Rent to Own a.k.a. Lease Purchase, Lease Options

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Discuss Lease Purchases (Rent to Own, Lease Options). Talk about these creative real estate investing strategies for selling properties, how to buy them, why they can be useful, etc.

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First FSBO lead! Now what??
Started by Sebastian Gast
10 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
about 13 hours ago
Crazy idea to sell unwanted house
Started by Stanley Crawford
3 Tiny_1405467347-avatar-mattrosas Matt Rosas
2 days ago
Subject to\ purchase agreements
Started by Christopher Williams
1 Tiny_1399699996-avatar-dle1975 David Edge
3 days ago
Lease options as a realtor
Started by Kevin Lackland
0 Tiny_1399713136-avatar-lack10 Kevin Lackland
3 days ago
How do I Explain Seller Financing?...
Started by Brandon Sturgill
7 Tiny_1408724048-avatar-r2owninv Matt Reed
3 days ago
Lease Option Condos?
Started by Nghi Le
1 Tiny_1408724048-avatar-r2owninv Matt Reed
3 days ago
What should I ask the seller when analyzing the property?
Started by Starr Ango
2 Tiny_1408724048-avatar-r2owninv Matt Reed
3 days ago
subject to contracts
Started by Christopher Williams
4 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
3 days ago
Lease Option Strategy for Triplex
Started by Chan K.
5 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
5 days ago
Subject to - terms
Started by Cameron Berens
9 Tiny_1411801293-avatar-tonypearl Tony Pearl
5 days ago
Why would a seller do a Subject To?
Started by Cameron Berens
5 Tiny_1399044707-avatar-michaelquarles Michael Quarles
5 days ago
How to buy property with lease option or subject-to
Started by Brant Vaught
19 Tiny_1398785673-avatar-trustpointcorp Bill Pohl
5 days ago
Best markets for sandwich lease options
Started by Daniel Paden
0 No_avatar_tiny Daniel Paden
6 days ago
Structuring a Lease/Option
Started by Ed Caldwell
5 Tiny_1411498797-avatar-briantome Brian Tome
6 days ago
A good deal or a bad deal?
Started by Pennie Nakashima
4 Tiny_1404418471-avatar-pinksand32084 Pennie Nakashima
6 days ago
Do you know how to find rent to own houses ?
Started by Devon Miranda
1 Tiny_1399699196-avatar-benrei1 Mary B.
7 days ago
Michigan Rent to own
Started by Darren G.
3 No_avatar_tiny Darren G.
9 days ago
what are things to look for in a rent to own?
Started by Derek LeBlanc
4 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
9 days ago
Rent to Own - Lease Option Forms and Questions
Started by VAL AUSTIN
4 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
10 days ago
Lease Flipping??
Started by Brian Snell
5 No_avatar_tiny Ron Jensen
11 days ago

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