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Discussion Replies Last Post
Bank keeps trying to change my locks and cut my grass!
Started by Matthew Buttner
5 Tiny_1415851417-avatar-manateehunter Last post by Matthew Buttner
3 minutes ago
Are 2nd liens and other junior liens wiped out in an HOA foreclosure?
Started by Jennifer Silletto
15 Tiny_1418412702-avatar-jennifers Last post by Jennifer Silletto
about 5 hours ago
Investing in Foreclosed/Pre-Forclosed vs. Unlisted Properties
Started by Vincent House
1 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
about 8 hours ago
LIst Source And Rocket Science
Started by Dennis Pressey Jr
0 Tiny_1418683317-avatar-dennisp1 Last post by Dennis Pressey Jr
1 day ago
Title issue on potential flip(foreclosure)...Help!
Started by Marcus Kennedy
32 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Seth Sherman
2 days ago
How would YOU tackle this foreclosure deal?
Started by Sam Alpha
77 Tiny_1406742435-avatar-alphasam Last post by Sam Alpha
2 days ago
Deed in lieu
Started by Thomas Watson
12 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
3 days ago
Homeowner profit incentive
Started by Michael White
5 Tiny_1421358802-avatar-jesset1 Last post by Jesse T.
3 days ago
Property in Foreclosure AND Estate without any Will or Living Relatives :-O
Started by Darrin Wesenberg
6 Tiny_1417995536-avatar-hopemd Last post by H. Duplechain
3 days ago
How often do you find good deals on foreclosures in Tampa/Pasco, FL?
Started by Luis Cardona
2 Tiny_1418793538-avatar-analyzethis1954 Last post by Dave Bingham
4 days ago
Buying first mortgage and foreclosing others
Started by Chris Simmons
2 Tiny_1399600048-avatar-rtpg1 Last post by Rick Harmon
5 days ago
Zombie foreclosure is driving me crazy!
Started by Tony S.
6 Tiny_1417995536-avatar-hopemd Last post by H. Duplechain
6 days ago
Unopened Succession Pre-Forclosure - Seeking Help!
Started by John C.
5 Tiny_1417995536-avatar-hopemd Last post by H. Duplechain
6 days ago
Met someone who takes photos for preservation companies. She sent over a lead today.
Started by Josh P.
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Josh P.
6 days ago
Should I try to talk to homeowner that is getting foreclosed on?
Started by Tolstiy Tolstoy
4 Tiny_1421167185-avatar-avsolody Last post by Anatoly S.
6 days ago
Started by Tiffany Swann
3 Tiny_1421897520-avatar-tiffanys2 Last post by Tiffany Swann
7 days ago
Oklahoma Sheriff's Auction Bidding Options
Started by Chris Simmons
2 Tiny_1399785022-avatar-tinythemule Last post by Chris Simmons
7 days ago
Title insurance
Started by Yechiel Abekassis
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Yechiel Abekassis
9 days ago
Started by Caleb Charles
12 Tiny_1421179163-avatar-donaldm2 Last post by Donald Morrison
9 days ago
Title search
Started by Yechiel Abekassis
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Yechiel Abekassis
9 days ago

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