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This forum is for discussing real estate development, pre-construction and new home construction strategies.

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Cost Consultant
Started by Jason Mak
0 Tiny_1425313458-avatar-rachmak Last post by Jason Mak
about 6 hours ago
Looking to Buy Land in the Bay Area CA and build off grid or Tiny House
Started by Marielle Walter
19 Tiny_1421368811-avatar-benb3 Last post by Ben Brunetti
about 7 hours ago reviews. Scam or Legit?
Started by Shellane Brown
0 Tiny_1421704840-avatar-shellane Last post by Shellane Brown
about 10 hours ago
Average Lot Finishing Costs?
Started by Derek Tyler
25 Tiny_1424125118-avatar-kellyr2 Last post by Kelly Regan
about 10 hours ago
Hottest Trends from the International Builders Show
Started by Lynn Currie
3 Tiny_1424581063-avatar-tyronm Last post by Tyron McDaniel
about 14 hours ago
Newbie looking for new construction timeline & budget sample
Started by Michael Sjogren
6 Tiny_1424581063-avatar-tyronm Last post by Tyron McDaniel
about 14 hours ago
How do you assess your contractors?
Started by Jason Mak
8 Tiny_1399446944-avatar-johnblackman Last post by John Blackman
1 day ago
No Utilities
Started by Jean Pierre Vachier Flores
5 Tiny_1401127025-avatar-mrscherer Last post by Martin Scherer
2 days ago
Cost Per Square Foot for New Construction in Atlanta and Builder Suggestions
Started by Greg Wynn
14 Tiny_1421905035-avatar-andrewcordle Last post by Andrew Cordle
2 days ago
27 lot subdivision PDX market has gone black
Started by Jay Hinrichs
3 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
2 days ago
Started by Karen Margrave
30 Tiny_1399665215-avatar-lynnontheweb Last post by Lynn Currie
3 days ago
22 town home development pics
Started by Mike Campbell
16 Tiny_1399550311-avatar-mjcbusiness Last post by Mike Campbell
3 days ago
How do I figure out the details behind a vacant lot not listed for sale?
Started by Walker Hinshaw
8 Tiny_1415115226-avatar-kbloemendaal Last post by Keith Bloemendaal
4 days ago
Started by Karen Margrave
33 Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk Last post by Jon Klaus
4 days ago
Question for Metro Atlanta Builders & Developers
Started by David Begley
16 Tiny_1423757166-avatar-brandonr5 Last post by Brandon Richardson
5 days ago
Container home project
Started by Camronn Weiny
5 Tiny_1417288669-avatar-coreye Last post by Corey Edmonds
6 days ago
Started by Karen Margrave
16 Tiny_1422340083-avatar-rae Last post by Raechelle Carroll
6 days ago
Preferred Return
Started by Stephen Weber
11 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott Last post by J Scott
7 days ago
10 Acre Land Investment finally paid off, now what?
Started by Irma Hermida
12 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Manolo D.
8 days ago

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