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Multi-Family and Apartment Investing Forums

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The multi-family investing forum is for the discussion of commercial multi-family and apartment investing. No matter what your questions are, if they concern properties with 5 or more units, this is the place to ask them.

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Just closed an Apartment Building in Elgin and Beverly
Started by Tony Hardy
1 Tiny 1435577403 avatar chrisd29 Last post by Chris Davis
about 1 hour ago
I GOT The Building Under Contract!!! YAAAAAYYY!!! Oh Crap!!!
Started by Dawn Oree
16 Tiny 1399726730 avatar joefairless Last post by Joe Fairless
about 1 hour ago
Just closed an apartment building in Beverly and Elgin
Started by Tony Hardy
0 Tiny 1429471693 avatar tonyhardy1 Last post by Tony Hardy
about 8 hours ago
rent collection day!!!..but i am tired of face-to-face collection
Started by DJ Cummins
23 Tiny 1440031041 avatar larryk Last post by Larry K.
about 9 hours ago
New Investor Potential Deal
Started by Bright Ayalingo
3 Tiny 1429667591 avatar soldier Last post by Leon Moody Sr
about 21 hours ago
Does property management blow the budget for small MFAs?
Started by Jeremy Janszen
14 Tiny 1440531800 avatar jeremyj15 Last post by Jeremy Janszen
about 21 hours ago
Guttenberg, West NY, Union City, etc..?
Started by Achi Adamit
13 Tiny 1425247993 avatar achihud Last post by Achi Adamit
about 22 hours ago
Hypothetical: New investor purchase of a multi family
Started by Jerry Stanford
1 Tiny 1440879658 avatar nbritton70 Last post by Nick Britton
1 day ago
Buy and hold areas!
Started by Curtis Tavernier
6 Tiny 1399586972 avatar donuts Last post by Rick Baggenstoss
1 day ago
management software
Started by Tim O'HEARN
5 Tiny 1441226461 avatar jamesg43 Last post by James Griffin
1 day ago
Advice about Multifamily Properties
Started by Adam Bartomeo
6 Tiny 1437063877 avatar ahccapital Last post by Nicolas Paez
1 day ago
Looking for positive stories about property managers...
Started by Mindy Jensen
9 Tiny 1437063877 avatar ahccapital Last post by Nicolas Paez
1 day ago
North Carolina Market, Greenville vs Raleigh
Started by Ben Braddock
8 Tiny 1440100788 avatar benb15 Last post by Ben Braddock
2 days ago
2-8 Unit Buy & Hold
Started by Jimmy Watson
10 Tiny 1403706641 avatar mdeines2014 Last post by Mathew Deines
2 days ago
Should I do this deal? (8-unit apartment building...numbers included)
Started by David Young
23 Tiny 1440631046 avatar christopherm38 Last post by Christopher M.
2 days ago
Just closed apartment complex in Elgin and Beverly
Started by Tony Hardy
4 Tiny 1435577403 avatar chrisd29 Last post by Chris Davis
2 days ago
Touring a 12 plex
Started by Abou C.
5 Tiny 1408349410 avatar stealthwealth Last post by Abou C.
2 days ago
Please Help! 4 apt. and 1 unfinished store help.
Started by Aaron Armstrong
3 Tiny 1399419536 avatar tdspropertiesvt Last post by Tom S.
2 days ago
Financial Plan to $100K yr income
Started by Anna Shaver
47 Tiny 1399767437 avatar ramji Last post by Ram Srinivasan
3 days ago
Steps towards obtaining a commercial loan
Started by Pavlos Kasselouris
7 Tiny 1399308243 avatar cucaloco Last post by Steve L.
3 days ago

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