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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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SFR for $600 in Detroit - Tax Sale House...check out what you get.
Started by Matt Rosas
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Account Closed
6 days ago
Property Manager Recommendation in PA/PHILLY area?
Started by Eric DeVito
1 Tiny_1412287696-avatar-eric789 Last post by Eric Le
6 days ago
Buying a separately deeded garage with back taxes owed
Started by Jeffrey Cervi
1 Tiny_1427100649-avatar-stevenp6 Last post by Steven Picker
6 days ago
Vacation Rentals
Started by Dean Savarino
6 Tiny_1399738517-avatar-jlcervi Last post by Jeffrey Cervi
6 days ago
access to MLS
Started by John P.
6 Tiny_1422901712-avatar-jiml7 Last post by Jim Landoe
6 days ago
What's Your Favorite End Game?
Started by Julie Hicks
1 Tiny_1399686653-avatar-ajspilot Last post by Eric Black
6 days ago
Looking for my first home
Started by Miguel Alvarez
0 Tiny_1399669597-avatar-malvarez8711 Last post by Miguel Alvarez
6 days ago
Making a difference
Started by Tom Cyr
1 Tiny_1399686653-avatar-ajspilot Last post by Eric Black
6 days ago
interested in seeing how different investor go about their process.
Started by Alfonso Velazquez
1 Tiny_1425083146-avatar-alfonsov Last post by Alfonso Velazquez
6 days ago
Should I sell my house, so I can have more money to invest?
Started by Nick Stango
10 Tiny_1425004515-avatar-nicks10 Last post by Nick Stango
6 days ago
Hi guys!!
Started by Carlos Lopez
2 Tiny_1423590079-avatar-shaynan Last post by Shayna Nadeau
6 days ago
Wholesaler in SF Bay Area
Started by Chris Music
0 Tiny_1399698176-avatar-cmusic Last post by Chris Music
6 days ago
what to look for when touring a property
Started by Ben Shapiro
3 Tiny_1402199566-avatar-ralls41 Last post by Patrick Reilley
6 days ago
Self Directed IRA or Take Loan from pre-taxed Retirement?
Started by Rodney Marcantel
9 Tiny_1410920553-avatar-rmarcant Last post by Rodney Marcantel
6 days ago
Flipping newbie question about deed restriction...
Started by Leonard Fisher
10 Tiny_1399696659-avatar-ceoinmakn Last post by Marlon Wilson
6 days ago
Moving to Roanoke, VA, need help buying and possibly house hacking
Started by Ian Lord
2 Tiny_1408308355-avatar-affordablepm1 Last post by Mark Brogan
6 days ago
The Real Estate market cycle(s)
Started by Micheal Waldrup
4 Tiny_1399696659-avatar-ceoinmakn Last post by Marlon Wilson
6 days ago
How much do you have to spend to buy a rental property in your area?
Started by Nate M.
87 Tiny_1422410796-avatar-pododub Last post by Joshua Woolls
6 days ago
have you fixed someones credit?
Started by Gary Wilson
12 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Gary Wilson
6 days ago
Ethics (not morals) and Loopholes. Which ones have you used and why?
Started by Wally Smythe
18 Tiny_1425419023-avatar-wallys1 Last post by Wally Smythe
6 days ago

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