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The multi-family investing forum is for the discussion of commercial multi-family and apartment investing. No matter what your questions are, if they concern properties with 5 or more units, this is the place to ask them.

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10 Unit Apartment - Estimate numbers prior to offer or get full financials?
Started by Greg Martin
6 Tiny_1422133813-avatar-tomp4 Last post by Tom Potter
1 minute ago
Where are the safest low income places in Miami to invest in?
Started by Jordan Finkelman
11 Tiny_1425063538-avatar-mantas Last post by Mantas Kudrinas
40 minutes ago
Question on a 20 unit deal
Started by Kyle Davis
14 Tiny_1399738415-avatar-marcia Last post by Marcia Maynard
about 1 hour ago
Appraisal for multi-familys
Started by Curtis Magee
1 Tiny_1412263896-avatar-cigar2011 Last post by Neil Schoepp
about 1 hour ago
Anyone on here interested in Multiple Multi-Family properties in South Louisiana??
Started by Brandon Calhoun
6 Tiny_1419605356-avatar-karlhodges Last post by Kris H.
about 11 hours ago
Investor Friendly Commercial / Multi-family brokers in Tulsa?
Started by Mark Mosch
4 Tiny_1399785022-avatar-tinythemule Last post by Chris Simmons
about 12 hours ago
4 Units or 5 Units: That is the Question
Started by Marcus Curtis
0 Tiny_1424138660-avatar-mccurtis Last post by Marcus Curtis
about 12 hours ago
Deal Analysis on Multi-family in Los Angeles
Started by Mario Lara
11 Tiny_1399394636-avatar-ewa Last post by Ewa Reza
about 13 hours ago
Started by Phil Ferranto
2 Tiny_1425600423-avatar-brents4 Last post by Brent Shryock
about 16 hours ago
Refinancing 30 unit property in Georgia
Started by Ryan Agustin
4 Tiny_1399653453-avatar-jkehl Last post by Jeff Kehl
1 day ago
How the @*&#%$^ do I pick a market to invest in?
Started by Mark Neiger
12 Tiny_1399655189-avatar-hipsterali Last post by Ali Boone
1 day ago
100+ units as first real investment property
Started by Adam Morgan
1 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
1 day ago
Leverage Is Through the Roof!
Started by Ben Leybovich
171 Tiny_1425317214-avatar-kuzushi Last post by Steve Might
1 day ago
Empty 6 plex
Started by Bruce Green
4 Tiny_1399697185-avatar-colleenf Last post by Colleen F.
1 day ago
Any success getting paid to rent out rooftop?
Started by Joe Fairless
7 No_avatar_tiny Last post by John Graham
1 day ago
Sub metering two duplexes
Started by Devan Mcclish
7 Tiny_1402012548-avatar-lbb1234321 Last post by Lucas Bennett
2 days ago
Philadelphia multi family for cashflow
Started by Pushpendu Chakraborty
1 Tiny_1399665684-avatar-ugochukwu Last post by Ugochukwu Opara
2 days ago
How to find a sponsor?
9 Tiny_1404096888-avatar-xceed Last post by Denise Stanford
2 days ago
Possible Residential Mortgage?
Started by Jamie McKenna
1 Tiny_1399587364-avatar-mattdevincenzo Last post by Matt Devincenzo
2 days ago
Mixed-Use Property
Started by Devonte' Dinkins
6 Tiny_1399762249-avatar-ddinkins Last post by Devonte' Dinkins
2 days ago

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