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Craig McGowan

from New York , New York

Nov 20 '12, 03:55 PM

Hello everyone! While finishing up my education at beautiful UCLA, I've recently decided follow my family's footsteps and dive into the world of real estate. With both my father and grandfather having long real estate careers here, I am hoping to learn from their experience as well as tap into the vast knowledge of you all here on biggerpockets to aid me in my journey. My immediate goals are to learn as much as possible while building up some capital of my own, and my 10-15 year goal is to create a passive income through multiple real estate investments.

Now for my first question! Do you all feel there is any advantage to taking an in-person real estate course to get my license as opposed to an online course? From what I've gathered it appears the best advice is to simply get your salesperson license either way then start getting experience. Thanks in advance for your responses! I'll be sure to check this thread in later today.

-Craig M.

James Vermillion Donor

Real Estate Investor from Lexington, Kentucky

Nov 20 '12, 04:01 PM

Welcome to BP Craig! You are very lucky to have people accessible to teach you about real estate investing, something many people struggle to find. As for the real estate license in-person vs online question, it really depends on several things:

1) You: are you able to make time and focus on the task at hand if you do not attend the course in person? Are you able to self-motivate yourself to finish the course once you start?

2) The course: some online courses are better than others. Personally, I got mine online (I had to due to a military deployment) and was beyond satisfied with the class, the presentation of the material and its preparation for the licensing exam.

There are of course some things that an online course really cannot replace such as networking, conversation, etc, but in the end it is the result that matters, getting your license. I hope that helps and good luck to you.

Craig McGowan

from New York , New York

Nov 24 '12, 02:35 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome and good info James! I've picked an online school and am plugging away at the classes. If you don't mind me asking, which branch did you serve in?

James Vermillion Donor

Real Estate Investor from Lexington, Kentucky

Nov 24 '12, 07:26 AM

Your welcome! I just got off Active Duty Air Force in July.

Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

BiggerPockets Founder from Denver, Colorado

Nov 24 '12, 07:43 AM

Welcome to BiggerPockets, @Craig McGowan. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. It looks like your profile pic is messed up; I think the photo was part of a larger image, which is why it is so small. You may want to consider uploading a fresh pic so it sizes correctly.

As for your question, personally, I prefer any kind of class to be in person, but I learn better that way. Others can do just fine online. As long as the school is highly rated, you should be good.

Are you looking to be an agent or do you want the license to help with your investing business?

Regardless, we appreciate your membership and look forward to having you here on the site!

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Dennis Tierney

Commercial Landlord from Omaha, Nebraska

Nov 24 '12, 08:19 AM

@Craig McGowanWelcome to BP. I have a son and daughter-in-law in Santa Barbara. They haven't done any real estate on their own but have invested with me in apartments in the Omaha area. They may be interested in doing something in your area too. I could link you up with them if you'd like.

Allen Maris

Real Estate Investor from Santa Ynez, California

Jun 03 '13, 07:21 AM

Welcome from a fellow SB'er. Well SYV'er actually but close enough.

Allen Maris, Central California Properties
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Mehran K. Verified Moderator Donor

Real Estate Investor from Woodland Hills, California

Jun 03 '13, 09:58 AM

Hey Craig welcome to BP,

Nice to see another Californian on the site. You're starting young and that's great man! The fact that you have goals puts you at a great chance of success. Just stick to them, put in your time, and the benefits will come.

Good luck & hope to see you around the site!

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