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Discuss Lease Purchases (Rent to Own, Lease Options). Talk about these creative real estate investing strategies for selling properties, how to buy them, why they can be useful, etc.

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Where can I learn how to get buy properties with zero down in CA?
Started by James Lee
10 Tiny_1399600048-avatar-rtpg1 Rick Harmon
2 days ago
Started by Christopher Moran
16 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Jay Hinrichs
4 days ago
Price it right to find teanant/buyer
Started by Dolly Richards
0 No_avatar_tiny Dolly Richards
4 days ago
What Happens to Title/Note Using Seller Financing
Started by Brandon Sturgill
2 Tiny_1399688510-avatar-brandonscott79 Brandon Sturgill
5 days ago
Subject To / Sub-2 / Lease Options - Legal in California?
Started by Fred H.
5 Tiny_1404423509-avatar-fhalimi Fred H.
6 days ago
Need advice on how to structure a potential lease option opportunity.
Started by Todd Jones
3 Tiny_1399581155-avatar-leasingtobuy John Jackson
7 days ago
Which method works best?
Started by James Lee
2 Tiny_1399671864-avatar-james45 James Lee
7 days ago
Feeling uneasy to have a motivated seller be responsible for major maintenance problems in a Lease Purchase with Option contract
Started by Denise Sherman
5 Tiny_1399772877-avatar-denisesherman Denise Sherman
8 days ago
Problems getting someone to lease option my house
Started by Chip Chronister
4 Tiny_1399717480-avatar-cashnotebuyer Joe Gore
8 days ago
Using a Refinance Loan to purchase a Lease Option
Started by Sean Price
8 Tiny_1399686601-avatar-drpricedc Sean Price
10 days ago
Potential Lease Option???
Started by Edward Beard
18 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
10 days ago
Am my cover in this contract?
Started by Shuai Zeng
2 Tiny_1399657836-avatar-shuai Shuai Zeng
10 days ago
Simultaneous Closing/ Double Closing
Started by Kevin Hunt
8 Tiny_1399756532-avatar-sflinvest Chris Kennedy
11 days ago
why do you want spread?
Started by Derek LeBlanc
1 Tiny_1401370091-avatar-jsison Jose Sison
11 days ago
selling a property
Started by Dele Fakeye
3 Tiny_1399782376-avatar-chrisvacek Chris Vacek
11 days ago
Evaluating a purchase option deal - need your help
Started by Jordan Fritts
0 No_avatar_tiny Jordan Fritts
12 days ago
Lease Option Contract and Equity
Started by Samantha Burch
2 Tiny_1405054056-avatar-samantha_burch Samantha Burch
12 days ago
how would you describe doing a subject to to a seller?
Started by Derek LeBlanc
7 Tiny_1399721263-avatar-daedaeg Darien Gipson
12 days ago
Having a realtor to list for rent-to-own (lease option) in Houston
Started by Dolly Richards
8 Tiny_1399581155-avatar-leasingtobuy John Jackson
13 days ago
Hoping for my first deal
Started by Russell Sirmans
2 Tiny_1404711209-avatar-sirma001 Russell Sirmans
13 days ago

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