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How is wholesaling considered real estate investing?
Started by Albert Yamoah
51 Tiny_1399782946-avatar-jsfarmer Jason Farmer
19 minutes ago
Top 3 YOY Miami 10.5%- Las Vegas 10.1% - San Franscisco 9%
Started by Matt Rosas
2 Tiny_1404427912-avatar-guyraveh Guy Raveh
28 minutes ago
Properties that doesn't Cashflow
Started by Precious Thompson
32 Tiny_1411158686-avatar-7differentways Steve Vaughan
about 2 hours ago
Pay Down Primary to Rid of PMI? Or Save to Buy More Properties
Started by Christian McPherson
12 Tiny_1399726730-avatar-joefairless Joe Fairless
about 4 hours ago
The 2% Rule is a Bad Rule: Discuss
Started by Andrew Syrios
60 Tiny_1398786955-avatar-timwieneke Tim W.
about 4 hours ago
Best guess for maintenance and replacement reserves? SFH
Started by Joe A.
4 Tiny_1406122198-avatar-ltbp Larry T.
about 5 hours ago
Any advice on negotiating terms for seller financing deals?
Started by Kwasi Okyere
0 Tiny_1399777373-avatar-mkdons21 Kwasi Okyere
about 11 hours ago
Unforeseen ways to fail
Started by Joseph Sanders
5 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Dawn Anastasi
about 15 hours ago
What does % distressed in a market snapshot?
Started by Jamane Y.
0 Tiny_1399718625-avatar-jamane Jamane Y.
about 17 hours ago
Partnerships and Profit Distributions
Started by Vaughn Lewis
0 Tiny_1399769139-avatar-vaughn_lewis Vaughn Lewis
about 21 hours ago
What's the best generation to target?
Started by Shane Willcox
8 Tiny_1412655891-avatar-ozinsm Shane Willcox
about 21 hours ago
Attention Investors! Would you like to earn double digit returns on your money or Self Directed Ira??
Started by Tammy Obregon
0 Tiny_1413404111-avatar-tammyo Tammy Obregon
about 22 hours ago
Higher Wage Earner (+$150,000), use of depreciation schedule?
Started by John Buchanan
1 No_avatar_tiny Tom V.
1 day ago
42 units Detroit 67k but there is one small catch
Started by Matt Rosas
16 Tiny_1402670528-avatar-troysheets Troy S.
1 day ago
Why Most Single Family Property Managers Suck and What We Can Do About It
Started by Jon Strishak
51 Tiny_1412204573-avatar-alegriacm Jon Strishak
1 day ago
Wholesaling High-End Houses
Started by Luis Lopez
2 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
2 days ago

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