Looking for Properties in Boston and Las Vegas

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Paul C.

from Boston, Massachusetts

Jul 18 '09, 05:11 PM

I am looking for properties in the Greater Boston area and Las Vegas. Please let me know if you have any properties or deals that are significantly under market value, which is based on (I know, I know, is not a very accurate comp tool but unfortunately my buyers always use Zillow as their valuation tool). Thanks!

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Dann Manz

from san ysidro, California

Apr 15 '10, 10:03 AM

I know I am responding to an old post (9 months ago), but I just received information on a bank owned property that will be sold for around 60% of LTV in Las Vegas. I have exclusive access to it at this time. It is new construction, with a few minor things to finish up. It is a 48 unit condo complex, which has recently been appraised at 6.8MM. It can be bought for around 4.5MM.
Dann V. Manz

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Diedre Bullah

Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles, California

Apr 23 '10, 12:27 AM

Hey Paul,
I live in Las Vegas and I have access to some very great leads out here.I also have a few leads in the Mass area.Please email me if you're still interested.

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Demetrius Bradley

Real Estate Investor from cleveland, Ohio

May 05 '10, 02:32 PM


If you got some leads at max 65% of market rate and not in total war zones please send me what you have.


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Kevin P.

Real Estate Investor from Farmingdale, New York

May 07 '10, 02:17 AM

Hello Diedre,
Please email me or send me a lead in the Mass area. thanks.

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Ross Strachan

from sunshine coast, Queensland

Aug 03 '10, 09:45 PM

Hello Diedre,

Do your properties in the mass area fit the 50% / 2% rules? if so could you send me some details?


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