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Forum topics below include discussions on finding foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, making offers on these properties and doing foreclosure deals.

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Quick Pre-foreclosure Deal
Started by Joseph Malovich
4 Tiny_1404427912-avatar-guyraveh Guy Raveh
1 day ago
Stopping Foreclosure
Started by David Serrano
7 No_avatar_tiny Dion DePaoli
2 days ago
How do i find the people im looking for ?!
Started by Eran Matalon
1 No_avatar_tiny Jassem A.
3 days ago
How do i find
Started by Eran Matalon
2 No_avatar_tiny Eran Matalon
3 days ago
Vacancy Notice
Started by Andrew Edwards
1 No_avatar_tiny Dion DePaoli
3 days ago
Wells Fargo - should be foreclosure
Started by Chris Haas
3 Tiny_1406430842-avatar-spenserharding Spenser Harding
4 days ago
Purchased Foreclosed Property at Auction- Owner still lives in property
Started by Lewis Clarke
7 Tiny_1399708734-avatar-clintdorris Clint Dorris
4 days ago
Finding/Contacting Vacant Property Owner
Started by John Shortridge
2 No_avatar_tiny John Shortridge
6 days ago
foreclosure auction (double post -sorry)
Started by Jesse O.
2 Tiny_1401651271-avatar-freetogo Jesse O.
7 days ago
ideas for strategy?
2 Tiny_1407182648-avatar-marcus8801 MARK MONTANO
8 days ago
title at county foreclosure
Started by Jesse O.
0 Tiny_1399601940-avatar-jesser Jesse O.
8 days ago
There seems to be a trend..banks are moving slow in foreclosure
Started by D Barkley
2 Tiny_1408638052-avatar-mcguiver D Barkley
9 days ago
TN Foreclosure laws
Started by Linda Backlund
5 Tiny_1399767501-avatar-molivent Mary Olivent
9 days ago
The $125,000 HOA foreclosure purchase??!!!!
Started by Patrice McCloud
5 Tiny_1404427912-avatar-guyraveh Guy Raveh
10 days ago
Foreclosure Auction (Sheriff Sale and Trustee Sale) FAQ
Started by Steve Babiak
21 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
10 days ago
HOA Foreclosure- Mortgage Payoff
Started by Joshua Walters
30 No_avatar_tiny Michelle Mcdermott
11 days ago
HOA Foreclosure
Started by Kelly L.
9 No_avatar_tiny Michelle Mcdermott
11 days ago
Who actually uses What's your process?
Started by Will Porter
0 Tiny_1407814055-avatar-willporter Will Porter
11 days ago
CT Judicial Foreclosure Question - Awaiting Court Approval of Sale Agreement
Started by Kevin Scanlon
7 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
12 days ago
Guidance Needed to structure an offer
Started by Jay Sassau
4 Tiny_1407606552-avatar-rei_jay Jay Sassau
12 days ago

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