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Forum topics below include discussions on finding foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, making offers on these properties and doing foreclosure deals.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Contacting Trustees
Started by Terrance Brown
5 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
about 1 hour ago
Purchasing a pre-forclosed property from a motivated seller
Started by John Baskin
1 Tiny_1426174302-avatar-pittsburghreia Last post by Josh Caldwell
about 5 hours ago
Probate and Pre-Foreclosure Deal?
Started by Charles Robinson
10 Tiny_1403836040-avatar-summerhomes Last post by Derek W.
about 20 hours ago
Started by David Mitzan
1 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
1 day ago
auction sales
Started by Leila Moose
40 Tiny_1407333097-avatar-nataliemangrum Last post by Natalie M.
1 day ago
Finding out what the bank paid for a REO property
Started by Ken Su
7 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Bill Gulley
2 days ago
Car left in garage of property bought at auction
Started by Tim Czarkowski
19 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Jeremy Adam
2 days ago
Are 2nd liens and other junior liens wiped out in an HOA foreclosure?
Started by Jennifer Silletto
36 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Hal Thompson
3 days ago
2nd mortgages
Started by Donald Taite
5 Tiny_1430618300-avatar-ccwong Last post by Che Chiu Wong
3 days ago
What is the average discount on foreclosure after 1 year vacancy
Started by Russ Beck
7 Tiny_1407110543-avatar-blue_top_mgmt Last post by Adam Johnson
4 days ago
Title Issues with a Foreclosure Purchase from an Auction
Started by Senta Julien
21 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Senta Julien
5 days ago
Philadelphia foreclosure mortgage sale
Started by Rafael Floresta
1 Tiny_1399674141-avatar-rafamvc Last post by Rafael Floresta
5 days ago
Started by Vanessa Duarte
5 Tiny_1399478930-avatar-michaelborger Last post by Michael Borger
6 days ago
Does a Judgement Attach to Property or Owner in Foreclosure?
Started by Rodney D.
13 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Dion DePaoli
6 days ago
title search question
Started by N/A N/A
12 Tiny_1431909333-avatar-just4closure Last post by Rodney D.
7 days ago
Buying at the Auctions (Broward County, FL)
Started by Joe Stafford
4 Tiny_1399676858-avatar-sublimeone Last post by Patrick L.
7 days ago
Foreclosure and Short Sale Questions for UT
Started by Taylor Henderson
0 Tiny_1431980616-avatar-tjhende2 Last post by Taylor Henderson
7 days ago
ADVANCED - Anyone found a way to lookup current mortgage payoff?
Started by Rodney D.
13 Tiny_1431909333-avatar-just4closure Last post by Rodney D.
8 days ago
How To Bid Online Florida Foreclosure Auction
Started by Lisa Monroe
19 Tiny_1399770377-avatar-greatamerican Last post by Joseph Barreras
9 days ago
Buying a purchase that's in redemption period
Started by James De Silva
1 Tiny_1406380431-avatar-jontrading Last post by Jon W.
9 days ago

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