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Wondering if a company is a scam or conducting fraud? Heard about a new investment offer? This is the forum to talk about it!

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Colony American Finance
Started by John D.
8 Tiny_1399778695-avatar-allfree Last post by John D.
about 13 hours ago
NRE Brokerage, Turnkey Company
Started by Alex SImon
0 Tiny_1423739458-avatar-bossfearless Last post by Alex SImon
about 14 hours ago
ISO Experienced, aggressive realtor to help me find and buy homes in Jacksonville Fla asap
Started by Schelley Stamps
9 Tiny_1399733336-avatar-projectmaximus Last post by Maxwell Lee
about 21 hours ago
WilliamPaid shutting down
Started by George P.
63 Tiny_1402464673-avatar-jblanchard Last post by Jeff Blanchard
1 day ago
Renovation Funders
Started by William Baumann
5 Tiny_1425354706-avatar-djbenedict Last post by David Dachtera
1 day ago
The San Clemente Group (Private equity & hard money lenders)
Started by Shawn Couch
0 Tiny_1399685001-avatar-shawncouch Last post by Shawn Couch
2 days ago
USA Wholesale Real Estate Website
Started by Chas Fabiano
5 Tiny_1421211316-avatar-ibuyfugly Last post by Chas Fabiano
3 days ago
Smartland in Ohio
Started by Gary Freidman
3 Tiny_1418443056-avatar-fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
4 days ago
Joseph Bernard LLC
Started by Robert Smith
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Robert Smith
4 days ago
Started by Jaago Viitkin
3 Tiny_1424363158-avatar-adna Last post by Adna Rubio
4 days ago
Landlord Lending, b2R First Key Lending
Started by Timothy Aughinbaugh
5 Tiny_1413360976-avatar-aguillen82 Last post by Antonio Guillen
4 days ago
Started by Neil G.
0 Tiny_1424979173-avatar-neilg1 Last post by Neil G.
5 days ago
Looking for a local RE Broker (Signal Hill or at least withn Long Beach/LA county)
Started by Neil G.
0 Tiny_1424979173-avatar-neilg1 Last post by Neil G.
5 days ago
Freedom Mentor
Started by Erica Miller
30 Tiny_1422534788-avatar-stevenp6 Last post by Steven Picker
5 days ago
Started by Joseph Wilson
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Joseph Wilson
6 days ago
Help!!! Looking for Real Estate Investment Clubs in Houston, TX
Started by Leslie Konga
2 Tiny_1423946158-avatar-lesliek1 Last post by Leslie Konga
6 days ago Online Rent Review - Bad
Started by Cole Tarbet
38 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Cole Tarbet
6 days ago
The Construction Loan Company, LLC Alexandria, VA
Started by Robbie Reutzel
2 Tiny_1406858849-avatar-sofaking Last post by Robbie Reutzel
6 days ago
SparkRent (from Intuit) discontinued
Started by Bill Coleman
9 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Sheehan Murphy
6 days ago

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