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David Niles

Real Estate Investor from Buffalo, New York

Nov 10 '12, 07:06 AM

Any of you guys watch Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis on DIY?

I love her design sense and style.

Rob K

Real Estate Investor from Michigan

Nov 10 '12, 08:18 AM

I enjoy her show. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty. I think she goes overboard trying to get everything back to original, but she seems to do a good job.

One place I disagree with her is when she garbage picks for furniture and building materials. Apparantly, she's never heard of bedbugs or doesn't know how easily you can bring them into a house from garbage.

Kyle J. Donor

Real Estate Investor from Northern, California

Nov 10 '12, 01:07 PM

I've watched her show. It's entertaining. I'm surprised at how knowledgable she seems to be, and how much work she actually can do herself. On most of the flip shows with male stars, the hosts don't seem to do nearly as much as Nicole does. Makes me wonder what her background/training is.

David Niles

Real Estate Investor from Buffalo, New York

Nov 10 '12, 02:42 PM

I agree with you guys, most of the other shows seem to be more about the guys cheating their subs out of every penny they can, she jumps in, gets dirty and makes some real nice calls.

Shane Johnson

St Paul, Minnesota

Nov 13 '12, 01:45 PM

Nicole is awesome. I watched the episode of the house she did locally here in St Paul. Super knowlegable, and, she is a babe.

Steph C.

Real Estate Investor from Bristol County, Massachusetts

Nov 25 '12, 09:18 AM
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I love the Rehab Addict show. I am always looking to see if she's doing another season or if there is an update on the sale of her Minnehaha (sp?) rehab.

She does a great job on all her houses and I love how she tries to keep the integrity and style of the original home. Most rehab shows (which I also watch) seem to always rip old houses out down to the studs and put in all new/modern upgrades.


Shane Johnson

St Paul, Minnesota

Nov 25 '12, 05:32 PM

From what I found on a forum, via Google, the Minnehaha house sold in February 2012 for $610,000

James Vermillion Donor

Real Estate Investor from Lexington, Kentucky

Nov 25 '12, 06:24 PM

Originally posted by Charles Perkins:
Never even heard of the show. I went online though to watch some and it does look useful.

Here is a link to some full episodes for others like me.

I had never seen or heard of this show before this thread. I normally stay away from the flipping shows but may give this one a shot when I get some "free" time. Thank for the link.

Scott W.


Nov 25 '12, 06:31 PM

Have you seen a and e's new show flipping vegas? It's awesome. The thing I can't stand is very few of these showng costs. include closing costs/commissions/holding costs.

The vegas one was pretty cool and revealed the business side of things pretty well. He caughed up 200k to the got 30k discount off the already deprwssed

Scott W.


Nov 25 '12, 06:32 PM

Sorry for the typos. Trying to learn how to operate a tablet. Work in progess.

Rob K

Real Estate Investor from Michigan

Nov 25 '12, 06:46 PM

@Scott W. I like Flipping Vegas too. The most shocking part of the show for me was that the guy is married to a woman. I don't know how he landed her either.

The show can be kind of campy with him partnering up with those two wanna be tough guys from Brooklyn. I like the episode where he pulled out his gun and cleared the house Miami Vice style. I've done that a few times.

David Niles

Real Estate Investor from Buffalo, New York

Nov 25 '12, 08:48 PM

What I like about Nicoles show is, no drama, these other flip shows all have to have screaming, fighting or some BS drama at each commercial break, gets old quick to me.

Shane Johnson

St Paul, Minnesota

Nov 25 '12, 09:07 PM

i agree with you David, i watched an episode yesterday of Flipping Vegas, where a boa constrictor holds up reno, its obviously a pet, and the scene where two workers evacuate looks completely staged, not to mention, the camera man and camera watches the snake approach the house, then stays in the house and gets incredibly close to it? and listening to him yell and freak out over little stuff to make the show gets annoying...

Scott W.


Nov 26 '12, 07:29 AM

most of these shows are big on the drama; all about the ratings, though people like us can't stand it.

flipmen used to be little drama & even included the closing costs. in season 2, that all ended with stuff that is not reality at all.

you'd think w/ all these flip shows being as poplular as they are that ordinary people would want to get in the game. but people are too scared now.

David Niles

Real Estate Investor from Buffalo, New York

Nov 27 '12, 07:46 PM

Yep no phony drama with Nicole, real deal, down and dirty and all us flippers can relate to the real issues and delays she faces, love her.

Don Hines

Real Estate Investor from Little Rock, Arkansas

Nov 29 '12, 08:20 AM

Duck Masters has taken over my passion for rehab/flipping shows.

David Niles

Real Estate Investor from Buffalo, New York

Nov 29 '12, 08:35 AM

Originally posted by Don Hines:
Duck Masters has taken over my passion for rehab/flipping shows.

Never heard of that one Don, hopefully your not referring to that show Duck Dynasty? lol Please say it aint so.

Oh I sent Nicole a tweet with a link to this thread and asked her to join us, no luck so far though. :(

David A.

Wholesaler from Fort Worth, Texas

Nov 29 '12, 11:32 AM

Very impressive skills. Just watched the show on the website but can't find the end. How much did the Minnehaha sell for. So she sold the first for $274k, I'm guessing after closing costs she net $30k. They never factor in closing costs in these shows.

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