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The multi-family investing forum is for the discussion of commercial multi-family and apartment investing. No matter what your questions are, if they concern properties with 5 or more units, this is the place to ask them.

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Viewing a Rental Property Prior to Purchase
Started by Curt McClements
9 Tiny_1414616621-avatar-steve_o Last post by Steve Olafson
39 minutes ago
Guide in Dallas or Omaha?
Started by Scott Wise
2 Tiny_1399681918-avatar-swanthoyn Last post by Stephen Anthony
about 1 hour ago
Working a 5 unit multifamily deal, 4 duplexes and 1 triplex - Need advice from the veterans!
Started by Franklin Anderson
17 Tiny_1422076018-avatar-franklina Last post by Franklin Anderson
about 3 hours ago
Contract for Deed Refinance
Started by Ron Steele
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
about 13 hours ago
Any Dave Lindahl Students in Northern California
Started by Jeff Banky
0 Tiny_1420005823-avatar-jbreinvestments Last post by Jeff Banky
about 14 hours ago
In need of a good rehabbing proposal software for a 10 unit building
Started by Mark Caramanna
10 Tiny_1420702694-avatar-sfredrickson Last post by Scott Fredrickson
about 15 hours ago
Started by Ron Steele
1 Tiny_1399367557-avatar-wakeproperties Last post by Chris Martin
about 18 hours ago
Potential huge deal, need help with how to make it work.
Started by Greg Palmer
3 Tiny_1412209793-avatar-brighterdays Last post by Karen Margrave
about 19 hours ago
Des Moines Iowa Property Management Company referrals
Started by Amol Dewhare
2 Tiny_1409253888-avatar-grubbypaws Last post by Mitch Coluzzi
1 day ago
What websites should I use to find owners of "off market" commercial or multi's?
Started by Jim Brooks
1 Tiny_1420479144-avatar-fzanetti Last post by Flavio Zanetti
1 day ago
Equity Brokers
Started by Ron Steele
1 Tiny_1399649407-avatar-cirrusav8or Last post by Brian Burke
1 day ago
Sacramento Multifamily
Started by Taylor Comer
13 Tiny_1399489817-avatar-jhouse88 Last post by Jeanine P.
1 day ago
What are the Top Questions to Ask When Offering on a Multifamily?
Started by Brandon Sturgill
55 Tiny_1399532483-avatar-aaron_m Last post by Aaron Mazzrillo
1 day ago
North Carolina Multi Family
Started by Melissa Johnson
2 Tiny_1409600440-avatar-jocorei Last post by Jerry M.
1 day ago
11 unit deal. What am I missing on this one?
Started by Paul Gwilliam
8 Tiny_1399705858-avatar-cwa951 Last post by Chuck Wilson
1 day ago
Seller doesn't want to provide schedule E for 8 unit building,
Started by Nazz Wang
9 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
2 days ago
NH 6 Unit Seller Financing
Started by David Bennett
7 Tiny_1418761275-avatar-matayl Last post by Matt Taylor
2 days ago
Questions about holding accounts for insurance + taxes
Started by Omi C.
7 Tiny_1417909706-avatar-coasthomebuyers Last post by Mark F.
2 days ago
Fencing properties
Started by Cory Morris
3 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Last post by Steve Babiak
2 days ago
My home: Rent or Flip
Started by Carl Stewart
2 Tiny_1422024403-avatar-carls2 Last post by Carl Stewart
3 days ago

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