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The multi-family investing forum is for the discussion of commercial multi-family and apartment investing. No matter what your questions are, if they concern properties with 5 or more units, this is the place to ask them.

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Is multifamily investing really just buying into a network?
Started by Wade Guy
0 Tiny 1399413998 avatar wga Last post by Wade Guy
13 minutes ago
where can I mobile home parks for sale
Started by Kayla Ross
3 Tiny 1411477342 avatar philbashaw Last post by Philip Bashaw
about 1 hour ago
Newbie Needs Help Analyzing Possible First Deal 8Unit MFR!!!!
Started by Tory Ellis
16 Tiny 1399689199 avatar moneky17 Last post by William M.
about 2 hours ago
OHio Multifamily R20 insulation requirement for new roofs
Started by DL Martin
12 Tiny 1420663906 avatar patrickh5 Last post by Patrick Holley
about 3 hours ago
Looking for Baltimore contractor for full-gut rehab for 36-unit apt building
Started by Michael Blank
3 Tiny 1399720047 avatar michaelblank Last post by Michael Blank
about 3 hours ago
How do you find off market Apartment/Multifamily's?
Started by Devon Garbus
14 Tiny 1399602804 avatar stamper Last post by Justin Stamper
about 6 hours ago
where can I mobile home parks for sale
Started by Kayla Ross
5 No avatar tiny Last post by Rob Chamberlain
about 6 hours ago
Things to consider when starting a holding LLC
Started by Hunter Hughes
1 Tiny 1403808313 avatar roblandry978 Last post by Rob L.
about 8 hours ago
what would be typical terms for a commercial loan on a 8 plex?
Started by A.J. Chesney
7 Tiny 1399666228 avatar apirlrain Last post by Jennifer Lee
about 8 hours ago
Need feedback on my first commercial residential offer- is this a good deal?
Started by Sandy Salazar
20 Tiny 1429639956 avatar salazarinvstmts Last post by Sandy Salazar
about 8 hours ago
Multiplex Apts complex in texas
Started by Kamlesh Thakkar
0 Tiny 1438190102 avatar kamlesht Last post by Kamlesh Thakkar
about 9 hours ago
Multi Family portfolio in Los Angeles, financing questions
Started by Alex Janos
3 Tiny 1399653453 avatar jkehl Last post by Jeff Kehl
about 9 hours ago
4 viewings tomorrow
Started by Dante Williams
4 Tiny 1399450471 avatar dwilliams475 Last post by Dante Williams
about 12 hours ago
Minnesota lenders
Started by Mike Henning
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Michael Tempel
about 13 hours ago
Multi-Family Property LLC name?
Started by Mike Amedeo
2 Tiny 1399577641 avatar vandalfan Last post by Jonna Weber
about 14 hours ago
24 Unit. Residential Mortgages or Commercial Loan?
Started by Anthony Gayden
16 Tiny 1437875755 avatar tombrooks10 Last post by Tom Brooks
about 14 hours ago
Changing Property Management Software
Started by Nate Hall
12 Tiny 1405612710 avatar gita faust Last post by Gita Faust
about 15 hours ago
How to know a duplex is a good deal?
Started by Daniel Okon
5 Tiny 1432960439 avatar bohlsen Last post by Byron Bohlsen
about 24 hours ago
Are my numbers to conservative?? And, what should be included when calculating a cap rate?
Started by Matt McCourry
4 Tiny 1413934963 avatar mattmccourry250 Last post by Matt McCourry
1 day ago
No Money Down Real Estate Investing
Started by Chris Garzino
8 Tiny 1431389417 avatar investordade305 Last post by david Henriquez
1 day ago

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