Freedom Soft - anyone plan on purchasing it?

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Mark Yuschak

Real Estate Investor from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Jan 18 '10, 10:23 PM

I was just forwarded a link to check out Freedom$oft. It's written by Real Freedom Properties and appears to be a complete management console for real estate investors.

Anyone heard anything more about it? The demo is located here:

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Jesse R

Rehabber from El Paso, Texas

Jan 19 '10, 02:42 AM
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It's being hyped up like crazy by all the gurus. They have gotten a lot of people excited about it using great marketing techniques, but I'm afraid its going to be another bomb. Or at least not worth the price they'll be charging.

What do you think?

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Mark Yuschak

Real Estate Investor from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Jan 19 '10, 02:46 AM

I tend to agree with you. There is a TON of hype behind it. I signed up for tomorrow night's webinar when they're supposed to demo it.

I'm not convinced it will be worth the money, but I'll watch and listen with an open mind.

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Dustin Johns

Real Estate Agent from Columbia, South Carolina

Jan 19 '10, 02:53 AM

Anybody know much about this upcoming launch from Preston Ely and Pete Skouras? It's called FreedomSoft. Looks interesting so far???

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G. F.

Real Estate Investor from New York, New York

Jan 19 '10, 02:56 AM
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That video seems familiar. I wonder what they modeled it after.

I haven't seen the product so my opinion here is just speculation. With that said, Don't follow the hype. They aren't selling anything that you cant put together yourself using excel or salesforce's cloud solution.

They talk about automated leads but don't mention that they'll probably distribute this to practically everyone who buys in. Imagine if your a homeowner who wants to do a short sale. You enter your information thru some lead website which freedomsoft operates. They distrubute your information and you get 30 of the same letters from different people.

They also mention a automated website. When google sees 100 websites with similar content, you'll be lucky if you end up on the first 10 pages of the SERP.

He also talks about Automated Values. This will get many into trouble. They seem to be pulling data from all the popular AVMs (Zillow, Eppraisal, Cyberhomes, First American Corelogic, etc...) and using an AVM Cascade. While some are great at gaging values, they will never be as accurate as running your own CMA (Especially if you are in a rapidly decling market).

The sad part is that many will watch the video and believe the Steve Jobs/Apple like hype that they are running with this. Many who want to make a better life for themselves will buy in and shell out the money and realize that it's not as easy as Mr. Preston Ely makes it out to be.

Stick to the fundamental of this business. Develop your own methods then model your own software after this (check out J Scott's blog). Salesforce's is now free. Believe it or not, but it will cost you no where nearly as much as this thing which I bet will burn a big whole in your pocket up front, monthly, or both.

Just my .02

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Benjamin Shirley

Real Estate Investor from Saratoga, New York

Jan 19 '10, 03:32 AM
4 votes


I see all of the Hype that they have into it and I'm actully bit concerned. They talk submitting your deals (smaller invetors beware) to them in their software and you could get funding up to 5 million to go towards your deals. If you send your stuff over and you dont have a way to get funded (there's doesn't pull threw) then you may have spent the small amount of time you had to wholesale your deal and then what do you do? Is there a way for THEM to track these properties and then once you cant do it some how they market to your perspective lead and close the deal??? Just something to consider. I want to evaluate the software just to see what it's about but i'm really not convinced that it's the ultimate solution.

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James Hiddle

Wholesaler from Altus, Oklahoma

Jan 19 '10, 07:23 AM
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It looks promising but like some stuff it may look good on paper but in reality it might not be the end all that it claims to be.

With that being said if anyone here is going to purchase this keep us updated if it's working or not.

Of course if you want to automate wholesaling just get an effective website and hire a VA.

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David Biedenbach

Real Estate Investor from Belleville, Illinois

Jan 19 '10, 07:41 AM
2 votes

Yep kinda reminds me of the stock market right now . Just buy and the price of your asset will go up like magic ! As the Guru says let freedomsoft do all the work, sit back and watch the money flow.

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Mark Yuschak

Real Estate Investor from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Jan 19 '10, 07:56 AM
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I like how he says "it removes the human element". How can real estate investing be done without having a human element??

