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This area of the site is for the discussion of any questions, issues, or problems that arise with HOAs or Home Owner Associations.

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Started by Lance Robinson
7 Tiny_1399739463-avatar-vguess99 Victor N'Guessan
about 3 hours ago
Canceling Property Management Contract
Started by Danielle Jenkins
7 Tiny_1399654114-avatar-jdwlaw Jerry W.
7 days ago
HOA - New Developer
Started by Dustin Morgan
2 No_avatar_tiny Dustin Morgan
7 days ago
Speed bump
Started by Elliot Kouri
3 No_avatar_tiny Kyle Durs
8 days ago
Circuit Court judge removes C&R including POA membership requirement
Started by Charles Stalnaker
2 Tiny_1401723375-avatar-rjdavid1 Robert Davidson
11 days ago
HOA back assessments charged to buyer?
Started by Eseza Nakandi
9 Tiny_1405709812-avatar-wendyn Wendy Noble
12 days ago
commercial vehicle
Started by Sasha Li
5 No_avatar_tiny Sasha Li
13 days ago
Parking issue part 2
Started by Mike Johnson
17 Tiny_1399716450-avatar-matthewp Matthew Paul
15 days ago
Equity Memnerships
Started by Daniel Roma
2 Tiny_1406602488-avatar-funkymonk81 Daniel Roma
16 days ago
HOA restricts rental during first year of ownership
Started by Sam Leon
4 Tiny_1406392922-avatar-learn_invest Skyler Smith
16 days ago
Insufficient HOA insurance replacement cost coverage
Started by Peggy L.
15 Tiny_1398862524-avatar-rbrufla Robert Brubaker
22 days ago
Can a HOA restrict subletting to roommates?
Started by Kayla Davis
10 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
22 days ago
IL specific HOA on condo bought on auction
Started by Robert D.
0 No_avatar_tiny Robert D.
about 1 month ago
Has Anyone Used Homepath for Investment?
Started by Steven Nicastro
2 Tiny_1399728744-avatar-obrian O'brian R.
about 1 month ago
Urgent answer needed for HOA foreclosure auction!
Started by Nicholas N.
7 No_avatar_tiny Nicholas N.
about 1 month ago
Special assessment Texas condos (2.2k in 3 months??)
Started by Jenkins Donald
4 Tiny_1399587364-avatar-mattdevincenzo Matt Devincenzo
about 1 month ago
No Rental Clause
Started by Curt Davis
13 Tiny_1399287245-avatar-curt Curt Davis
about 1 month ago
Is qualifing buyers typical for Florida HOA's?
Started by John Rooster
11 Tiny_1399704324-avatar-denverrooster John Rooster
about 1 month ago
Salability of HOA Lien
Started by Jake Kucheck
9 Tiny_1401735598-avatar-andy_mirza Andreas Mirza
about 1 month ago
Cash value insurance on townhouse and HOA considerations
Started by Michael Stroup
2 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
about 1 month ago

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