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Ask About A Real Estate Company

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Wondering if a company is a scam or conducting fraud? Heard about a new investment offer? This is the forum to talk about it!

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Lifestyles Unlimited
Started by Jordan Madewell
9 Tiny 1413302735 avatar twilliam4055 Last post by Thomas Williamson
about 1 hour ago
Visio Financial Services
Started by Dawn Anastasi
21 Tiny 1440031041 avatar larryk Last post by Larry K.
about 1 hour ago
Cozy.co reviews
Started by Robert Lenfestey
56 Tiny 1440122983 avatar kdzaferat Last post by Konstantinos Zaferatos
about 16 hours ago
Intextra Asset Management (AKA Elvis Buys Houses)
Started by Nick B.
3 Tiny 1408677866 avatar nborod Last post by Nick B.
1 day ago
Started by Shawn Connors
0 Tiny 1434204573 avatar shawnc7 Last post by Shawn Connors
2 days ago
Who is Craig Brooksby?
Started by David Frol
3 Tiny 1422160847 avatar gabrielm3 Last post by Gabriel Mabry
2 days ago
Started by Tim Silvers
51 Tiny 1419689909 avatar michaelb12 Last post by Michael Bailey
2 days ago
Has anyone tried birddogbot.com?
Started by Ana Orsini
3 Tiny 1415847627 avatar ana orsini Last post by Ana Orsini
3 days ago
Fund that Flip
Started by Matthew Rembish
13 Tiny 1399756427 avatar mrodak Last post by Matt Rodak
3 days ago
Funding For Flipping
Started by Michelle M.
28 Tiny 1440980915 avatar erich8571 Last post by Erich Edwards
3 days ago
Insider's Cash - Anyone use them?
Started by Craig Renz
1 Tiny 1438809433 avatar ruthb Last post by Ruth Bayang
3 days ago
Has anyone used Lending Home for a home loan?
Started by David Hutson
11 Tiny 1440566212 avatar renzresource Last post by Craig Renz
3 days ago
Closing Cost - Raleigh, NC
Started by Justin Hackney
3 Tiny 1421684013 avatar terese Last post by Terese Pham
4 days ago
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Started by Cedric Casby
33 Tiny 1441240770 avatar aznjustin123 Last post by Justin Fernandez
4 days ago
Mohr Partners, Inc.
Started by Konstantinos Zaferatos
0 Tiny 1440122983 avatar kdzaferat Last post by Konstantinos Zaferatos
4 days ago
Property Radar
Started by Kevin Chu
23 Tiny 1440036451 avatar vishg Last post by Vishal Gadhia
4 days ago
Hard money! Any investor used Dohardmoney or Private Money Goldmine
Started by Jay Whitfield
17 Tiny 1441033172 avatar spencert4 Last post by Spencer Taylor
4 days ago
The wholesalers tool box.com
Started by John Citro
0 Tiny 1422937278 avatar johncitro Last post by John Citro
5 days ago

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