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Mark Yuschak

Real Estate Investor from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Jan 19 '10, 07:38 PM
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Even more hype:

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Kyle Waugh

Real Estate Investor from Alger, Ohio

Jan 19 '10, 09:54 PM
14 votes

My .02 on the whole deal. I purchased a wholesaling course from one of the before mentioned individuals about 18 months ago. It had some pretty decent info, especially since I was clueless going into it. However, it left me a bit confused on how to put it all together. When I sent an email asking for some help and clarity, I was told that if I were a real "player" that I needed to step up for the personal mentoring. The price tag was 6k and we would split the deals 50/50. What a deal!!! For him that is.......get paid 6k to split all the deals I found. Needless to say, when I wasn't willing to do so, they informed me that I wasn't commited to my own success.

There is no doubt in my mind that with the right questions and digging deep enough, there's not a single issue that can't be resolved for free right here by the great members of the BP community!


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Jason S.

Real Estate Investor from Upland, California

Jan 19 '10, 11:22 PM
2 votes

Now I know I am getting old.

It would take a lot for me to give money to that guy with his TapOut hat turned around and his "I am a walking cliche attitude and look" all the way down to the Land Rover.

But it appears he knows what he is doing with so many around here considering writing him a check.

Anyhow for those of you considering it I found this link - it appears to be the same company - sign up as an affiliate and then at least you can save $50 on sign up.

Ohh! That is probably why your Guru's are all hyped up - they get $50 per signup.

Please, before I get a bunch of harassment let me say the following:

1. I did not look into it to insure the affiliate link is the same Freedomsoft - but it appears to be.

2. I do not know this guys program - it might just be "the cats meow".

Who knows?

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Kyle Waugh

Real Estate Investor from Alger, Ohio

Jan 20 '10, 09:05 AM

I've got to admit that the demo was interesting. I would have to agree that the automatic comps might come in less than accurate.

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David Biedenbach

Real Estate Investor from Belleville, Illinois

Jan 20 '10, 10:40 AM

Ok Pete and Preston asking $997 for the product right now

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Karen Adams

Real Estate Investor from Evansville, Indiana

Jan 20 '10, 09:28 PM

Today (21-jan-2010) is apparently the announcement of FreedomSoft, and it's been getting a LOT of marketing hype. But just because these guys know how to market and build up hype doesn't mean they know how to put a software system together...

Anybody have any useful info on this system? <= lots-o-hype

The one actual review I've found that looks useful is here: . No screen shots, no walk-thru, just an investor's opinion (by Susan Lassiter-Lyons who does have some investing chops) but she gives it a cautious thumbs up.

Anybody out there know anything tangible about FreedomSoft? (I'm not affiliated in any way.) It'd be nice to discuss this outside the context of all the hype...

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Chris D.

Real Estate Investor from Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan 20 '10, 10:08 PM
3 votes

Guys....they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars DEVELOPING this software. I'm a full time wholesaler and most of the full time wholesalers I know are buying it.

It's NOT a magic have to run your wholesaling business AS A BUSINESS. If you don't, good luck making significant money. FreedomSoft will really help you run that said business.

I am getting it myself...go to my facebook or twitter page if you decide to get it...I'm offering to mentor people for free...

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Tamarra Banks

Real Estate Investor from Baltimore, Maryland

Jan 21 '10, 01:12 AM

There are three levels of membership:
Silver -$997
Gold - 2 payments of $997
Platinum - 3 payments of $997

Why is $997 like the magic number?Ive seen a number of software and webinar products cost $997

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Jason S.

Real Estate Investor from Upland, California

Jan 21 '10, 01:25 AM
5 votes

So for $997 it gives me comps?

I mean a simple spreadsheet can analyze your deal. If you do not know what to include ZincFinancial that advertises for hard money on this site and others has a free deal analyzer on their site - its not perfect but gives you an idea of how to set up your own.

REO Access? what that?

And it looks like Lassiter is using an affiliate link from her "review" - That's $50 per person in her pocket that signs up on her recommendation.

As for blasting my deals to a few websites - cant I do that for free?

For those that are interested - please tell me the attraction? I am highly fallible and have no real ego so if I am wrong or there is something I do not see - let me know.

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Bill G.

Real Estate Investor from Springfield, Missouri

Jan 21 '10, 01:47 AM
8 votes

Hi, while automation is great, it's just not possible to have a substitute for judgement, knowledge and hard work. I would tend to think too, that a product that is hyped by gurus would be done for consideration, so that tells me not to expect too much. Appraisal values are subjective as well as objective, be careful. I guess bad data in still gets bad data out, I'm not a tech type, but I think that still applies. Bill

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Chris Hunt

Jan 21 '10, 05:05 AM

Hey Frank,

What are the other names of the software your speaking of? Do or have you used them?
"There are many automated systems out there that don't cost anywhere near this amount and you actually get the software to keep."


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