TOO HIGH for Subject-to financing?
Started by Jordan Redar
6 Tiny_1399446944-avatar-johnblackman John Blackman
9 days ago
How do you find a good area to invest in?
Started by Josh Violette
30 Tiny_1399610733-avatar-mellucido Melodee Lucido
9 days ago
Near 0 down payment for investment property
Started by Wogderess H.
5 Tiny_1399704329-avatar-recaps Joe Villeneuve
9 days ago
Fourplex that is in a "HOA" that has no dues...
Started by Kimberly T.
5 Tiny_1399764506-avatar-k_t Kimberly T.
9 days ago
really crazy half-baked condo buy
Started by Martha Bader
2 No_avatar_tiny Martha Bader
9 days ago
House hacking
Started by Jacob Sharp
4 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
9 days ago
Canadians investing in the US!?
Started by Zachary Derksen
10 Tiny_1399651299-avatar-plusequitycg Hai Loc
9 days ago
getting an attorney
Started by Derek LeBlanc
2 Tiny_1408516292-avatar-jmwaters1 Jesse Waters
9 days ago
Confused by what my seller is doing.
Started by Janine Fonseca
1 No_avatar_tiny Bill Jacobsen
9 days ago
Post Card for Direct mail campaign
Started by Alpha Diawara
2 Tiny_1405181562-avatar-santaski Alpha Diawara
10 days ago
Is Mortgage Insurance a deal killer, or the norm?
Started by John M.
14 Tiny_1402243024-avatar-1031dave Dave Foster
10 days ago
Can this scenario get a loan?
Started by Scott F.
1 Tiny_1403065703-avatar-jmviens Jim Viens
10 days ago
Started by Moziah Scott
15 Tiny_1403313351-avatar-nattydread Roy N.
10 days ago
Forming a LLC in illinois
Started by Brian Schroeder
8 Tiny_1413264909-avatar-jpiper Jim Piper
10 days ago
Some basic info on Nashville
Started by Dean Letfus
2 Tiny_1413037529-avatar-emcguire Elizabeth Pagano McGuire
10 days ago
Aquiring property at tax sales- Safe?
Started by Summer Segeleon
29 No_avatar_tiny Kevin Doyle
10 days ago
Seller has HELOC - Need Advice
Started by Mark Moore
2 Tiny_1407797041-avatar-mdmoore07 Mark Moore
10 days ago
Are there any markets left where the 2% rule is still alive?
Started by Benjamin Kanevsky
24 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Dawn Anastasi
10 days ago

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