Should I use Legal Zoom as my registered agent on my new LLC?

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Adam Collopy


Apr 27 '11, 11:56 AM

I'm creating an LLC for myself so do a small start up home business. I'm in the process of setting it up on Legal Zoom and got to the section where it asks if I want them to be the registered agent for $159 a year. Is this worth it? It says it can save me from junk mail and keep privacy. Is this really of concern? If I choose my wife to be my registered agent, can I always change it later if we choose?

Jeffrey K.

Real Estate Investor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Apr 27 '11, 12:00 PM

I would use a local lawyer. You have more control, it is more personal, and you know everything is going to be setup for your business the right way. The lawyer also might have some other advice and be a good contact in the future.

Jason Davis

Rehabber from Powhatan, Virginia

Apr 27 '11, 12:12 PM

You can be you own registered agent here in VA. I used a service to file 1st LLC. After I saw the little amount of paper work they did I started doing own. It easy to do yourself.

As you might see from my post I don't like paying someone for something I can do myself.

Matty M

Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles, California

Apr 27 '11, 12:29 PM

I've had a competing entity as the registered agent on my LLC for over six years. So far no problems.

William D.

Homeowner from

Apr 27 '11, 12:39 PM

There is absolutely no reason why you need Legal Zoom to be your registered agent for service. They low ball the organization cost in the hope that they make money on incidental fees such as agent for service. While most attorneys charge more for the organization they will act as the agent for service for free. It's actually a shame people even consider using Legal Zoom as agent for service instead of building a relationship with a local attorney.

Mitch Kronowit Donor

SFR Investor from Orange County, California

Apr 27 '11, 03:02 PM

Originally posted by Adam Collopy:
it asks if I want them to be the registered agent for $159 a year. Is this worth it? It says it can save me from junk mail and keep privacy. Is this really of concern?

For us, yes, privacy is of great concern, so we pay one of our property managers $125 a year to be our resident agent.

However, depending on the type of business you'll be operating out of your home, most of your customers will probably have your home address anyways, so there goes your privacy.

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