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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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what would a reasonable commission be on a purchase of 23M
Started by H. Jenna Silver
2 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill Gulley
10 days ago
Started by Brandon Crumpton
5 Tiny_1402365419-avatar-myhouse76 Brandon Crumpton
10 days ago
Short sale process
Started by Vicki K.
8 Tiny_1407338305-avatar-realestatereg Reginald Perryman
10 days ago
Land Deal- Advice wanted
Started by PJ Pahygiannis
13 Tiny_1406299753-avatar-vectorious Franco Vallejos
10 days ago
Opportunity to buy my first income property
Started by Edwin Rivas
3 Tiny_1407336050-avatar-erivas Edwin Rivas
10 days ago
Cant find a good title on a property
Started by John DeFoor
7 Tiny_1399792503-avatar-sunfin Dave Metsker
10 days ago
"all you talk about is real estate"
Started by George P.
3 Tiny_1407946118-avatar-mi George P.
10 days ago
Looking for RE attorney in Blackstone, MA area
Started by Charles Gillis
0 Tiny_1399677274-avatar-gillisc679 Charles Gillis
10 days ago
Started by Eric Johnson
2 No_avatar_tiny Eric Johnson
10 days ago
SFR prospect has reverse mortgage and is vacant
Started by Steve Gregory
6 Tiny_1399792503-avatar-sunfin Dave Metsker
10 days ago
Wholesaling with Real Estate Agents involved
Started by Cyndi Morro
1 Tiny_1399759762-avatar-walt1957 Walt Payne
10 days ago
I need your help for a new blog post
Started by Kiril Stawrew
0 Tiny_1406323345-avatar-kiril Kiril Stawrew
10 days ago
Obtaining County Lists
Started by Hasan Hamdan
1 Tiny_1399768004-avatar-rios9000 Andrew Syrios
10 days ago
My white letters landed me in the hot seat with my broker......
Started by Kevin Goodwin
20 Tiny_1407946118-avatar-mi George P.
10 days ago
contract to get control of a property
Started by H. Jenna Silver
1 Tiny_1398871067-avatar-ncarey Ned Carey
10 days ago
Rental Statistics Resources
Started by Joel Hull
7 Tiny_1399707850-avatar-metroretro William Byers
10 days ago
Started by Leah Lowe
1 Tiny_1399689493-avatar-mrbrown626 Stephen Brown
11 days ago
Wholesaler Starting out in Brooklyn,New York
Started by John Motiv
3 Tiny_1399729597-avatar-raymondweston Raymond Weston
11 days ago
New Jersey Investment Properties
Started by Steven Yang
14 Tiny_1407296693-avatar-zkyang1690 Steven Yang
11 days ago
replace or repair AC for a flip
Started by Chris M.
1 Tiny_1399528747-avatar-wholesales4u Jared Kemper
11 days ago

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