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Wondering if a company is a scam or conducting fraud? Heard about a new investment offer? This is the forum to talk about it!

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Rehab Valuator
Started by Ronald Friesen
15 Tiny_1399654244-avatar-padreag Anthony Aguillard
about 2 hours ago
Microbilt Skiptracing Resource
Started by Lakeisha Alston
0 Tiny_1399757770-avatar-lalston03 Lakeisha Alston
about 4 hours ago
Experiences with ZBuyer Leads
Started by Wes J.
9 Tiny_1399709026-avatar-averyheadley Avery H.
about 6 hours ago
Advice Needed - Legal Formation of RE Investment Entity
Started by David Hays
3 Tiny_1402674868-avatar-otter1 Douglas Dowell
about 9 hours ago
Comments on WC Equity Group (turnkey company in Florida)
Started by Alejandro Lisson Ramirez
9 Tiny_1399602804-avatar-stamper Justin Stamper
about 13 hours ago
looking for a list of or recommendations for turn key investment companies
Started by Vishal Seth
12 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Jay Hinrichs
1 day ago
anyone deal with Maverick Investor Group?
Started by Vishal Seth
0 No_avatar_tiny Vishal Seth
2 days ago
Buffalo,NY, Roger Farney,David McLeod,Real Estate advantage?
Started by Dan Spurlock
10 Tiny_1398786802-avatar-tyril Michael Sherwood
2 days ago
Does anyone use RealeFlowInvestor software?
Started by Gail Emilsson
0 Tiny_1406321447-avatar-gemilsson Gail Emilsson
2 days ago
Franchise the Rehabs: #winning, or #facepalm???
Started by James Burch
8 Tiny_1399759762-avatar-walt1957 Walt Payne
3 days ago
Type of Corporation for Property Management Company
Started by James Leahy
2 Tiny_1407630413-avatar-thegriff Brandon G.
3 days ago
Started by Jeniffer Huie
0 Tiny_1401997765-avatar-dinomoj Jeniffer Huie
3 days ago
Started by Wendell De Guzman
8 Tiny_1399763387-avatar-fundingforflips Joe Kalis
4 days ago
What's your thoughts on NACA?
Started by J.R. Hanberry
5 No_avatar_tiny Tim Trumble
4 days ago
LeadPropeller Investor Websites?
Started by Omari Brown
2 No_avatar_tiny Jamie Doyle
4 days ago
Started by Noah Swank
3 Tiny_1406742435-avatar-alphasam Sam Alpha
5 days ago
"Go Big Printing" powered by Impact Marketing
Started by George Bittar
1 Tiny_1399604189-avatar-ctgreenproperty Shawn M.
5 days ago
Has anyone worked with Sensei Gilliland of Black Belt Investors?
Started by Anne Waller
16 Tiny_1399598633-avatar-sensefinancial Dmitriy Fomichenko
5 days ago : Any Experiance?
Started by Paul Jamgotch
4 Tiny_1408128081-avatar-adapiaderrico AdaPia D'Errico
5 days ago

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