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Forum topics below include discussions on finding foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, making offers on these properties and doing foreclosure deals.

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Gaining Access to Occupied REO After Closing
Started by Chris Stetler
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Randy E.
13 minutes ago
Can't Get a Hold of the Owner!
Started by Brittany Villamil
1 Tiny_1418085258-avatar-pmackercher Last post by Peter MacKercher
17 minutes ago
Hard Money for Foreclosure
Started by DaVon Brooks
8 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Randy E.
25 minutes ago
foreclosure costs
Started by Scott Wood
1 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
41 minutes ago
Started by Stephen Lofthus
1 Tiny_1399773347-avatar-stepheng Last post by Stephen Lofthus
about 1 hour ago
Foreclosure with occupants
Started by Kevin McGinnis
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kevin McGinnis
about 2 hours ago
Ouestion about foreclosure in Texas with mucho equity...
Started by Lavelle Collins
1 Tiny_1400464037-avatar-captainl Last post by Mike Landry
about 15 hours ago
ISO Ks title company with knowledge of foreclosure law in regards to liens
Started by Westin Hudnall
0 Tiny_1406263791-avatar-westin00 Last post by Westin Hudnall
2 days ago
Tutorial for buying at foreclosure auctions
Started by Frank Dai
23 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Last post by Steve Babiak
2 days ago
Questions about Pre Forclosures vs. Shortsales
Started by Sean Dougherty
3 Tiny_1411158686-avatar-7differentways Last post by Steve Vaughan
5 days ago
Auction Deal Scenario
Started by Lance Gorton
5 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
5 days ago
Bidding on a Hubzu Home
Started by Alane Riccardi
4 Tiny_1427228379-avatar-alaner Last post by Alane Riccardi
6 days ago
Assessment Lien Foreclosure Sale
Started by Ben McDermott
1 Tiny_1413302961-avatar-chad_urbshott Last post by Chad Urbshott
6 days ago
Foreclosure that didn't sell
Started by Peggy Ayello
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Peggy Ayello
7 days ago
1031 Exchange
Started by April Adams
15 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Last post by Bill Exeter
7 days ago
Court House Auction Question
Started by Jordan L.
2 Tiny_1413302961-avatar-chad_urbshott Last post by Chad Urbshott
7 days ago
How to alk to homeowners in preforeclosures
Started by Anthony Kondor
5 Tiny_1425369389-avatar-anthonykondor Last post by Anthony Kondor
7 days ago
Tax Benefits for Foreclosures
Started by Carson Sweezy
0 Tiny_1427133505-avatar-cdsweezy53 Last post by Carson Sweezy
7 days ago
Getting the banks managing forclosures to talk to you.
Started by Todd Molter
5 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
7 days ago
Abandoned Home / Safeguard Properties
Started by Ryan Patton
1 Tiny_1399676858-avatar-sublimeone Last post by Patrick L.
8 days ago

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