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Investors in Canada and others interested in the Canadian real estate market can ndiscuss issues related to our northern neighbor here.

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Started by Rob Cee
4 Tiny 1424140469 avatar rdossey1 Last post by Ryan D.
about 9 hours ago
Looking to network in Canada
Started by Marc Champagne
14 Tiny 1399667482 avatar gab360 Last post by Gabriel Caron
3 days ago
London ON Area Mortgage Brokers
Started by Kevin V.
1 Tiny 1399728133 avatar jkepler Last post by Jon Kepler
12 days ago
Hello from Edmonton,AB
Started by Quin Kroschinski
9 Tiny 1432396060 avatar quink Last post by Quin Kroschinski
23 days ago
Is it too risky to invest in rental units far from your city of resident?
16 Tiny 1433696024 avatar brentp6 Last post by Brent Papineau
26 days ago
Buying an Investment property as your primary residence
2 Tiny 1433368508 avatar soroush Last post by SOROUSH MIR SERAJI
27 days ago
Looking for some Opinions on Education
Started by Andrew Jones
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Debbie Sakson
30 days ago
How would you word add to sell this duplex?
Started by Tina C.
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Antonio Cordeiro
about 1 month ago
Engelo Makes it to Canada
Started by Chad Urbshott
6 Tiny 1399734392 avatar dominiqueoz Last post by Dominique Osborn
about 1 month ago
Investing in Northern Ontario
Started by Nathan Boulet
9 Tiny 1432385078 avatar xk Last post by Kate Pasinelli
about 1 month ago
Pro's and Cons of Flipping in Canada
Started by Jon Magnusson
6 No avatar tiny Last post by Bayard P.
about 2 months ago
Started by Belinda D.
2 Tiny 1399672183 avatar diamnd1 Last post by Belinda D.
about 2 months ago
The terrible {not so} secret about TOs condo rental market is now out?
Started by Roy N.
7 No avatar tiny Last post by Bayard P.
about 2 months ago
Economist: Canadian Housing Overvalued by 35% in comparison to income.
Started by Roy N.
20 Tiny 1399573203 avatar garymcgowan Last post by Gary McGowan
2 months ago
Investing in third property with 10 or 20 percent down.
Started by Francis Hermanson
8 Tiny 1430087200 avatar francish Last post by Francis Hermanson
2 months ago
Marketing Your Rental?
Started by Ming Lim
4 Tiny 1399772636 avatar ming Last post by Ming Lim
2 months ago
Cap rates for MFH in B.C.
Started by Taylor Green
5 Tiny 1429766864 avatar erichschmitt Last post by Erich HD Schmitt
2 months ago
2% deals possible in the Montreal area?
Started by Philippe Laurin
2 Tiny 1429766864 avatar erichschmitt Last post by Erich HD Schmitt
2 months ago
Hamilton, ON
Started by Lucas Gawrylash
7 Tiny 1425488417 avatar thomasl4 Last post by Thomas Lorini
3 months ago
Canadian Corporate Structure - How to setup a corporation for B&H Rentals?
Started by Jesse Shields
10 Tiny 1426879057 avatar jenniferandgreg Last post by Jennifer Pereira
3 months ago

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