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This forum covers using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for marketing real estate or your real estate investing career.

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Direct mail test group size?
Started by Al Bunch
7 Tiny_1413849278-avatar-maystreetrealty Terrence Smith
5 minutes ago
What to do when called a "bottom feeder" at landlord/tenant court?
Started by Shane Griffin
8 Tiny_1398962483-avatar-dougpretorius Doug Pretorius
7 minutes ago
Probate Leads - Austin, TX
Started by Gary Ennis
5 Tiny_1413930341-avatar-dterrelw David Ward
14 minutes ago
Bandit sign sizes
Started by Chris Stromdahl
3 Tiny_1414073583-avatar-paisano1487 Christian Marin
about 3 hours ago
Started by Levon Turner
2 Tiny_1401289232-avatar-leeski Levon Turner
about 4 hours ago
Internet Leads/ Online Leads
Started by Faiz Khan
0 Tiny_1400134813-avatar-faizkh65 Faiz Khan
about 8 hours ago
Zip vs Yellow Letters
Started by Darrell Lee
0 Tiny_1399658713-avatar-dlee1100 Darrell Lee
about 19 hours ago
Direct Mail Campaign & Underwater Leads
Started by Corey Baum
2 Tiny_1399765274-avatar-cjbaum Corey Baum
1 day ago
List Source?
Started by Gary McKissick
13 Tiny_1404926632-avatar-mrsandrade Sakeena Andrade
2 days ago
How do you direct market when you can't market directly?
Started by Vincent Aiello
6 Tiny_1399659540-avatar-miamicuse Sam Leon
2 days ago
Responding to all Leads
Started by Timothy C.
7 Tiny_1408118638-avatar-tgc Timothy C.
2 days ago
Convince others to invest
Started by Levon Turner
10 Tiny_1401289232-avatar-leeski Levon Turner
2 days ago
Bandit Sign 2.0 Created 2,467 Leads all in one Week
Started by Antonio Coleman
15 Tiny_1404008383-avatar-homesmithgroup Barry Smith
3 days ago
Besides Mailers, How Else Do You Market?
Started by Alison M.
9 Tiny_1399657847-avatar-alisonmiller Alison M.
3 days ago
Help with Probate marketing
Started by Joe Stafford
2 Tiny_1412127574-avatar-ccjllc Carlos Coppin Jr
3 days ago
Segmenting my Marketing
Started by Nichole Wall
4 Tiny_1412040367-avatar-allyventures Nichole Wall
3 days ago
Lead Generating Software
Started by Abdur Rehman Ghani
1 No_avatar_tiny Kyle Critchnau
3 days ago
"late mortgage" sellers list?
Started by Woytek Niemiec
4 Tiny_1413886270-avatar-homeremiec Woytek Niemiec
3 days ago
Banner code violation?
Started by Priscilla Z.
6 No_avatar_tiny Carlos Velasquez
3 days ago

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