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Forum topics below include discussions on finding foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, making offers on these properties and doing foreclosure deals.

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HOA to Bank Foreclosure payoff. How much sshould I ask for?
Started by Dante Devine
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Dante Devine
about 3 hours ago
How would YOU tackle this foreclosure deal?
Started by Sam Alpha
29 Tiny_1406742435-avatar-alphasam Last post by Sam Alpha
about 5 hours ago
What happens to the seller's equity in a foreclosure auction? Typical fees/costs involved?
Started by Nick Merryman
7 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
about 13 hours ago
Can an Auction be stopped?
Started by Yetzira Anselmo
2 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
about 16 hours ago
Florida any one buying redemtion rights to Florida mortgage foreclsoures
Started by Jay Hinrichs
1 Tiny_1419206102-avatar-danielloy Last post by Daniel Loy
3 days ago
Buying Redemtion rights ??? Who's doing it?
Started by Jay Hinrichs
3 Tiny_1415034655-avatar-liquidators Last post by Pavel Sakurets
3 days ago
IRS tax liens attach to property at auction?
Started by Chad McIver
6 Tiny_1399469273-avatar-appraiserstl Last post by Chad McIver
4 days ago
How do you research and evaluate foreclosures?
Started by Shaun Caldwell
2 Tiny_1410148235-avatar-shauncaldwell Last post by Shaun Caldwell
5 days ago
Buying at foreclosure is EASY!!!!
Started by Rich Weese
60 Tiny_1416980729-avatar-cedricb Last post by Cedric Ballet
5 days ago
Help finding owner/heir probate property
Started by Richelle Thomas
6 Tiny_1399861476-avatar-rthomas986 Last post by Richelle Thomas
5 days ago
Personal Property After and Foreclosure Auction
Started by Andrew B.
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Andrew B.
5 days ago
Need advice on odd HOA foreclosure with underlying mortgage
Started by Chad B.
7 Tiny_1405452425-avatar-chadb Last post by Chad B.
5 days ago
Tax Delinquent Properties
Started by Christina Phillips
16 Tiny_1403025846-avatar-bboone2787 Last post by Barrett Boone
5 days ago
Homes in Forclosure
Started by Cynthia Seitz
4 Tiny_1418658175-avatar-benvolk Last post by Ben Volk
6 days ago
US Treasury Auction property closing
Started by Byrne McKenna
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Byrne McKenna
6 days ago
Can you wholesale a foreclosure property?
Started by Brittnie Stewart
2 Tiny_1399747876-avatar-adamkiblerhoutx Last post by Adam Kibler
7 days ago
foreclosure acquisition questions - please help :D
Started by Mark Updegraff
11 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ron Singh
7 days ago
Duplex Foreclosure, Sheriff Sale
Started by Todd Willhoite
6 Tiny_1411866810-avatar-toddw7 Last post by Todd Willhoite
7 days ago
Tutorial for buying at foreclosure auctions
Started by Frank Dai
20 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ron Singh
7 days ago
What do I need to know to bid at a foreclosure auction in CA?
Started by Jennifer Silletto
8 Tiny_1418412702-avatar-jennifers Last post by Jennifer Silletto
7 days ago

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