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This forum is for discussing real estate development, pre-construction and new home construction strategies.

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SOLAR on your homes?
Started by Karen Margrave
4 Tiny_1410838523-avatar-mypath2rewealth Troy Fisher
about 1 hour ago
Panelized Homes?
Started by Matt C.
13 Tiny_1399762059-avatar-houseofoam Angel Gutierrez
about 12 hours ago
Tesla's Gigafactory
Started by Chad V.
9 Tiny_1412222369-avatar-evincent Vincent Aiello
1 day ago
Build and Hold. Pros and Cons of building new SFR rentals
Started by Matt Huneycutt
0 Tiny_1399741687-avatar-nextgeneration Matt Huneycutt
2 days ago
Buying an unlisted lot
Started by Lynn Burson
4 Tiny_1399741687-avatar-nextgeneration Matt Huneycutt
2 days ago
Spec Home
Started by Inderpal Chadha
2 Tiny_1411648700-avatar-investor365 Inderpal Chadha
2 days ago
Interested In Following New Builds or Flips or Documenting Yours?
Started by Karen Margrave
74 Tiny_1398863090-avatar-barnardinc Will Barnard
4 days ago
Owner Financing On Raw Land
Started by Mel Locke
2 Tiny_1412962244-avatar-perigee Mel Locke
5 days ago
Building a triplex
Started by Tyson Jordan
1 Tiny_1399783736-avatar-bhopkins Brandon Hopkins
5 days ago
Building new modular homes
Started by Ellen Steinlauf
0 No_avatar_tiny Ellen Steinlauf
6 days ago
House on a small Lot
Started by Paul Ortiz
6 Tiny_1399788037-avatar-portiz Paul Ortiz
6 days ago
Riskier -- spec build or high end flip?
Started by Sean S.
1 Tiny_1412209793-avatar-brighterdays Karen Margrave
7 days ago
Builders risk insurance is ticking me off
Started by Chris Adams
1 Tiny_1412209793-avatar-brighterdays Karen Margrave
7 days ago
How to calculate value of land?
Started by Nick Capriotti
8 Tiny_1399765747-avatar-davecj David Jacques
7 days ago
Sealing (re-sealing) a sealed floor with worn out patches (Home depot, Lowes, Hardware, Los Angeles)
Started by Francis A.
0 No_avatar_tiny Francis A.
8 days ago
How Do I Approach Buying Subdivided Lots That Have Not Been Developed
Started by Brandon Sturgill
19 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Jay Hinrichs
9 days ago
Started by Karen Margrave
19 Tiny_1399586972-avatar-donuts Rick Baggenstoss
9 days ago
Help on partnership dynamics with spec home builder
Started by Colin Perry
7 Tiny_1399741654-avatar-coperry Colin Perry
10 days ago
Marketing Spec Homes
Started by Chad Lubke
14 Tiny_1399750977-avatar-agileinvestor Kenneth Bell
10 days ago

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