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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Tomorrow I am headed to Carmax...
Started by Chance Cooper
5 Tiny_1408633156-avatar-cccoope2 Chance Cooper
12 days ago
A Canadian dilemma?
Started by Joey Noel
8 Tiny_1403313351-avatar-nattydread Roy N.
12 days ago
Getting First Rental Property? Financing it? Alone or Group?
Started by Tony Fowler
5 No_avatar_tiny Tony Fowler
12 days ago
Attention all experienced NJ Investors
Started by Michael Krassos
3 Tiny_1399439494-avatar-shabaka_nj Ibrahim Hughes
12 days ago
Economic Life
Started by Colby Litzenberger
2 Tiny_1402059285-avatar-clitzenb Colby Litzenberger
12 days ago
Made an offer and seller is claiming there are multiple offers....
Started by Ryan Dossey
37 Tiny_1398858044-avatar-aly0705 Aly L
12 days ago
Detroit real estate????
Started by Robert Vel
2 No_avatar_tiny Scott K.
12 days ago
How many home equity loans can I have? I know the limit is 10 for mortgages, but is there a limit on home equity loans?
Started by Chris S.
9 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
12 days ago
Short-Sale: Cash offer, POF
Started by Tristian Cox
1 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
12 days ago
Needing Advice
Started by Lance Stull
8 Tiny_1413034996-avatar-georgehelmsre George Helms
12 days ago
Neighbor built over property line.
Started by Richard D.
3 Tiny_1409994544-avatar-rdevaney Richard D.
12 days ago
What structure should two investors use to buy a multi-family?
Started by Travis Grossi
1 Tiny_1411569168-avatar-josephcatalano Joseph Catalano
12 days ago
Detroit Investing
Started by Chanel Oldham
6 Tiny_1413057131-avatar-cashflowdetroit Jabari Long
12 days ago
Skip Tracing
Started by James Murray
1 Tiny_1405173942-avatar-plo917 Lafi S.
13 days ago
want to own my own home
Started by Kenny Bergeron
12 Tiny_1399435288-avatar-ccarva1 Carla Carvalho
13 days ago
sources and amout of income for a mortgage/heloc
Started by Alex Johnson
0 No_avatar_tiny Alex Johnson
13 days ago
Which of these are escrow junk fees?
Started by Caleb Boaz
14 Tiny_1413206913-avatar-bryan_neal Bryan Neal
13 days ago
Craigslist Ad posting Services?
Started by Jamila R.
2 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
13 days ago
Need cheap title searches
Started by Susan Winderman
1 Tiny_1403065703-avatar-jmviens Jim Viens
13 days ago
Why are attorneys a pain in the you know what
Started by Luis E Luciano
7 Tiny_1401543109-avatar-gnice4life Greg Wake
13 days ago

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