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Jun 15 '06, 11:41 PM

(PRLEAP.COM) For release: 16th June, 2006 - Jerusalem

Israel real estate online announced today its expanding its operation in the Israel real estate market after signing agreements with several key hotel owners to sell their properties worldwide.

In the last two years the peace process and the geopolitical changes in the Middle East have contributed to the rise of the tourism industry in Israel.

The tourism industry is foreseen to keep growing in the coming years, attracting people from all over the globe and of all religions.

After 15 years of experience in the field the is-real estate team sees the rising of the tourism industry as an opportunity for foreign investors to enter this lively and growing market.

Is-real estate is a team built up of major realtors in the Israeli market, dedicated to the sole purpose of creating large real estate investment projects for foreign investors. Specializing in locating and selling of Hotels, Motels, Malls, Shopping Outlets, Convention Centers and properties dedicated for such ventures in Israel.

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Aug 20 '06, 03:08 AM


I will like to give you the Israel real estate blog rss feed:

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Israel real estate blog, focused on real estate news from Israel. This blog managed by Salomon Amir, A israeli real estate expert from Israel Real Estate Online.

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Ron Davids

from Jerusalem, Israel

Dec 13 '11, 11:48 PM

Thanks for the information in this site. I am looking for a property in Jerusalem for vacations and other property management in Jerusalem apartments. It would be great to hear other opinions and information. Cheers

Andy Bankston

Real Estate Investor from Kennesaw, Georgia

Dec 13 '11, 11:56 PM
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Hi Ron,
Not sure if you noticed, but this thread was started over 5 years ago and it looks like the OP hasn't posted anything in almost the same time, so I'm not sure you'll get a response from him/her.

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