Rent to Own a.k.a. Lease Purchase, Lease Options

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Discuss Lease Purchases (Rent to Own, Lease Options). Talk about these creative real estate investing strategies for selling properties, how to buy them, why they can be useful, etc.

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what are things to look for in a rent to own?
Started by Derek LeBlanc
0 Tiny_1399785735-avatar-derkman Derek LeBlanc
about 10 hours ago
Rent to Own - Lease Option Forms and Questions
Started by VAL AUSTIN
4 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
about 16 hours ago
Lease Flipping??
Started by Brian Snell
5 No_avatar_tiny Ron Jensen
2 days ago
Subject2 details
Started by Justin Smits
3 Tiny_1407637540-avatar-drosen Dick Rosen
2 days ago
Subject to - terms
Started by Cameron Berens
7 Tiny_1409937585-avatar-cameron1990 Cameron Berens
4 days ago
Tenant wants to buy a commercial property and have us carry the loan
Started by Sheri Fierro
4 Tiny_1399770595-avatar-sfierro310 Sheri Fierro
4 days ago
Turn a cash deal into a lease option? How is it done?
Started by Steven Johnson
8 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
5 days ago
Why would a seller do a Subject To?
Started by Cameron Berens
3 Tiny_1401039442-avatar-rockyvasq Rocky Vasquez
5 days ago
Structuring a Lease Option to Wholesale
Started by Marcus Maloney
16 Tiny_1399688232-avatar-thirdgeneration Marcus Maloney
6 days ago
Rent to Own/Lease Purchase Questions
Started by George Ramsay
7 Tiny_1399649463-avatar-sweetgumga Curt Smith
7 days ago
Where is the best place to advertise RTO?
Started by Art Frasik
2 Tiny_1409448648-avatar-voodoo8648 Art Frasik
8 days ago
How to do Cash for Keys with Illegal Immigrant
Started by Kelly Payne
37 No_avatar_tiny Michael Hussey
8 days ago
How to buy property with lease option or subject-to
Started by Brant Vaught
18 Tiny_1401733126-avatar-bmv_1 Brant Vaught
9 days ago
New possibility?
Started by Michael Lee
3 Tiny_1400785835-avatar-chinaman5m Michael Lee
13 days ago
Are there investors that buy lease options, wholesale?
Started by Eddie Starr
1 Tiny_1408724048-avatar-r2owninv Matt Reed
14 days ago
how to structure this pre foreclosure?
Started by Alex Vargas
2 No_avatar_tiny Alex Vargas
14 days ago
Best and most efficient way to find sellers thatbwill do lease/opt or per financing
Started by Lawrence Barnes
0 No_avatar_tiny Lawrence Barnes
15 days ago
Yum! SUB (2) SANDWICH (~Lease option) ?? review help.
Started by Spenser Harding
9 Tiny_1400108325-avatar-woola33 Frankie Woods
18 days ago
Lease Option w/ Realtor
Started by Robert Parsons
5 Tiny_1408724048-avatar-r2owninv Matt Reed
18 days ago
Our market here locally seems to prefer rent to own, what are the things I should note about rent to own strategy?
Started by Dave Visaya
2 Tiny_1399720204-avatar-davevisaya Dave Visaya
20 days ago

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