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This area of the site is for the discussion of any questions, issues, or problems that arise with HOAs or Home Owner Associations.

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What Should Be Included in HOA RFP
Started by Michael Tempel
0 No_avatar_tiny Michael Tempel
about 15 hours ago
Need appeal strategy on $2000 fines from Condo Board
Started by Susan W.
6 Tiny_1406902802-avatar-ranger0793 Paul Schuw
1 day ago
Replacing Property Management Company
Started by Nicholas Sewell
2 Tiny_1399859415-avatar-ajkent Adam Kent
6 days ago
forming hoa
Started by Patrick McGowen
2 Tiny_1399786599-avatar-georgeniko George Nikolakakos
6 days ago
HOA - Self Manage or Manage?
Started by Devan R.
3 Tiny_1399602782-avatar-cleaver29 Jeff Bridges
13 days ago
Parking issue part 2
Started by Mike Johnson
18 No_avatar_tiny Mike Johnson
13 days ago
Looking to talk to anyone in the Asheville NC vicinity
Started by Raymond Gozo
4 No_avatar_tiny Raymond Gozo
13 days ago
Interesting article!! In the Palm Beach Post, South Florida
Started by Karrie Hodgeman
3 Tiny_1404427912-avatar-guyraveh Guy Raveh
22 days ago
REO purchase - HOA past dues still outstanding, should the bank clear the balance?
Started by Andy Corran
3 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
23 days ago
Urgent answer needed for HOA foreclosure auction!
Started by Nicholas N.
11 No_avatar_tiny Nicholas N.
26 days ago
researching HOA's
Started by Rob Randle
7 No_avatar_tiny Mike Johnson
about 1 month ago
Started by Lance Robinson
10 Tiny_1407284321-avatar-detra Detra Harris
about 1 month ago
Insufficient HOA insurance replacement cost coverage
Started by Peggy L.
16 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
about 1 month ago
HOA restricts rental during first year of ownership
Started by Sam Leon
5 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
about 1 month ago
Should you avoid buying a home in an HOA community for investment?
Started by Tony T.
11 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
about 1 month ago
Preparing for a possible fight with my new HOA over interior improvements, any suggestions?
Started by Mike Sanders
8 Tiny_1408980149-avatar-menasce Victor Menasce
about 1 month ago
Georgia HOA Rental Cap
Started by Colin G.
1 No_avatar_tiny CJ Pilon
about 1 month ago
Hoa trying to foreclose
Started by Dane Osa
2 No_avatar_tiny Dane Osa
about 1 month ago
Winning HOA business - property management
Started by Jessica Yau
2 Tiny_1399520974-avatar-jthomasmartin1 J Martin
about 1 month ago
Canceling Property Management Contract
Started by Danielle J.
11 Tiny_1406093504-avatar-djcali Danielle J.
about 1 month ago

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