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This forum covers using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for marketing real estate or your real estate investing career.

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Marketing to Free & Clear Absentee Owners in a High End Market
Started by Saim Chaudhry
5 Tiny_1399737920-avatar-honobob Bob Bowling
20 minutes ago
Landlord List?
Started by Omari Brown
4 Tiny_1406755259-avatar-jstephen37 Jeff Stephens
about 2 hours ago
marketing and skip tracing
Started by Ronald Hunt
0 Tiny_1399764375-avatar-ron_hunt Ronald Hunt
about 6 hours ago
Facebook Ads
Started by DeAunte Hawkins
6 Tiny_1403455916-avatar-housefinder7 Shawn M.
1 day ago
What Size Mailing List?
Started by Brandon G.
22 Tiny_1399600048-avatar-rtpg1 Rick Harmon
1 day ago
Do I need a new list?
Started by Felix Wisniewski
0 Tiny_1399760754-avatar-fw110613 Felix Wisniewski
2 days ago
Newsletter Signup: Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact
Started by Jody Young
0 Tiny_1399679275-avatar-richhenryiii Jody Young
2 days ago
What if U Only Had a $100 to Spend On Marketing a Month
Started by Sharon Jones
11 Tiny_1410240757-avatar-cecil_russell Cecil Russell
3 days ago
First Direct Mail Campaign - Keep Me Accountable!
Started by Andrew Herrig
74 Tiny_1399611132-avatar-aherrig Andrew Herrig
3 days ago
CPC Internet marketing Strategy to generate leads
Started by Khaliq King
5 Tiny_1408504742-avatar-chrispurvis Chris Purvis
3 days ago
Probate Follow ups
Started by Kristopher Raepple
6 Tiny_1399344591-avatar-investorminded Michael Scott
3 days ago
What should i have my VA do
Started by Delon Hall
4 Tiny_1403795206-avatar-jrtimko Jeremy Timko
3 days ago
Investor Meet-ups in Austin, San Antonio and Houston?
Started by Ronnie McClain
4 Tiny_1403409019-avatar-andresnwa Andres Jaramillo
4 days ago
Yellow Letter to Neighbors
Started by Ariel Cohen
1 Tiny_1399044707-avatar-michaelquarles Michael Quarles
4 days ago
Yellow Letters
Started by Mark Dammeyer
24 Tiny_1399679416-avatar-gregstovall Greg Stovall
4 days ago
Marketing for"Subject to" Sellers
Started by Phillip Dooley
6 No_avatar_tiny Phillip Dooley
4 days ago
Listsource Criteria: Equity % vs. LTV
Started by Sonny Huynh
10 Tiny_1406755259-avatar-jstephen37 Jeff Stephens
4 days ago
Marketing to Trusts
Started by Douglas Britten
5 Tiny_1408061220-avatar-brittend Douglas Britten
4 days ago
What's next after the calls start coming in?
Started by Vonetta Booker
11 Tiny_1400514418-avatar-vonbook Vonetta Booker
5 days ago

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