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This forum is for discussing real estate development, pre-construction and new home construction strategies.

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Started by Karen Margrave
3 Tiny 1399474936 avatar theduke Last post by Todd Whiddon
5 minutes ago
Started by Karen Margrave
17 Tiny 1412209793 avatar brighterdays Last post by Karen Margrave
about 10 hours ago
Newbie considering JV w/developer- what should I get for my land?
Started by Waverly Rennie
14 Tiny 1426920289 avatar waverlyr Last post by Waverly Rennie
about 12 hours ago
Demolish a rental property & build new SFH on lot to sell
Started by Marzella Zielke
11 Tiny 1426920289 avatar waverlyr Last post by Waverly Rennie
2 days ago
Multiple lots development in San Jose: anticipated 30% return in 1.5 years. Your gut feeling?
Started by Nhi Nguyen
50 No avatar tiny Last post by Bruce Olsen
2 days ago
Investing in development deals
Started by Rob Cee
6 Tiny 1399767300 avatar benstoodley Last post by Ben Stoodley
3 days ago
How to become Successful Residential and Commercial Real estate Developer in Illinois
Started by Anthony Kondor
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Anthony Kondor
4 days ago
Storm drainage pipe on private Property? Have you dealt with this?
Started by Nasar Elarabi
5 Tiny 1398784765 avatar wheatie Last post by Jon Holdman
4 days ago
Purchase wooded lot and new build.
Started by Al Brennan
16 Tiny 1399395865 avatar fatnfur Last post by Will Grabert
4 days ago
How to Convert Duplex to Condos and Sell Separately?
Started by Zachary Myers
0 Tiny 1411764003 avatar zfromatoz Last post by Zachary Myers
4 days ago
Tree on property line
Started by Larry Flanagan
1 Tiny 1415133889 avatar rickpozos Last post by Richard Pozos
5 days ago
How do I find a profit in devlopment in current market. North Carolina
Started by Terrance Merck
17 No avatar tiny Last post by Manolo D.
5 days ago
Spec Homes
Started by Miller Josh
10 No avatar tiny Last post by Joseph R.
6 days ago
Residential development in rural area
Started by Terrance Merck
9 Tiny 1435379941 avatar tmerck Last post by Terrance Merck
8 days ago
Land development
Started by Alissa Kalmbacher
12 Tiny 1430436724 avatar deboraht2 Last post by Deborah Townsend
10 days ago
​Exuberant Frothiness in Seattle?
Started by Doug M.
12 Tiny 1399748347 avatar starchanger Last post by Karyn T.
10 days ago
Developing Boston
Started by Jabari Piper
7 Tiny 1416715386 avatar schwany10 Last post by Pete Schwan
10 days ago
How can I become a property developer?
Started by Jeremy Grandberry
10 No avatar tiny Last post by Jared S.
10 days ago
Modular Multifamily Construction in Denver - Any experience?
Started by Matt M.
25 Tiny 1420853029 avatar zekef Last post by Zeke Freeman
11 days ago

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