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Rushabh Sheth

Real Estate Investor from Seattle, Washington

Aug 19 '10, 10:13 AM
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I have capital to deploy in Seattle and SF Bay Area. This is direct capital from me. Looking to fund/buy NPN notes, REOs, hard money, and basically anything. Please contact me with your proposals if you have deals in those areas. Thank you.

Nick Abbate

Real Estate Investor from Phoenix, Arizona

Aug 19 '10, 01:10 PM

I am consitently working on deals out here in the everett, Seattle area doing REOs, and wholesaling them if you are interested check me on my blog here on bigger pockets or follow and send me a pm.

Big Nick

Account Closed

Aug 19 '10, 05:00 PM

Hi Rushabh,

I would love to hear more about what you have to offer. I sent you a colleague request.


Real Estate Investor

Aug 30 '10, 03:50 AM

Hi I have a buyer for a $400-$500k SFR in Bellevue/Seattle area who can afford $3-4K mo, if you are interested, let me know i do know of homes in the area selling for way less than that, which my buyer might want.

Andy Giles

Residential Real Estate Broker from Calgary, Alberta

Aug 30 '10, 04:12 AM

Hey Manuel,

What is your contact info, we can find what you are looking for.



Real Estate Investor

Aug 31 '10, 08:12 AM

Originally posted by Andy Giles:
Hey Manuel,

What is your contact info, we can find what you are looking for.



Buyer owns profitable business, keeps about 8k/mo and wants 3-4-5k monthly payment depending on house. can put down 30+K Wants a view, newer construction, near Bellevue. 3B (or more) 2(or 2.5B) two story. looks are more important than view to this buyer.

Problem: Needs Owner Financing, some credit issues which I am also helping her with.

Whatya got?

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