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David Wilhite

from San Pable, California

Sep 01 '11, 07:04 PM

cut off from Amendment:


Today I got a call from Marc Imhoff himself. I missed the call personally but he left me a message to call him as soon as I could.

I have not had any contact with Marc in the last two years. I didn't understand what this could have been about - why wouldn't he have emailed me? Or maybe he did and I just ignore it like the rest of his messages...

And sure enough, I got this a few days ago:

"Hi David...can you help? You did a brief run with us when REIWebTools first came out and some of your critiques I actually built upon and made huge improvements. I can't beleive it's been over 2 years already! of my guys found an old review that you did on Biggerpockets and I was hoping you could go ahead and delete the post since it is not relevant anymore. I don't want potential clients to read that old review and the nmaek a decision based on old stuff that we actually did a lot of great stuff with!

Here is the link for where your post is:

Thanks David, please let me know if you can do this for me."

This message is the power of
testimonial, dear reader.

So here's what I'm gonna do. I am NOT going to remove this post (in fact I can't, BiggerPockets policy). I think Marc needs to suck it up and move on with full confidence that his product is going to stand by it's own merits despite my sober criticism.

Anyone seriously looking at REIWebtools who happens to see my forum post is going to notice right away that it is really, really old. Maybe not even relevant anymore. And if my humble post, that's been viewed less than 400 times in the last 2 years, is the make-or-break point for a buyer? I probably just did you a favor pal.

Now, if Marc made the "huge improvements" he says then "potential clients" would see the value improvements, consider me a quack and move forward with a satisfactory buying decision. That is what it's all about, right?

Look, I've taken a gander at the "new" REIWebtools squeeze page as of this writing. I even watch the video, beginning to end. I believe the new squeeze page is a vast improvement from what I saw two years ago - I would hope so.

And all told I can tell you that this Marc Imhoff dude IS trying to show you something different with this REIWebtools thing. If you're into internet marketing at all then you will see this stuff and know these guys are on to something.

Whether you get it or not is up to you, and it would have been regardless if you read my post or not.

So I can *testify* that genuine changes have been made to REIWebtools since I laid eyes on it 2 years ago. I did not join the mailing list to check out the autoresponder messages and I didn't buy it again so I could take it for another spin.

There it is. Take it or leave it. Marc is on to something and you probably won't find anything else like it. Whether that's enough for you is your decision to make. In any event, I would encourage you folks to go to and watch the video. I picked up two useful things from it (good job blokes!).

1. TweetAdder -

2. Hellotxt -

So go to, join that mailing list, test drive the system and see the new and improved REIWebtools for yourself!

And don't be surprised if Marc calls you personally. He clearly stands by his work.

Kevin M.

Real Estate Investor from San Marcos, California

Feb 27 '12, 10:59 AM

I just wanted to chime in from a rookie perspective...

#1 Marc Imhof is VERY accessible.
#2 Marc Imhof is VERY honest. He took over a half hour out of his day to talk with a guy (me) who had nothing but questions, doubts, etc...
#3 Marc Imhof is NOT pushy. He never even tried to get me to sign up for his program (I had already bought his 'Wholesaling for Cash" program). But he has several different hands on programs as well.

So, if you were thinking about his program and were hesitant because you weren't sure you could trust him, I can say with all sincerity, he is everything I said above and he truly cares about people. In fact he cares about people so much, he wants to make sure you really know what you're getting into BEFORE you spend any money. You can't go wrong with Marc Imhof.


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