Need Properties To Wholesale To My Buyers

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Crystal Kelly

from San Bernardino, California

Mar 30 '10, 03:43 PM

I need properties to wholesale to my buyers. I work with buyers all over the nation. Contact me and let's work together to get the deal done.


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Brian Exsentico

Real Estate Investor from cleveland, Ohio

May 08 '10, 04:48 AM

hello im brian located here in cleveland ohio nice to meet you
im doing wholesale and looking for parnters email is [EMAIL REMOVED] lets make something happen i got about 20 houses that need to be sold soon let me know

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Kevin P.

Real Estate Investor from Farmingdale, New York

May 08 '10, 06:28 AM

Hello Brian,
Please email me or send me a list what 's you have. Thanks. Please call me at the number at the bottom of this post.

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Ron Jackson

Real Estate Investor from Chicago, Illinois

Nov 19 '10, 11:23 PM

Would you be interesred in a nine unit apartment bldg in the Chicago area at 40% of Market value?

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