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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Started by Johnathan Osborne
8 Tiny_1398863090-avatar-barnardinc Will Barnard
8 days ago
Any High-End Wholesale Deals in Los Angeles area?
Started by Emerson Miranda
0 Tiny_1399781454-avatar-emiranda Emerson Miranda
8 days ago
Co-Wholesaling in Florida... Whats needed???
Started by Paul Springer
5 Tiny_1414085054-avatar-niaivion Reen Wade
8 days ago
Closing Costs?
Started by Isaac Schulman
11 Tiny_1399707589-avatar-andrewbosworth Andrew Bosworth
8 days ago
Buyers leads
Started by Fidel Cano
0 Tiny_1399473410-avatar-fiesvacan Fidel Cano
8 days ago
New in Columbus Ohio
Started by Erik Usselman
1 Tiny_1407077952-avatar-jonjay Jon Huber
8 days ago
Buying a property to live in it?
Started by Luis Reyes
3 Tiny_1399768004-avatar-rios9000 Andrew Syrios
8 days ago
New member question on realtor license
Started by Aaron Wozniak
6 Tiny_1399688510-avatar-brandonscott79 Brandon Sturgill
8 days ago
Buying in lower westchester county NY
Started by Sharene Long
0 Tiny_1413407092-avatar-sharenelong Sharene Long
8 days ago
Buying in Pinellas County Florida
Started by Laura Hernandez
5 Tiny_1412212643-avatar-bmann Brandon M.
8 days ago
What is the least amount of equity you would require to do a Subject 2 deal?
Started by Jon Moore
0 Tiny_1413431121-avatar-jmoore2288 Jon Moore
8 days ago
Corner Lots - Desireable or not??
Started by David Ramos
9 Tiny_1410359115-avatar-locklandman Mark Del Grosso
8 days ago
What is the worst thing your inspector could say?
Started by Eric Brady
1 Tiny_1399765683-avatar-kctonyg Anthony G.
9 days ago
Best website for finding multifamily properties
Started by Shane Willcox
2 Tiny_1415818189-avatar-fostoch Eric Zou
9 days ago
How to assign on this deal ?
Started by Tony Gatto
12 Tiny_1415648987-avatar-timedatombomb Adam Clark
9 days ago
getting flagged on craigslist
Started by Chip Chronister
10 No_avatar_tiny Chip Chronister
9 days ago
MLS Question (State Specific?)
Started by Cheyenne Davis
6 Tiny_1415851417-avatar-manateehunter Matthew Buttner
9 days ago
How do you get an accurate estimate of the costs of renovating?
Started by Jeff Elliott
1 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
9 days ago
San Antonio
Started by Neil C.
13 No_avatar_tiny Leo Muscarello
9 days ago
Vacant Homes
Started by Vasiliy Grin
1 Tiny_1407077952-avatar-jonjay Jon Huber
9 days ago

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