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Wondering if a company is a scam or conducting fraud? Heard about a new investment offer? This is the forum to talk about it!

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Flipping Spreadsheet
Started by James Sestito
12 Tiny_1418406533-avatar-drobertson Last post by David Robertson
1 day ago
b2r finance - Has anyone used this finance company before?
Started by Francis A.
1 Tiny_1399604189-avatar-ctgreenproperty Last post by Shawn M.
1 day ago
Landlord Lending, b2R First Key Lending
Started by Timothy Aughinbaugh
7 Tiny_1399604189-avatar-ctgreenproperty Last post by Shawn M.
1 day ago
The Construction Loan Company, LLC Alexandria, VA
Started by Robbie Reutzel
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Roger Nelson
1 day ago
Realtor and Title Company
Started by Shabyna Stillman
4 Tiny_1424720795-avatar-shabyna Last post by Shabyna Stillman
3 days ago
New Western Acquisitions (Reviews)
Started by John W.
43 Tiny_1399790410-avatar-vincebeusan Last post by Vince Beusan
4 days ago
American Wealth Builders
Started by Peter Katz
20 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
6 days ago
Have you had any experience with National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG)/Affinity Group Management?
Started by Jason Hartman
35 Tiny_1399317330-avatar-norrist20 Last post by Tim Norris
6 days ago
Equity Build LLC feedback?
Started by Barry Armstrong
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Pat Marco
7 days ago
looking for a investor friendly broker to hang my license with in Austin area
Started by Sherry Shen
2 Tiny_1414525115-avatar-bighead Last post by Sherry Shen
7 days ago
Has anyone used FlipComp?
Started by Charles Hardage
3 Tiny_1399567322-avatar-rantaman Last post by Curt Ranta
7 days ago
Started by Justin Maynard
4 Tiny_1427100649-avatar-stevenp6 Last post by Steven Picker
7 days ago
Anyone have any experience with by Adonis Lockett?
Started by David Martin
0 Tiny_1421245930-avatar-davidm21 Last post by David Martin
7 days ago
Real Estate Franchises
Started by Randy Wolpin
8 Tiny_1399705174-avatar-rbsplace Last post by Robert Breen
8 days ago
Has anyone heard about Renatus????
Started by Marshawn Moore
2 Tiny_1415325249-avatar-investorsandy Last post by Sandra Rea
8 days ago
National Real Estate Insurance Group - want to know how legitimate they are.
Started by Nathan Friedman
29 Tiny_1421357107-avatar-cmarchi Last post by Charles Marchiondo
8 days ago
Buying from online auction site HUBZU
Started by Shawn M.
82 Tiny_1423794302-avatar-crystalj Last post by Crystal James
9 days ago
Firm to hang my license in Hampton Roads
Started by Gary Alford
3 Tiny_1409279690-avatar-lisadoud Last post by Lisa Doud
9 days ago
Mountain Financing
Started by Nadine Massarelli
5 Tiny_1426439591-avatar-bigdrew Last post by Andrew Rodez
11 days ago

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