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Wondering if a company is a scam or conducting fraud? Heard about a new investment offer? This is the forum to talk about it!

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Net Worth Realty Feedback!
Started by Jamie Wooley
16 Tiny_1399698619-avatar-jacob5318 Jacob Michaels
10 minutes ago
Growth Equity Group
Started by Mark S.
3 No_avatar_tiny Mark S.
about 4 hours ago
Anyone from Buffalo, NY knows R. J. GULLO MULTIFAMILY REALTY
Started by Mike D.
5 Tiny_1399375181-avatar-venetrahr Derrick H.
about 5 hours ago
Net Worth Realty
Started by Greg Carr
6 Tiny_1399678084-avatar-deverix Dev Horn
about 6 hours ago in Michigan
Started by Damon Jordan
4 Tiny_1414178905-avatar-swearingum Damon Jordan
about 12 hours ago
Propertyware Fees
Started by Rio Tomlin
14 Tiny_1414108579-avatar-jskjourney Julie Kemp
1 day ago
Home Union - reviews
Started by Bruno Tavares
24 Tiny_1403240449-avatar-shetherington Scott Hetherington
1 day ago
Any thoughts on Realty Mogul Investmemts
Started by Spencer Simon
3 No_avatar_tiny Timothy Culhane
1 day ago
anyone have experience buying cash-flowing houses with James Wise's
Started by Shoshana Shulman
5 Tiny_1411144648-avatar-thruxo Joel A.
2 days ago
PropStream software
Started by Theresa Nardello
6 Tiny_1414004831-avatar-flippingreal14 Jay Doh
2 days ago
Harbour Portfolio LP?
Started by David Beard
4 Tiny_1404968901-avatar-jakegrandrapids Jake Kozul
2 days ago
Recommendations for Oklahoma City Turnkey companies?
Started by Neil Anthony
5 Tiny_1399768583-avatar-cedarland TAREK SAAD
3 days ago
Did you ever hear of this turn key group?
Started by Mark Resnick
9 Tiny_1413923272-avatar-nodaybuttoday17 Emily Powell
3 days ago
Has anyone used Results Property Management in Kansas City
Started by K J
5 Tiny_1413941242-avatar-hcrobie Hannah Robie
3 days ago
Lender Credibility (Global Private Investment LLC)
Started by Darryl Binkley
3 Tiny_1399596414-avatar-sminob2b Sylvain Mino
3 days ago
Anyone out there have experience with ABC Capital Investments in Philadelphia, PA for turnkey properties?
Started by Jay M.
24 Tiny_1413923272-avatar-nodaybuttoday17 Emily Powell
3 days ago
Mid South Homebuyers - anyone deal with this group before
Started by Michael Gilmore
9 Tiny_1411447477-avatar-zeavran Neil Anthony
4 days ago
Turnkey investing in Kansas City
Started by George Ganis
6 No_avatar_tiny Tyler Caruso
5 days ago
Inter Bank Lending
Started by Jason E.
3 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
7 days ago

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