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Forums » Commercial Real Estate Investing Forum » HOW DO YOU FIND COMMERCIAL DEALS AND BUYERS?


16 posts by 15 users


Real Estate Investor · San Diego, CA

My name is Gabriel Romero and I am new to Real Esate birddogging. I want to find deals for commercial investors but I also need to know how to find buyers for these properties? Anybody have any advice?

Real Estate Investor · Portland, Oregon

Hummm… That may be a bit tricky… When you say “commercial” what type of properties are you referring to?

Finding the buyers might be a bit tricky too… And as you may know, financing and closing times are generally much longer on commercial than on a house.

Real Estate Consultant · Manasquan, New Jersey

Why dont you just become a commercial real estate broker?

Just as a heads up, there is no shortage of commercial buyers for good properties and most commercial transacations are bought and sold " off-market"

If you successfully find a solid commercial property, you should have no problem finding buyers.

If you were not a licensed agent, but you wrap up a property somehow with an assignable contract, you could always just post it on Loopnet. You do not have to be an agent advertise properties for sale on there and anyone looking for commercial properties generally goes there first. It is essentially the MLS system for commercial and anyone can post there or go there.

Real Estate Coach

Join your local real estate club and network with the other members. After a few meetings you will know who to bird dog for / with!!!

Most commercial investors network.Speak their language, they may let you in

Real Estate Investor · Kaneohe , Hawaii

John... What language is that? I'm curious haha =-)

Real Estate Investor · Garland, Texas

Originally posted by Joreen Lono:
John... What language is that? I'm curious haha =-)

extreme bifurcation

Here's a sample for you:

“The market is predicting extreme bifurcation as the capital flight to quality creates a greater separation between the trophy and less desirable assets. Well-located and well-tenanted properties that can generate strong cash flow over the next several years are exactly what buyers and lenders want, according to survey respondents. As a result, prime apartments and office buildings in gateway cities are generating the most attention from the increasing pent-up sidelined capital.”

Jon Klaus, SellPropertyFast
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 214-929-6545

· Stone Mountain, Georgia

You need to work 60 -70 hours a week full time to do this --with no experience - Need to know how to anlayze property -- NOI, Cap rate as well as Income and Expenses and then projections based on demand - occupancies etc -- It is time comsuming and frustrating --but one deal can make you enough for one year
Rick and Mike are right -- Not easy -- However--they do not go to local RE Meetings -- mostly you meet them at upscale bars or at golf courses --

I am a commercial Mortgage Broker --I have done several deals --as a Finder / Consultant without RE License-- Buyers are esier to find then sellers or distressed properties. I have advertsies before on Loopnet and had response--but mostly lookers --also costs $85 per month.

You need to have a website and list building
capacity -- and also specialize in one to start with --like Apartments, strip centers, office buildings or hotels, distribution centers etc Good Luck --

· Miami, Florida

I hate to over simplify, but "Pound the Pavement". Get out there and find a target type of commercial you want to work in, i.e. retail, office, industrial, hotel, multi-family etc. Then start researching; who are the players, who own multiple units, what are the numbers to make a good deal for this segment, who is lending on these types of transactions, is more of this type under construction, if so get those details? Those are just a few of the questions to start asking.

In retail and office, it's a little easier to talk to the end user/tenant because you can walk right into their business and start dialogue with the owner. You'd be extremely surprised at how many store owners have vested interests in other businesses and actually own property and are looking to invest. Some people will throw you out but it's talking to as many people as possible, getting out there and asking questions and networking with owners, realtors, bankers, lenders and investors. A lot of hard work and persistence.

Real Estate Investor · San Francisco, California

If you really want to be successful in this very challenging environment I would recommend two things.

1) The Bank Direct "Off Market Assets" is where the investor community is making the most deals. This is a specialty field and most seasoned pros still do not know how to successfully operate in this space.


Look for a team currently making deals and are setup to capitalize on the next five years.

Real Estate Investor · Atlanta, Georgia

I know this post is old and very informative.

Terry, when you say "expert team" exactly who should I put on this team? Lawyers, accountants, appraisers, or maybe contractors? Can you please give me your description for an "expert team"

Thanks in advance.

· Northampton, Pennsylvania

I have been doing this for four years full time. And it took me every bit of the four years to get where I am today. I do flips, I sold commericals and MHP'S and Multi's and I have networked my you know what off. I am now moving on some hotels. I have a team for my flips contractors, snow removel, cleaning crew ect....


Developer · Corona, California

Gabriel: work smarter, not harder. Bird dogging can be fun and exciting, but forget the traditional stuff - that's whee everyone looks. The most bang for your effort is in unlisted properties. The best way to forecast what land will be needed is published every single day. The newspaper. Read all the ones in your area (online versions are best) and really read between the lines. "New XYZ Building in Final Phase of Bidding" could be a headline. What is located around building XYZ. 100 year old houses that beg to be bought, demoed, and rezoned. I have done this in many different cities and if you can be patient, you will be rewarded.

Good luck!

· Stone Mountain, Georgia

Just have to learn the ropes and make cold calls

Commercial Lender · Miami, Florida

I would suggest you begin to network with REO companies, receiverships, lenders, etc and get on their email notification list. Depending on the type of property you are looking for, you can find out who is buying commercial property by doing a search for the last 6 months of all buyers of commercial properties. This would be your buyers list.

Commercial Real Estate Broker · St. Petersburg, Florida

Dig, Analyze, Ask Questions, Listen Carefully, Repeat again and again and again..

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