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Wondering if a company is a scam or conducting fraud? Heard about a new investment offer? This is the forum to talk about it!

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Turnkey Companies
Started by Ravi Chaudhari
26 Tiny_1404934140-avatar-ravic Ravi Chaudhari
about 7 hours ago
hawkeye management?
Started by Guillaume Derouet
0 Tiny_1399753278-avatar-frenchman Guillaume Derouet
1 day ago
Any reviews on RentPrep for tenant screening?
Started by Travis Murray
29 No_avatar_tiny Joe Maciag
1 day ago
Anyone out there have experience with ABC Capital Investments in Philadelphia, PA for turnkey properties?
Started by Jay M.
17 No_avatar_tiny Casey Green
2 days ago
Realestate Software Ohio
Started by Gregory Norman
1 Tiny_1399861476-avatar-rthomas986 Richelle Thomas
2 days ago
Rate Plug and Listing Booster
Started by Robert Adams
1 Tiny_1403307574-avatar-robert_adams Robert Adams
3 days ago
Tech powered broker
Started by Tom Paul
1 Tiny_1403462452-avatar-tshivers1 Tyrus Shivers
4 days ago
Real Estate Notes-Asset Ventures/Tony Martinez - Non Payment of Notes
Started by Patricia Gammage
7 Tiny_1399367557-avatar-wakeproperties Chris Martin
5 days ago
Clever investor mastermind
Started by William Yamada
3 Tiny_1402572301-avatar-saul_u Saul Urena
6 days ago
Trailer Divas?
Started by Jon Klaus
1 Tiny_1399497037-avatar-jefferson Jefferson Lilly
8 days ago
investor carrot websites
Started by Steve Stephens
17 Tiny_1399760591-avatar-lpineda914 Liz Pineda
8 days ago
Private lenders and refinancing
Started by Nick Tran
6 Tiny_1405026555-avatar-nickwing Nick Wing
8 days ago
Rehab Valuator
Started by Ronald Friesen
11 Tiny_1399699196-avatar-benrei1 Mary B.
8 days ago
Seeking feedback for Pleasant Renovation and Remodeling/ Bob Gonzalez in San Antonio, TX
Started by Chad Clanton
10 Tiny_1399680578-avatar-c2acqi Chad Clanton
10 days ago
Looking for Indianapolis Realtor
Started by George Wendt
4 Tiny_1399762079-avatar-robertm Robert Matthews
10 days ago
Property Radar
Started by Kevin Chu
9 Tiny_1401998396-avatar-georgemaka George Makakaufaki
10 days ago
Should you trust a broker.
Started by Yvonne Oliea
10 No_avatar_tiny Yvonne Oliea
11 days ago
Hard Money
Started by Jay HOLL
5 Tiny_1398857206-avatar-jasonscott J Scott
14 days ago
Need some info about a business
Started by Mathis Young
2 Tiny_1403288459-avatar-mathisyoung Mathis Young
14 days ago

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