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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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The rental property with self-directed IRA
Started by Joe Zhang
0 Tiny_1400976933-avatar-metrozhang Joe Zhang
12 days ago
Flat Fee Listing (with buyers coop) or pay full 6% listing agent
Started by Chris M.
3 Tiny_1404400999-avatar-joseph_c Joseph Cox
12 days ago
Proof of Funds to Fannie Mae
Started by Colby Litzenberger
0 Tiny_1402059285-avatar-clitzenb Colby Litzenberger
12 days ago
Options? 44-unit NOT in PROBATE yet
Started by Swat Khan
5 Tiny_1399600048-avatar-rtpg1 Rick Harmon
12 days ago
Rental house sale
Started by Brad Vancil
1 Tiny_1399654237-avatar-simoncampbell Simon Campbell
12 days ago
Homeowner vs Investment Loan
Started by Cody Ferguson
1 Tiny_1399654237-avatar-simoncampbell Simon Campbell
12 days ago
Am I thinking about the tax benefits of renting real estate correctly?
Started by Joe A.
12 Tiny_1399598245-avatar-joelb58 Joe A.
12 days ago
Upcoming Housing Market Crisis.... Will it happen??
Started by Joel Owens
11 Tiny_1399696952-avatar-mister4closure Wendell De Guzman
12 days ago
Does Financing Under an LLC Protect Personal Assets
Started by Trevor Sambrano
5 No_avatar_tiny Erik Sell
12 days ago
1st property, help please
Started by Chris Krouchick
3 No_avatar_tiny Chris Krouchick
12 days ago
Anyone out there with experience in Commercial Real Estate?
Started by Kristin Horowitz
8 Tiny_1399775084-avatar-maculated Kristin Horowitz
12 days ago
Pruchasing mixed use property. Need opinions
Started by Mathuw Chandler
1 Tiny_1399771709-avatar-cgxcwrsgsqv William H.
12 days ago
Recomendation on Getting started in investing...
Started by Aaron Coplin
0 No_avatar_tiny Aaron Coplin
12 days ago
Houston Texas Neighborhoods
Started by Kevin Chu
7 Tiny_1406505214-avatar-norwest Wendy Mcclean
12 days ago
Closing cost expectations for Columbus/Central, OH?
Started by Chris Stromdahl
0 Tiny_1405834764-avatar-cs_sea98136 Chris Stromdahl
12 days ago
How big is age of property a concern?
Started by Rajeev Gandhi
17 Tiny_1399520974-avatar-jthomasmartin1 J Martin
12 days ago
Buying and selling a property without a Realtor?
Started by Samuel DeMass
4 No_avatar_tiny Samuel DeMass
13 days ago
Buying home with defective siding...
Started by Roger Vi
1 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
13 days ago
Need Capital Gains Tax Advice
Started by Kyle Doney
4 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
13 days ago
After You Have the Cash Buyer.
Started by Luis Reyes
2 Tiny_1405042909-avatar-tweir5 Thomas Weir
13 days ago

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