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Real Estate Investor Marketing Help & Advice

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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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How do i verify that my Probate list is good?
Started by Abraham Hodroj
3 Tiny 1438924788 avatar abrahamh1 Last post by Abraham Hodroj
24 minutes ago
Where to find probate list?
Started by Corrinne Yap
1 Tiny 1438924788 avatar abrahamh1 Last post by Abraham Hodroj
about 13 hours ago
My Direct Mail Campaign Approach
Started by Colton Cook
1 Tiny 1439392604 avatar andreajohnson Last post by Andrea Johnson
about 23 hours ago
Finding Investor friendly Agents in St. Louis, MO
Started by Darryl Williams
3 Tiny 1437118257 avatar ryland Last post by Ryland Taniguchi
1 day ago
Direct Mail to LLCs or not?
Started by Kenneth LeBeau
1 Tiny 1439573548 avatar kenneth888 Last post by Kenneth LeBeau
1 day ago
Possibly entering a partnership, what is the usual arrangment?
Started by John Crandell
5 Tiny 1399750047 avatar hackman101 Last post by John Crandell
1 day ago
Marketing is Expensive!
Started by Joshua Durrin
21 Tiny 1405892078 avatar mbtaylor Last post by Matthew Taylor
1 day ago
First Direct Mail Campaign - Keep Me Accountable!
Started by Andrew Herrig
100 Tiny 1435028986 avatar adriennwi Last post by Adrien Chabot
1 day ago
My next mailing list
Started by Shawn Connors
2 Tiny 1434204573 avatar shawnc7 Last post by Shawn Connors
2 days ago
Direct mail verbiage
Started by Eric Armstrong
0 Tiny 1399706976 avatar funkphi Last post by Eric Armstrong
2 days ago
How can I find contact information for an owner?
Started by David Grimm
6 Tiny 1399501860 avatar eliolevy Last post by Elio L.
2 days ago
Marketing with purchase agreements instead of yellow letters etc.
Started by Billy Bell
10 Tiny 1440527841 avatar markn9 Last post by Mark Nelson
2 days ago
Bandit Sign Phone Number Help
Started by Jeff Witzke
1 Tiny 1420666549 avatar timherndon Last post by Tim Herndon
2 days ago
First Direct Mail Attempt!
Started by John Warren
13 Tiny 1440527841 avatar markn9 Last post by Mark Nelson
2 days ago
TIPS for Marketing for Wholesale Deals on Craigslist???
Started by Billy Bell
15 Tiny 1430802053 avatar rtpg1 Last post by Rick Harmon
2 days ago
Tracking Direct Marketing Campaigns with Podio
Started by Cassandra Ramirez
1 Tiny 1412893820 avatar chrisnmandy Last post by Chris C.
2 days ago
Post card design?
Started by Francisco Perez
4 Tiny 1440527841 avatar markn9 Last post by Mark Nelson
3 days ago
spicing up mailers
Started by Mario T.
0 Tiny 1405101526 avatar mariota Last post by Mario T.
3 days ago
Direct Mail and Minnesota Market Update
Started by Matthew Berry
1 Tiny 1411258516 avatar kyle mn proud Last post by Kyle Soderman
4 days ago

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